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To ask the Scottish Government what advice it gives to local authorities regarding the (a) treatment and (b) eradication of Japanese knotweed on (i) publicly- and (ii) privately-owned land.

Answered by Aileen McLeod (24/11/2015):

The Scottish Natural Heritage website provides advice on Japanese knotweed identification and disposal. Detailed advice, recently revised by the Scottish Government and its agencies, on treatment of sites affected by Japanese knotweed is available on the NetRegs website which offers environmental guidance for those operating in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

We do not advise local authorities on how or where they should be acting to ensure control or eradication of Japanese knotweed. It is the responsibility of individual local authorities to manage their total resources on the basis of local needs and priorities, having first fulfilled their statutory obligations and the jointly agreed set of national and local priorities.

Current Status: Answered by Aileen McLeod on 24/11/2015
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