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Chamber and committees

Learn about committees

Everything you need to know about committees


How are committees formed?

Committees are formed after a Scottish Parliament election.

The Scottish Parliament has some committees that must always exist. These are called "mandatory committees" and include committees like Public Petitions, Finance, and Public Audit.

Other committees are called "subject committees". They are formed to look at issues or topics, like:

  • health
  • education
  • justice


A convener has the responsibility for leading the committee and running committee meetings. The number of convener roles each party gets is based on the number of seats they have in the Parliament.

How are committee members and conveners chosen?

Parties choose which of their MSPs they would like to represent them on a committee. The members of a committee are agreed by the Parliament.

The Parliament agrees the political party of the convener and deputy convener. Committees choose their convener and deputy conveners by voting at their first meeting.

The number of members a party has on a committee reflects their share of seats in the Parliament.