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Emergency Service Workers

That the Parliament commends the bravery and dedication of emergency service workers in the north east and across the country; recognises what it sees as their extraordinary efforts to keep everyone safe, working long hours in often difficult circumstances; acknowledges that this can include heading towards danger when others are running away; understands that, in 2016-17, over 3,000 offences were committed against these workers, with attacks often carried out by the very people that they were trying to help; condemns such assaults; regards an attack on any emergency worker as an attack on society itself, and thanks all emergency workers with the police, fire, ambulance, search and rescue, prison and other services for all the work that they do.

Supported by: Alexander Stewart, John Mason, Donald Cameron, Gordon Lindhurst, Bill Kidd, Miles Briggs, Maurice Corry, Tom Mason, Ruth Maguire, Jamie Greene, Finlay Carson, Bill Bowman, Michelle Ballantyne, Jeremy Balfour, Liam McArthur, Fulton MacGregor, Daniel Johnson, Annie Wells, Dean Lockhart, Alexander Burnett, Murdo Fraser, Angela Constance, Kenneth Gibson, Rhoda Grant, Lewis Macdonald, Elaine Smith

Current Status: Taken in the Chamber on 07/11/2018
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