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Report on the Threat that Marine Plastics Pollution Pose to Seabirds

That the Parliament welcomes the recent paper by the seabird ecologist, Dr Nina O’Hanlon, and her colleagues at North Highland College UHI’s Environmental Research Institute, which was published in the journal, Environmental Pollution, and highlighted the threat of marine plastic pollution to seabirds in the north eastern Atlantic region; notes that data was collected from all known studies reporting instances of plastic ingestion and nest incorporation in seabirds around northern Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, Greenland, Svalbard, the Faroes and Iceland; understands that this research found that, out of 34 species investigated, 74% had ingested plastic, although only 16% of species had data on plastic ingestion for multiple countries across multiple years; notes the concerns raised by the study that plastic is a major threat to marine biodiversity as seabirds can ingest it, which can lead to a negative impact on their reproduction and survival; understands that the study highlights the need for multi-jurisdictional collaboration to obtain a better understanding of how this plastic is affecting the seabirds; commends the work of  Dr O'Hanlon and her team, and recognises the importance of this study in tackling a critical global environment issue.

Supported by: Kenneth Gibson, Angus MacDonald, Graeme Dey, Colin Beattie, Claudia Beamish, Jenny Gilruth, David Torrance, John Mason, Liam McArthur, Ruth Maguire, Stuart McMillan, Clare Haughey, Stewart Stevenson, Richard Lyle, Alison Johnstone, Bill Kidd, Clare Adamson, Joan McAlpine, Ben Macpherson, Fulton MacGregor, Ivan McKee, Gil Paterson, Tom Arthur, Gillian Martin, Maree Todd, Alex Rowley

Current Status: Fallen on 29/11/2017
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