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To ask the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body what support it provides to members who wish to use electronic devices for accessing committee papers in order to stop using printed materials.

Answered by Liz Smith (05/10/2015):

The Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body is very supportive of the moves towards increased digital working and in particular the Parliament’s Digital Parliament Programme whose aim is to improve the organisation’s capability to work digitally. As a result of this programme, all electronic versions of committee papers are now issued to members as digital packs which can be accessed using smartphones and tablets as well as on desktop PCs and laptops. The pack provides navigation menus to allow easier and quicker access to and between papers. It also allows members to annotate and highlight text in advance of, or during, a meeting.

These digital packs are available via the Members’ Portal and are also emailed to committee members.

A further Digital Parliament project is underway which seeks to build on this work with the purpose of embedding a digital first approach to the creation, distribution, use and management of information for meetings (including committee meetings).

Current Status: Answered by Liz Smith on 05/10/2015
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