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To ask the Scottish Government whether it considers that the medical conditions known as "soldier's heart" and "shellshock" are caused at least in part by exposure to extreme vibroacoustic factors and, if so, what its position is on such exposure in the workplace.

Answered by Maureen Watt (03/03/2016):

The Scottish Government is not aware of any scientific evidence linking Da Costa's syndrome (also known as soldier's heart) to vibration exposure. Shellshock is now clinically recognised as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and its causes and treatments have been well researched in situations with and without loud sounds. The Scottish Government is not aware of any specific scientific link between PTSD and the acoustic environment. Occupational noise and vibration exposure is regulated by the Health and Safety Executive.

Current Status: Answered by Maureen Watt on 03/03/2016
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