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Chamber and committees

Meeting of the Parliament (Hybrid)

Meeting date: Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Agenda: Portfolio Question Time, Urgent Question, Scottish Education System, Business Motions, Parliamentary Bureau Motions, Decision Time, #IWill Week 2022


Parliamentary Bureau Motions

The Deputy Presiding Officer (Liam McArthur)

The next item of business is consideration of four Parliamentary Bureau motions. I call George Adam, on behalf of the Parliamentary Bureau, to move motions S6M-07122 to S6M-07124, on the approval of Scottish statutory instruments, and to move motion S6M-07155, on the suspension and variation of standing orders.

Motions moved,

That the Parliament agrees that the International Organisations (Immunities and Privileges) (Scotland) Amendment Order 2022 [draft] be approved.

That the Parliament agrees that the Police Act 1997 (Offences in Schedules 8A and 8B) Amendment (Scotland) Regulations 2022 [draft] be approved.

That the Parliament agrees that the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exclusions and Exceptions) (Scotland) Amendment (No. 2) Order 2022 [draft] be approved.

That the Parliament agrees that, for the purposes of meetings of the Standards, Procedures and Public Appointments Committee during December 2022, Rule 12.2ZA be suspended and replaced with—

1. Where a member who—

(a) has made a complaint about any of the matters set out in rule 6.4.1(b),

(b) is the subject of such a complaint, or

(c) has given evidence in the course of the Ethical Standards Commissioner’s investigations into such a complaint,

is a member of (or a committee substitute for) the committee considering this complaint, or any related question of sanctions or withdrawal of a member’s rights and privileges, that member shall not participate in that capacity in any such consideration by that committee.—[George Adam]

The question on the motions will be put at decision time.