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Constitution, Europe, External Affairs and Culture Committee

The Crisis in Ukraine


The Committee has agreed to focus on the unfolding crisis in Ukraine and, in particular, the humanitarian response to events, particularly how the Scottish Government and others in Scotland – e.g. aid agencies/NGOs, the third sector and civic society – can respond.

The Committee began this work with a private briefing from the Consul General of Ukraine in Scotland who highlighted the following website: The Deputy Convener reiterated the remarks of the Convener at our meeting on 24th February in expressing our solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

Written evidence

The Committee received written submissions from the following organisations:


Minister of CEID response to Committee on Ukraine

Letter from the Minister for Culture Europe and International Development and special responsibility for refugees from Ukraine to the Convener on Ukraine, 30 June 2022

Home Secretary response to Convener on Ukrainian Seasonal Workers

Home Secretary's response to the Convener on Ukrainian Seasonal Workers, 28 April 2022

Convener to Home Secretary on Ukrainian seasonal workers in Scotland

Letter from Convener to Secretary of State for the Home Department on Ukrainian seasonal workers in Scotland, 1 April 2022

Scottish Government Ukraine Humanitarian Funding

Letter from Minister for Culture, Europe and International Development and Minister with special responsibility for Refugees from Ukraine, to the Convener, 21 March 2022

DEC Scotland Ukraine Briefing Pack for CEEAC Members

Briefing pack from the Disasters Emergency Committee to the CEEAC Members for the meeting on 10 March 2022, received 9 March 2022


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