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To ask the Scottish Government, in light of complaints and objections from the local community and forest operators, including Forestry Commission Scotland, regarding the designation of Core Path C223 in the Cowal area, what its response is to the statement by the chief executive of Argyll and Bute Council in a letter to a complainant that "The Council has been directed by the Scottish Government to include C223 in the list of Core Paths and there is no process to reverse this."

Answered by Aileen McLeod (23/06/2015):

All objections to the Argyll and Bute Council Core Paths Plan were considered by reporters from the Directorate for Planning and Environmental Appeals, who investigated the circumstances surrounding the objections and made recommendations to Scottish Ministers.

The recommendation in respect of Core Path C223 was accepted by Scottish Ministers who, under the powers in the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 section 18(7), have directed Argyll and Bute Council to adopt their core paths plan. The Core Path C223 is also an agreed timber haulage route and, in recognition of this, the direction letter asks the council to ensure that there is information and signage both for vehicle drivers and path users, and that the situation is monitored.

Current Status: Answered by Aileen McLeod on 23/06/2015
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