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To ask the Scottish Government, in light of the cost of travelling between the island and the mainland, what support it gives to Argyll and Bute Council to help ensure that (a) older and (b) disabled people on Bute can receive their care on the island.

Answered by Jamie Hepburn (21/10/2015):

The Scottish Government has overall responsibility for health and community care policy in Scotland. It is however for local authorities to determine the level of services that are required to meet local care needs and to arrange an appropriate range of services to meet individual care needs.

The formula used in the distribution of the Scottish Government’s funding to local authorities takes into account a number of needs based factors including rurality and the additional cost of providing services to island communities. As a result Argyll and Bute Council is in receipt of a total package of funding of almost £220 million this year which includes funding for the care of older and disabled people and represents their share of the total local government finance settlement of over £10.85 billion. This represents the highest total funding per head of any council with a connection to mainland Scotland.

Included within their allocation of £220 million Argyll and Bute Council is receiving an extra £2 million resulting from the Special Islands Needs Allowance which recognises the additional cost of providing services to island communities.

Current Status: Answered by Jamie Hepburn on 21/10/2015
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