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Island Fuel Prices

That the Parliament notes what it sees as the substantial discrepancy between fuel prices in Orkney and Shetland compared with mainland Scotland; understands that, in Orkney, petrol can cost up to £1.50 per litre and that, in Shetland, diesel can cost up to £1.44, compared with some mainland prices of £1.17 for petrol and £1.19 for diesel; believes that recent decreases in the price of crude oil have not been reflected at the pumps; considers that islanders and island businesses are particularly affected by high fuel costs as residents often rely on personal transport to ensure their economic and social inclusion; believes that these costs create an additional financial burden that adds to the already increased cost of living in remote and rural communities; acknowledges the 2012 UK Government scheme to cut fuel duty in rural areas by 5p, and believes that further sustained action is required to reduce the cost of filling up in the isles.

Supported by: Liam McArthur, Clare Adamson

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