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To ask the Scottish Government whether it will provide an update on progress made in relation to the Malawi Development Programme funding round 2015-18 and on its response to the recent floods in Malawi.

Answered by Humza Yousaf (28/01/2015):

I am pleased to announce that funding from our Malawi Development Programme amounting to a total of £9,245,384 over three years will be provided to 20 projects during the period 2015-18.

The Scottish Government responded to the recent floods in Malawi on 21 January 2015 by making £150,000 available to work to tackle the current humanitarian crisis there. £30,000 of that £150,000 donation has been awarded to member organisations of the Scotland Malawi Partnership who are working locally in the affected areas to deliver aid to local communities. The remaining £120,000 has been awarded to UNICEF for its Malawi flood appeal, to assist wider humanitarian efforts. Following this immediate response, we will of course also continue to work with organisations on the ground to assess the longer term impacts of this crisis.

Current Status: Initiated by the Scottish Government. Answered by Humza Yousaf on 28/01/2015
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