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Bills and Laws

Private and Hybrid Bills

Private Bills

A Private Bill is introduced by a promoter, who may be a person, a company or a group of people, for the purpose of obtaining particular powers or benefits that are in addition to, or in conflict with, the general law. Individuals or bodies whose private interests would be adversely affected by the Bill have a right to object to it.

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Hybrid Bills

A Hybrid Bill is a public Bill, introduced by Scottish Ministers, which adversely affects the private interests of individuals or bodies in a manner different to the private interests of others in the same category or class. Such individuals or bodies have a right to object to the Bill. 

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Before a Private or a Hybrid Bill can be introduced, the promoter or Scottish Government (as the case may be) must arrange for advertisements to be taken out in newspapers announcing the intention to introduce the Bill.  A copy of these advertisements will also be posted on this page, together with any other relevant information.

When a Private or Hybrid Bill is introduced, a new page will be created for it, which will be accessible from the main Bills page

There are currently no Private or Hybrid Bills.

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