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Mountain Hares in Scotland

That the Parliament considers that mountain hares are a vital part of the heritage of the Highlands, and that it is a tragedy that so many are needlessly killed each year; believes that there has been no evidence to support the rationale for a cull; calls for an audit of hare numbers in Scotland; understands that EU law states that it is illegal to kill hares using “means capable of causing local disappearance of, or serious disturbance to, populations", and that, under Scots law, it is illegal to kill mountain hares during the close season without a licence issued by Scottish Natural Heritage, and awaits the conclusions of the Grouse Moor Management Review, which was established by the Scottish Government.

Supported by: Elaine Smith, Claire Baker, Iain Gray, David Stewart, Rona Mackay, Monica Lennon, Alex Rowley, Jackie Baillie, Neil Findlay, Ruth Maguire, John Finnie, Christine Grahame, Ivan McKee, Colin Smyth

Current Status: Fallen on 24/10/2018
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