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Dr Bike Keeps Cyclists Safe

That the Parliament congratulates Healthy n Happy Community Development Trust, the Scottish Government and Clyde Gateway on funding what it considers a series of influential community events known as Dr Bike; understands that these events provide, to every interested citizen, free services such as general advice, a bike safety check, bike tire air, chain oil and the replacement of weathered brake cables and blocks, and considers these events an effective means of activating and motivating members of the community to use an economical mode of transportation that ultimately results in benefits to the environment and an overall improvement to the health and safety of many people from Rutherglen and Cambuslang.

Supported by: Colin Beattie, John Wilson, John Mason, Joan McAlpine, Patrick Harvie, Roderick Campbell, Nigel Don, Maureen Watt, Annabelle Ewing, Rob Gibson, Adam Ingram, Richard Lyle, Mike MacKenzie, Kevin Stewart, David Torrance, Bill Kidd, Dennis Robertson, Angus MacDonald, James Dornan, Alison Johnstone, Sandra White, Gil Paterson, Mark McDonald, Clare Adamson

Current Status: Fallen on 30/09/2014
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