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Vive la France

That the Parliament applauds the French Government, which is introducing a tax on sugary drinks that it expects to raise €120 million for the French treasury; understands that French MPs have rejected the statement by the corporate chief executive of Coca-Cola, who, in the statement he later withdrew and described as a miscommunication, indicated that the company would not carry through its €17 million investment in reprisal if the tax proceeded; further understands that the average person in France has increased in weight by three kilos since 1997 and that consumption of sugary drinks has hugely increased and that Scotland consumes 20% more sugary drinks than England and more than France, and calls on the Scottish Government to consider giving local authorities power to introduce a tax on sugary drinks and use the income to improve school diets and support community-based nutritional improvement initiatives and build on the work of previous Scottish administrations to reduce the consumption of sugary drinks in schools.

Supported by: Patricia Ferguson, Ken Macintosh, Mark Griffin, Richard Simpson, Helen Eadie, Alison Johnstone

Current Status: Fallen on 05/12/2011
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