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Partnership on Women’s Education in Malawi

That the Parliament congratulates the Scottish charities, the Mamie Martin Fund and the Soko Fund, on their new partnership to support girls’ education in Malawi; understands that the partnership will connect the Mamie Martin Fund’s work to support girls at secondary school with the Soko Fund’s university scholarships to enable more young women in Malawi to continue their education to university level; recognises that women’s education is an essential element of supporting the development of a country, and welcomes the launch of this partnership between these two small charities to be hosted by the University of Edinburgh School of Social and Political Science on 14 June 2016.

Supported by: Rona Mackay, Michael Russell, Patrick Harvie, Bruce Crawford, Bill Kidd, Alex Cole-Hamilton, Elaine Smith, Neil Findlay, David Torrance, Kenneth Gibson, Liam McArthur, Jackie Baillie, Maree Todd, Kevin Stewart, Mark McDonald, Stewart Stevenson, Clare Haughey, John Finnie, Gillian Martin, Gil Paterson, Richard Lyle, Clare Adamson, Liam Kerr, Sandra White, David Stewart, Ivan McKee, Claire Baker, Andy Wightman, Christine Grahame

Current Status: Fallen on 05/10/2016
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