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To ask the Scottish Government what commercial value was put on Castle Toward by Argyll and Bute Council when it approached ministers to seek permission to grant a 99-year lease on the castle to Actual Reality Ltd; on what date the council (a) sought and (b) received ministerial permission to grant it at a peppercorn rent, and what conditions ministers attached to the lease.

Answered by Marco Biagi (12/05/2015): The council sought ministerial permission to lease Castle Toward to Actual Reality Learning and Leadership Company at less than best price in September 2002, and permission was granted on 18 December 2002. In line with normal practice at that time, ministers did not attach conditions to the permission, and the lease terms were not detailed in the consent letter. Information on the commercial value put on Castle Toward by Argyll and Bute Council when it approached ministers is no longer available.

Current Status: Answered by Marco Biagi on 12/05/2015
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