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Chamber and committees

Meeting date: Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Meeting of the Parliament 01 April 2020

Agenda: Point of Order, Coronavirus (Scotland) Bill (Emergency Bill), Business Motions, Coronavirus (Scotland) Bill: Stage 1, Coronavirus (Scotland) Bill: Financial Resolution, Deputy Presiding Officer, Scottish Government Legislation Programme, Covid-19 (Social Security), Covid-19, Business Motion, Committee of the Whole Parliament, Coronavirus (Scotland) Bill: Stage 2, Meeting of the Parliament, Coronavirus (Scotland) Bill: Stage 3, Business Motion, Parliamentary Bureau Motions, Decision Time


Business Motions

The next item of business is consideration of motion S5M-21365, in the name of Graeme Dey, on behalf of the Parliamentary Bureau, setting out revisions to today’s business.

Motion moved,

That the Parliament agrees the following revision to the programme of business on Wednesday 1 April 2020—


09.30 am Parliamentary Bureau Motions

09:30 am Stage 1 Debate: COVID-19 Emergency Legislation

11:30 am Ministerial Statement: Social Security - COVID-19

12.00 pm Ministerial Statement: First Minister

2.00 pm Stage 2: COVID-19 Emergency Legislation

followed by Stage 3 Proceedings: COVID-19 Emergency Legislation

6.00 pm Decision Time


9.30 am Parliamentary Bureau Motions

9.30 am Stage 1 Debate: Coronavirus (Scotland) Bill

followed by Financial Resolution: Coronavirus (Scotland) Bill

followed by Election of a Deputy Presiding Officer

followed by Ministerial Statement: Scottish Government Legislation Programme

followed by Ministerial Statement: Social Security - COVID-19

followed by Ministerial Statement: First Minister

2.30 pm Committee of the Whole Parliament: Stage 2 Proceedings: Coronavirus (Scotland) Bill

followed by Stage 3 Proceedings: Coronavirus (Scotland) Bill

6.00 pm Decision Time—[Graeme Dey].

Motion agreed to.

I advise members that the nomination period to elect an additional Deputy Presiding Officer is now open and will close at 10.45 am. The new Deputy Presiding Officer is to be elected for the duration of the response to the novel coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic. Nomination forms should be collected from the parliamentary business team in room T1.03 and completed nomination forms should be returned to the parliamentary business team as soon as possible, but before the 10.45 am deadline. The election of an additional Deputy Presiding Officer will take place at 11 o’clock this morning, following the stage 1 debate.

The next item of business is consideration of business motions S5M-21366, on suspension of standing orders; S5M-21367, on referral of Scottish statutory instruments; and S5M-21376, on a committee meeting at the same time as the Parliament. I call Graeme Dey, on behalf of the Parliamentary Bureau, to move the motions.

Motions moved,

That the Parliament agrees for the purposes of consideration of the Coronavirus (Scotland) Bill, subject to the Parliament’s agreement, that it be treated as an Emergency Bill, that-

(a) In Rule 9.7.8 the words “printed and” be omitted, and

(b) Rules 9.7.8.A and 9.7.8B be suspended.

That the Parliament agrees that the following SSIs be considered by the Parliament -

Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions) (Scotland) Regulations 2020 (SSI 202/103)

Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 (Modification No.2) Amendment Order 2020 [draft]

Single Use Carrier Bags Charge (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2020 [draft]

Scottish Landfill Tax (Standard Rate and Lower Rate) (No. 2) Order 2020 (SSI 2020/105).

That the Parliament agrees that, under Rule 12.3.3B of Standing Orders, the Delegated Powers and Law Reform Committee can meet, if necessary, at the same time as a meeting of the Parliament during a ministerial statement from the First Minister on Wednesday 1 April 2020 for the purpose of considering Scottish statutory instruments.—[Graeme Dey]

Motions agreed to.

Before we turn to the debate, I invite the business managers to join me in committee room 5—that is, the Adam Smith room—at 10.15 to discuss voting arrangements. We are possibly expecting more members than the number of available voting terminals given the social distancing that is taking place in the chamber. Any additional members will be able to contribute and take part from the public gallery and arrangements will be put in place to make sure that everybody can vote. Every member of the Scottish Parliament is entitled to vote and every member will be able to vote. I will discuss the arrangements with the business managers at 10.15 in committee room 5.