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Southside Film Festival

That the Parliament welcomes the 2013 Glasgow Southside Film Festival, which runs from 16 to 19 May; notes that the festival is now in its third year, in which time it has shown screenings to over 3,000 people; further notes the festival’s continued use of pop-up cinemas, which bring films to the community in venues ranging from pubs and cafés to museums and community halls; welcomes the role of the social enterprise, The Glad Café, as an information and ticket hub; understands that this year's highlights include a screening of the 1925 Soviet classic, Battleship Potemkin, which will be accompanied by a live Wurlitzer organ, and, We Are Northern Lights, which, it believes, is Scotland’s first ever crowd-sourced, mass-participation film; welcomes the news that the programme includes workshops aimed at young people, including one on filmmaking, and wishes the festival a very successful run.

Supported by: Drew Smith, Jackie Baillie, Annabelle Ewing, David Torrance, Bill Kidd, Hanzala Malik, Chic Brodie, Anne McTaggart, Patricia Ferguson, Rob Gibson, James Dornan, John Wilson, Kenneth Gibson, Richard Lyle, Roderick Campbell, Jean Urquhart, Mike MacKenzie, Jamie Hepburn, Kevin Stewart, Alison Johnstone, Richard Simpson, Colin Beattie, Sarah Boyack, Maureen Watt, Clare Adamson, Sandra White, Gil Paterson

Current Status: Fallen on 18/06/2013
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