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That the Parliament congratulates Ruth Hinks of Cocoa Black in Peebles on becoming the first woman to progress to the World Chocolate Masters to be held in France in October 2013 after becoming the first female winner of the UK World Chocolate Masters in 2012; further congratulates her on becoming the first person to win both UK World Chocolate Master and UK Confectioner of the Year titles; notes that her chocolate-making expertise has been showcased on national television and at various international demonstrations, and wishes her luck for the competition, which is to be held at the Salon du Chocolat Professionnel in Versailles and will showcase professional pastry chefs and chocolate masters from around the world.

Supported by: Chic Brodie, Dennis Robertson, Jim Hume, Nanette Milne, Nigel Don, Joan McAlpine, David Torrance, Bill Kidd, Christian Allard, Colin Beattie, Annabelle Ewing, Adam Ingram, Kevin Stewart, Richard Lyle, Mike MacKenzie, Christina McKelvie, Jamie Hepburn, Elaine Murray, Sandra White, Mary Scanlon, Anne McTaggart, Jean Urquhart, Mark McDonald, Gil Paterson, Maureen Watt, Colin Keir

Current Status: Fallen on 26/11/2013
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