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Condemning the Home Office's Go Home Poster Pilot

That the Parliament strongly condemns the actions of the Home Office in, it considers, trying to intimidate and harass asylum seekers, many of whom have fled their homeland in terror, into going back to their home country; understands that its Brand Street office in Glasgow is part of a pilot scheme in which leaflets and posters with slogans such as "Go Home” are plastered across a room where asylum seekers have to wait to sign on and from which the public is barred; further understands that there is even a poster of an aeroplane with the message "The plane can take you home. We can book the tickets" and another showing a person sleeping on the streets with the message "Is life here hard? Going home is simple"; deplores what it considers this attempt to instil fear and intimidate some of the most vulnerable people in society; urges the UK Border Agency to immediately cease what it considers this abhorrent pilot scheme, which is also taking place in Hounslow, London, and believes that Scotland should have a humane asylum system that recognises the inherent worth of all human beings, regardless of where they used to call home, and supports them in making a life here in Scotland.

Supported by: Bill Kidd, Dennis Robertson, Joan McAlpine, John Mason, Patrick Harvie, Marco Biagi, Rob Gibson, Richard Lyle, Christina McKelvie, Stuart McMillan, Kevin Stewart, Jean Urquhart, John Finnie, Christian Allard, Chic Brodie, Fiona McLeod, Jamie Hepburn, Adam Ingram, Gil Paterson, Roderick Campbell, Mark McDonald, Annabelle Ewing, Sandra White, Aileen McLeod, Willie Coffey, Bob Doris, Graeme Dey, Christine Grahame, Colin Keir, David Torrance, Clare Adamson, Alison Johnstone, Willie Rennie, Jim Eadie, Maureen Watt, Stewart Maxwell

Current Status: Fallen on 26/11/2013
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