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To ask the Scottish Government what action it will take in light of studies suggesting that tree and forest planting can be used to mitigate the effects of downstream flooding.

Answered by Aileen McLeod (05/01/2016):

Well planned and managed upland and floodplain forests and riparian woodland can play an important role in attenuating flood peaks, as well as providing many other environmental benefits. Where the flood risk management strategies have identified the potential for natural flood management actions (such as tree planting) to deliver flood risk management benefits, detailed modelling, optioneering, appraisal and design studies will be progressed. Delivery timescale and funding of these actions will be outlined in the local flood risk management plans, which complement the flood risk management strategies, and will be published in June 2016.

Current Status: Answered by Aileen McLeod on 05/01/2016
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