Personal Information

  • Member for: Hamilton, Larkhall and Stonehouse
  • Party: Scottish National Party
  • Date of Birth: 04 March 1968

Personal Interests:
Reading, hill walking, painting

Trade Union Membership:


    Educated at St Leonards Secondary school to 5th year level
    I have numerous qualifications from: Anniesland College; Cardonald College; Nautical College and St Andrews University plus additional professional qualification gained at work.



    Career History:

    On leaving school I undertook a nursing course. I left this to embark on a career in social work services developing independence skills for people with learning disabilities and mental health issues. In 2002 I began working in the social work services learning and development section, developing staff and enabling individuals to reach their professional and academic potential.

     Between 2011-2016, Christina was Convener of the European and External Relations Committee and she was also Convener of the SNP backbench trade union group.


Further information

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