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Chamber and committees

Meeting date: Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Meeting of the Parliament 01 April 2020

Agenda: Point of Order, Coronavirus (Scotland) Bill (Emergency Bill), Business Motions, Coronavirus (Scotland) Bill: Stage 1, Coronavirus (Scotland) Bill: Financial Resolution, Deputy Presiding Officer, Scottish Government Legislation Programme, Covid-19 (Social Security), Covid-19, Business Motion, Committee of the Whole Parliament, Coronavirus (Scotland) Bill: Stage 2, Meeting of the Parliament, Coronavirus (Scotland) Bill: Stage 3, Business Motion, Parliamentary Bureau Motions, Decision Time


Meeting of the Parliament

I have had no indication that any member wishes to lodge a stage 3 amendment, but, following consultation with the cabinet secretary and business managers, I will allow five minutes for any member who wishes to to do so.

If no amendments are lodged, we will resume in five minutes’ time with the stage 3 debate. I suspend Parliament until 7.30.

19:24 Meeting suspended.  

19:30 On resuming—