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To ask the Scottish Government whether it will designate the Seil/Shuna/Melfort loch system as a single sea loch for the purpose of better regulating fish farming in the area.

Answered by Aileen McLeod (24/11/2015):

The Scottish Government has designated Disease Management Areas based on separation distances, tidal excursions and other epidemiological disease risk factors. Disease management area 16d includes the Seil/Shuna/Melfort loch system as well as the Loch Craignish system. This is considered as one single area for the purposes of disease management.

The Seil/Shuna/Melfort loch system forms part of a Farm Management Area, area M40 as designated in the Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation’s Code of Good Practice. The Aquaculture and Fisheries Act 2013 requires fish farmers to be party to a farm management agreement or to maintain a farm management statement which must contain provisions about the following matters – fish health management, management of parasites, live fish movements, harvesting and fallowing.

Current Status: Answered by Aileen McLeod on 24/11/2015
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