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Congratulations to the Making It Home Refugee Awareness Project

That the Parliament recognises 17 to 23 June 2013 as Refugee Week Scotland and congratulates the refugee arts groups that gave performances on 19 June in the Parliament as part of the week; commends the work of two diverse groups of women across Scotland, women who are refugees supported by Maryhill Integration Network in Glasgow and women from the Women Supporting Women in Pilton in Edinburgh on their Making It Home project; understands that the project grew from two of the Refugee Survival Trust's aims, to raise public awareness of issues affecting refugees and asylum seekers and to help build greater integration and understanding between Scottish people and those who have come from abroad seeking sanctuary; applauds what it considers the creative approach taken by the project, which has used poetry-based films, of which four have been created, to build bridges of shared experiences, dialogue and integration between two very diverse groups of women across Scotland; praises the contribution of the poet, Jackie Kay, to the Making It Home booklet, in which her poem, No. 115 Dreams, is included, her involvement with the Refugee Week Scotland event and her efforts in the organisation by helping numerous women refugees through the art of poetry, and wishes the participants of the Making it Home project continued success in raising public awareness and building integration with Scottish communities.

Supported by: Dennis Robertson, Bruce Crawford, Annabelle Ewing, Roderick Campbell, Jim Hume, Stuart McMillan, Rob Gibson, John Finnie, Joan McAlpine, Bill Kidd, Adam Ingram, Richard Lyle, Nigel Don, Mike MacKenzie, Kevin Stewart, Aileen McLeod, Christian Allard, David Torrance, Jean Urquhart, Sandra White, Anne McTaggart, Chic Brodie, Maureen Watt, Fiona McLeod, Jackie Baillie, Colin Beattie, Clare Adamson, Jamie Hepburn, Helen Eadie, Gil Paterson, Malcolm Chisholm, Colin Keir

Current Status: Fallen on 26/11/2013
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