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To ask the Scottish Government what progress has been made with developing the code of practice referred to in the proposed local authority Household Recycling Charter that it published on 6 October 2015 and when it will make the code of practice available to (a) local authorities and (b) the public.

Answered by Richard Lochhead (10/12/2015):

Excellent progress has been made in developing the technical Code of Practice for the Household Recycling Charter. I am pleased to confirm that the Scottish Government and (COSLA) have agreed the principles and content of the Code of Practice to introduce a more consistent recycling system in Scotland, which could see, for example, common bins across Scotland.

COSLA, the Society of Local Authority Chief Executives and officers from all 32 local authorities have been involved in the development of the Code of Practice, and the latest draft has been shared with all local authorities. We will be publishing the Code of Practice shortly, and writing to all local authorities to invite them to sign up to the charter.

Current Status: Answered by Richard Lochhead on 10/12/2015
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