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To ask the Scottish Government what the reason is for the reported rapid deterioration of the road surface on the A828 approaching the Connel Bridge; what supervision Transport Scotland (a) has carried out or (b) plans on the recent resurfacing work on this section, and, if urgent remedial work has to be carried out, (i) what arrangements will be made to limit traffic disruption and (ii) who will pay for this.

Answered by Derek Mackay (17/12/2015):

Resurfacing was carried out recently on the A828 approach to Connel Bridge. Supervision of the works was carried out by our operating company BEAR Scotland.

BEAR Scotland became aware of issues with the resurfaced section between the Oyster Inn and Connel Bridge on the day after completion when the material started to deteriorate under traffic loading. Technical investigations have now been carried out by the supplier leading to the identification of a problem with the surfacing materials causing early deterioration.

While the surface does not pose a safety risk to road users, it is of a poor quality and BEAR Scotland returning to the site this evening (14 December 2015) to repair it. The works will be carried out overnight to minimise the impact on traffic and will take up to three nights to complete. There are no additional costs relating to the repair.

A convoy operation will be in place to ensure that access is maintained, apart from a single short term closure of up to 30 minutes at the narrowest section on the immediate approach to the Connel Bridge traffic. This closure operation will only be required once and will be undertaken in the early hours to minimise the disruption to motorists. These repairs will be carried out at the full expense of the surfacing contractor.

Current Status: Answered by Derek Mackay on 17/12/2015
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