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PE1855: Pardon and memorialise those convicted under the Witchcraft Act 1563

Petition summary

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to pardon, apologise and create a national monument to memorialise those people in Scotland accused and convicted as witches under the Witchcraft Act 1563.

Petitioner: Claire Mitchell QC

Status: Under consideration

Date published: 03 February 2021

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Citizen Participation and Public Petitions Committee Consideration

SPICe Briefing

Committee meetings

1 September 2021: The Committee agreed to write to both the petitioner and the Scottish Government.

Official Report of Meeting 1 September 2021

19 January 2022: The Committee agreed to keep the petition open until it is established whether a Members’ Bill is likely to be progressed on this topic. The Committee also agreed to consider inviting the petitioner to provide evidence to the Committee at a future date. 

Official Report of Meeting 19 January 2022

23 February:The Committee took evidence from petitioners Claire Mitchell QC and Zoe Venditozzi. The Committee agreed to consider the evidence it had heard  at a future meeting.  

Official Report of Meeting 23 February 2022

18 May 2022: The Committee agreed to write to the Scottish Government and Natalie Don MSP.

Official Report of Meeting 18 May 2022

Written Submissions

PE1855/A: Scottish Government submission of 17 March 202168.4KB pdf posted 12 May 2022

PE1855/B: Humanist Society Scotland submission of 5 July 2021

PE1855/C: Petitioner submission of 20 September 2021

PE1855/D: Scottish Government submission of 4 November 2021 

PE1855/E: Petitioner submission of 5 December 2021

PE1855/F: Natalie Don MSP submission of 18 January 2022 

PE1855/G: Petitioner submission of 11 May 2022 86.4KB pdf posted 16 May 2022

PE1855/H: Natalie Don MSP submission of 16 May 2022 45.1KB pdf posted 16 May 2022

PE1855/I: Cabinet Secretary for Justice and Veterans submission of 5 August 2022  94.2KB pdf posted 10 August 2022