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Chamber and committees

Meeting date: Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Local Government, Housing and Planning Committee 22 June 2021

Agenda: Interests, Convener, Deputy Convener, Decision on Taking Business in Private, Legacy Paper



Good morning and welcome to the first meeting in session 6 of the Local Government, Housing and Planning Committee. As the most senior member of the committee, I have the pleasure of convening the meeting for the first two items of business.

I welcome all members and I look forward to working with everyone on the committee. I remind everyone to switch their mobile phones to silent mode. I understand that no apologies have been received for the meeting.

Agenda item 1 is for each of us to declare any interests that are relevant to the work of the committee. Background information has been provided for members in paper 1. I do not have any interests to declare other than those that are already in my entry in the register of members’ interests. I invite members to declare their interests, in turn.

I have no interests to declare.

I have no interests to declare.

I am a councillor on North Lanarkshire Council.

I draw members’ attention to my entry in the register of members’ interests, and declare that I am an owner and landlord of a property in the North Lanarkshire Council area.

Like Meghan Gallacher, I am a councillor—on East Lothian Council—and like Mark Griffin, I own a property, which is in the East Lothian Council area.

As some of my fellow members are, I am an elected member, of East Ayrshire Council.