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To ask the Scottish Government what its position is on whether Gaelic medium education would benefit from clearer guidelines for pupil-teacher ratios.

Answered by Alasdair Allan (02/11/2015):

Pupil teacher ratios are not stipulated either in legislation or in teachers' terms and conditions of service. Class size limits for P1-P3 are set in statute and all other class size limits are set in teachers' terms and conditions of service. Neither the legislation nor the terms and conditions of service differentiate between the class size limits that apply in Gaelic medium units and those that apply in mainstream English language primary schools.

The issue of lower class size limits for Gaelic medium was explored in the 2010 consultation on class size limits. Based on the outcome of that consultation ministers concluded that differential class size limits for Gaelic medium units should not be introduced. However, the government acknowledges a wider need for statutory guidance on Gaelic medium education, and this is currently being prepared.

Current Status: Answered by Alasdair Allan on 02/11/2015
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