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ME Awareness Week

That the Parliament celebrates ME Awareness Week, which ran from 7 to 13 May 2018; acknowledges that people with ME, their families and ME organisations worked hard during the week to highlight the lived experience of people with ME/CFS; notes that many people with ME attended a reception at the Parliament on 9 May, which was organised by Action for ME and sought to raise awareness of the condition, and thanks all those with ME who attended this and other events around the country to share their stories.

Supported by: Emma Harper, Colin Smyth, Fulton MacGregor, Tavish Scott, Richard Lyle, Sandra White, Kate Forbes, Miles Briggs, Liam McArthur, Jamie Halcro Johnston, Joan McAlpine, Finlay Carson, Claudia Beamish, Annie Wells, Graeme Dey, Jeremy Balfour, Richard Lochhead, Edward Mountain, Alex Neil, Donald Cameron, Colin Beattie, Stewart Stevenson, Rona Mackay, Bill Kidd, David Torrance, Gordon Lindhurst, Gillian Martin, Monica Lennon, Ben Macpherson, Clare Haughey, Jenny Gilruth, Alexander Burnett, Christina McKelvie R, Daniel Johnson, Jackson Carlaw, Alex Cole-Hamilton, Kezia Dugdale, Tom Arthur, John Scott, Rachael Hamilton, Iain Gray, Dean Lockhart, Bob Doris, Alex Rowley, Neil Findlay, Bruce Crawford, Murdo Fraser, Ivan McKee, Claire Baker, Mark Ruskell, Ash Denham

Current Status: Fallen on 24/10/2018
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