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To ask the Scottish Government whether it will instruct Scottish Natural Heritage to review the action that has been taken to control or eliminate giant hogweed.

Answered by Aileen McLeod (14/09/2015):

The Scottish Government and Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) are currently working to prioritise non-native species for action through the Scottish Biodiversity Committee’s Non-Native Species Action Group. Giant hogweed is being assessed, alongside a number of other plants, for this purpose. The Group will determine what action should be taken for plants or animals that are deemed to be priorities for management in Scotland. In the meantime, where SNH are made aware that the presence of giant hogweed poses a threat to public health, they will work with the appropriate local authority to ensure that the appropriate action is taken by landowners.

Current Status: Answered by Aileen McLeod on 14/09/2015
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