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To ask the Scottish Government, further to the answer to question S4W-28385 by Maureen Watt on 23 November 2015, whether it is aware of the work of the (a) Occupational Medical Research Centre in Lisbon and (b) Centre for Human Performance in Alverca on clinical features of exposure to low frequency noise and, if so, what information the NHS has disseminated to assist in the diagnosis of vibroacoustic disease.

Answered by Maureen Watt (13/01/2016):

The Scottish Government is aware that a group of researchers with affiliations to the Occupational Medical Research Centre in Lisbon and the Centre for Human Performance in Alverca adopted the title of vibroacoustic disease to define a claimed whole-body, multi-system pathology which the researchers attributed to occupational or chronic exposure to the large pressure amplitude and low frequency noise.

The NHS has not issued guidance in relation to the diagnosis of vibroacoustic disease as it has not gained clinical recognition as detailed in the answer to S4W-28385 on 23 November 2015. All answers to written parliamentary questions are available on the Parliament’s website, the search facility for which can be found at:

Current Status: Answered by Maureen Watt on 13/01/2016
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