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To ask the First Minister, further to the answer to question S1W-10109 by Ms Wendy Alexander on 12 October 2000, what progress has been made with the two market-led pilots on sellers' surveys.

Answered by Henry McLeish (11/01/2001): We have been monitoring the progress of the two sellers survey market pilots - Surveys Online and Clyde Properties. Both of these initiatives have explored innovative approaches towards identifying new methods and working practices within the house purchase system in Scotland.

Current Status: Answered by Henry McLeish on 11/01/2001
Opencast Mining
That the Parliament notes with concern the pending planning application for opencast mining at Badallan Farm in Lanarkshire affecting communities there and in West Lothian and agrees that there should be a moratorium on consideration of any such new applications for open cast extraction pending full and proper debate and investigation by the Parliament and the relevant Committee(s) into open cast mining and its effect on public health and the environment.

Supported by: Michael Matheson, Lloyd Quinan, Kenny MacAskill, Gil Paterson, Adam Ingram, Margo MacDonald, Fiona McLeod, Robin Harper, Winnie Ewing, Andrew Wilson, Linda Fabiani

As an amendment to motion S1M-154 in the name of Ms Wendy Alexander (Homelessness), leave out from 'the Scottish' to end and insert 'tackling homelessness is one of the major challenges facing it, that it supports the Rough Sleepers Initiative and welcomes the Scottish Executive's continuing support for it, and that it recognises that rough sleeping is only one aspect of homelessness and that any initiative designed to tackle it can only deal with the reality of rough sleeping not the causes behind it; calls upon the Scottish Executive to make the newly established Homelessness Taskforce a priority and to bring forward early measures to deal with the causes of homelessness, new regulations to help homeless people and new legislative proposals to bring homelessness legislation up to date; believes that Executive time is required for early legislation to deal with homelessness and housing in general, and calls upon the Scottish Executive to bring forward the proposed publishing date of a draft housing bill to the end of 1999.'

Current Status: Taken in the Chamber on 16/09/2000
Warm Deal
That the Parliament notes with concern the operation of the Warm Deal in Scotland with specific reference to the exclusion of central heating systems from grant eligibility and supports a review of the current operation of the Warm Deal to address this and other concerns.

Supported by: Bill Aitken, Robin Harper, Richard Lochhead, John McAllion, Donald Gorrie, Alex Neil, Linda Fabiani, Andrew Wilson, Alasdair Morgan, Tommy Sheridan, Kenneth Gibson, Shona Robison, Margo MacDonald, Christine Grahame, Nick Johnston, Keith Harding, Brian Adam, Lloyd Quinan, Michael Russell, Kenny MacAskill, Gil Paterson, Adam Ingram, Fergus Ewing, Duncan Hamilton, David Davidson, Nicola Sturgeon, Kay Ullrich, Bruce Crawford, Mary Scanlon, Dorothy-Grace Elder, Fiona McLeod, Tricia Marwick, Sandra White

Current Status: Eligible for Members’ Business, Pending Cross Party Support
As an amendment to motion S1M-408 in the name of Ms Wendy Alexander (Housing), leave out from "welcomes" to end and insert "notes the Executive's proposals to achieve this through a range of measures, including the introduction of a single social tenancy, the development of a single regulatory framework for social housing, the promotion of a stronger strategic role in housing for local authorities, and a new role and status for Scottish Homes, but believes that these measures alone will not improve the position of Scotland's 80,000 homeless people and that the Executive must give greater priority to dealing with chronic under investment in Scotland's public and voluntary housing including the reversal of their policy of wholesale stock transfer."

Supported by: Lloyd Quinan, Kenneth Gibson, Brian Adam, Alex Neil, Sandra White

Current Status: Taken in the Chamber on 13/01/2000
Car Park Charges
That the Parliament notes with grave concern the proposals by West Lothian Healthcare NHS Trust to charge for car parking at St John's Hospital in Livingston as a method of funding essential local NHS services; recognises the difficulties this will cause for patients, staff and visitors and calls upon the Trust to meet urgently with the Executive and West Lothian Council to resolve this matter.

Supported by: Kenny MacAskill, Margo MacDonald, Kay Ullrich, Michael Russell, Fergus Ewing, Michael Matheson, Tricia Marwick, Duncan Hamilton, Brian Adam, Shona Robison, Linda Fabiani, Gil Paterson, Alex Neil, Adam Ingram, Nicola Sturgeon, Irene McGugan, Dorothy-Grace Elder, Tommy Sheridan, Alasdair Morgan, Andrew Wilson, Donald Gorrie, Fiona McLeod

Current Status: Eligible for Members’ Business, Pending Cross Party Support
Role of Post Offices
That the Parliament notes the important role played by post offices and sub-post offices in the economic and social fabric of many of our communities and notes with concern proposals from Her Majesty's Government to change the method of benefit payments (Automated Credit Transfer Scheme to banks) which could result in the closure of sub-post offices and the impact this could have on the social inclusion targets of the Scottish Executive; further notes that recent announcements to allow some cash payments to continue to be paid from post offices will be too little too late to alleviate this serious situation, and therefore calls upon the Scottish Executive to make urgent representations on this issue to Her Majesty's Government in order to defend the interests of our urban and rural communities and urges it to be proactive in making representations to other relevant agencies to ensure the continuance and development of post offices in Scotland and the improvement of the availability of financial services in poorer communities in Scotland.

Supported by: Colin Campbell, Bruce Crawford, Alex Neil, Kenneth Gibson, Margaret Ewing

Current Status: Taken in the Chamber on 08/03/2000
Public Investment in the Infrastructure of Scotland
That the Parliament recognises that, to enable Scotland to become a dynamic, prosperous country prepared for the 21st Century, priority must be given to the provision of quality affordable homes, a high standard learning environment for children, and modern high quality communication links; notes the difficulties facing Scotland's public services and infrastructure, and calls upon the Scottish Executive to consider ways to increase the scope and powers of the Scottish Executive and the Parliament to provide necessary funding.

Current Status: Taken in the Chamber on 23/03/2000
Training Services for Disabled People in the Lothians
That the Parliament notes the Scottish Executive's social justice target 15 of "increasing the employment rates of groups that are relatively disadvantaged in the labour market"; supports the vital and unique training service which Training Adults in the Community (TAIC) West Lothian provides for disabled people in the community; notes with concern that TAIC is having its funding withdrawn as a result of the recent local government settlement and budget allocations, and agrees that the Executive should conduct an audit to identify the effect of local government budget allocations on organisations in the Lothians who provide training, employment services and opportunities for disabled people.

Supported by: Tommy Sheridan, Kenny MacAskill, Kenneth Gibson, Dennis Canavan, Margo MacDonald, Robin Harper, Shona Robison, Alex Neil, Michael Matheson, Kay Ullrich, Andrew Wilson, Irene McGugan, Donald Gorrie, Fiona McLeod, Duncan Hamilton, Adam Ingram, Gil Paterson, Tricia Marwick, Lloyd Quinan

Current Status: Eligible for Members’ Business, Pending Cross Party Support
Tackling Rough Sleeping in Glasgow and across Scotland
As an amendment to motion S1M-921 in the name of Ms Wendy Alexander (Tackling Rough Sleeping in Glasgow and Across Scotland), leave out from "welcomes" to "recognises" and insert "notes the commitment of the Scottish Executive to achieving its aim that no-one should have to sleep rough by the end of this session of the Parliament; notes that this commitment has been moved back from an original deadline of 2002, and believes that the challenge funding nature of the Rough Sleepers Initiative aligned with a general fall in housing resources is hindering the ability of the Executive to meet its target of ending rough sleeping; however recognises".

Supported by: Lloyd Quinan, Tricia Marwick

Current Status: Taken in the Chamber on 01/06/2000
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