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Historic petitions

This page contains all petitions submitted during Sessions 1 to 5 (from May 1999 to May 2021), except petitions from Sessions 3, 4 and 5 that are still under consideration.

If sections are incomplete this is because they contain petitions which were open at the start of Session 6 and are still being considered by MSPs. Any petitions which are not listed can be found on the View Petitions page.

Petitions 1 to 99

PE00001: take the necessary steps to introduce prayers to the proceedings of the Scottish Parliament

PE00002: A77 between Fenwick and Newton Mearns

PE00003: examine commercial oil seed rape crushing in the Hospitalfield area and the effect of this activity on residents' health

PE00004: Tenancy of Shops (Scotland) Act 1949

PE00005: High Achievement Pressures in Schools and Universities

PE00006: Procedures of the European Court of Human Rights

PE00007: the Parliament to establish an inquiry commission or other procedure with a view to providing Edinburgh and SE Scotland with an effective integrated transport system

PE00008: Birds of Prey

PE00009: Petition on the impact of current developments at Cramond, Edinburgh on Roman remains

PE00010: the Parliament to write to each member of the electorate in Scotland annually to provide details of their elected representatives and other information

PE00011: Petition on claims to the Earldom of Stirling and other related titles

PE00012: abolish student tuition fees in Scotland

PE00013: the retention and enhancement of acute services at Stracathro Hospital, by Brechin

PE00014: the introduction of legislation to provide security of tenure and rights of access for those who own property built on leased land

PE00015: a review of the processes of the NHS complaints procedure

PE00016: urgent action to reverse the decline of Capercaillie in Scotland

PE00017: Petition on Skye Bridge discounting options for Western Isles Residents

PE00018: Petition on the proposed new A701 dual carriageway and its impact on traffic and wildlife

PE00019: an inquiry into proposed rerouting of the A701 through Clippens Landfill Site, Loanhead, Midlothian

PE00020: a public examination into lobbying by those involved in the Scottish Parliament for financial gain

PE00021: a concessionary bus fare scheme to be operated nationally by the Scottish Executive

PE00022: Petition outlining concerns in relation to the fare structure of Caledonian MacBrayne for the ferry to Cumbrae Island and calling for more detailed financial information to be made available

PE00023: Petition on saving the Wemyss Ancient Caves

PE00024: oppose the introduction of a pesticide tax

PE00025: take action in relation to specific legal matters

PE00026: local Authorities and other agencies to recognise and record the views of individuals expressed in petitions

PE00027: Petition on float concession for Skye Bridge

PE00028: the introduction of a law requiring drivers to give way to the Emergency Services

PE00029: action to be taken in relation to the Crown Office's decisions and consideration in prosecuting road traffic deaths

PE00030: Petition on heavy traffic in Almondell Terrace, Livingston, West Lothian

PE00031: conduct a review of its obligations under international law (in particular the Geneva Convention) in relation to the presence of Trident nuclear weapons at Faslane and therefore under Scots legal jurisdiction

PE00032: action to prosecute the Occidental Oil Company for their part in the Piper Alpha disaster

PE00033: the clearance of litter and rubbish from roadsides and other public areas

PE00034: review the relevance of the International Court of Justice's Advisory Opinion on the legality of nuclear weapons to the Trident weapons system based in Scotland, in light of Sheriff Gimblett's ruling on…

PE00035: carry out a review into the fact that the existence of Faslane nuclear facility may contravene an International Court of Justice Ruling regarding the threat or use of nuclear weapons

PE00036: conduct a debate on the subject of the proposed closure of the Neurosurgical Unit at Ninewells Hospital, Dundee

PE00037: implement the Pass Plus scheme of additional driving tuition for novice drivers on a national scale

PE00038: request that Scottish Homes takes a number of steps in relation to the organisation and improvement of tenants' and residents' organisations

PE00039: debate Section 87 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, with a view to making the serving of fixed penalty fines in relation to litter offenders mandatory

PE00040: debate the implications of the Ministerial Meeting of the World Trade Organisation

PE00041: declare a moratorium on Stock transfer in Glasgow until the Housing, Social Inclusion and Voluntary Sector Committee has examined all aspects of Public Sector Housing in Scotland

PE00042: discuss ways in which human rights education can be incorporated into all aspects of the Scottish educational, civic and public life

PE00043: ensure that the scientific, cultural and education community in Scotland are informed of the Manifesto 2000 developed by UNESCO

PE00044: reconsider Section 17 of The Abolition of Feudal Tenure etc (Scotland) Bill

PE00045: hold an independent inquiry into hepatitis C and other infections of people with haemophilia

PE00046: consider legislation to limit the sale of fireworks to organisers of authorised Firework Displays

PE00047: Petition concerning the Criminal Legal Aid (Fixed Payments) Regulations 1999

PE00048: Petition opposing the proposed siting of a Secure Care Centre within the grounds of Stobhill General Hospital

PE00049: take action to prevent the United States Navy from using the Cape Wrath live bombardment range

PE00050: request that Glasgow City Council re-open the disabled toilets in Peel Street, Glasgow

PE00051: (a) exercise its powers to ensure that it will not permit the release of GM crops in to the environment by way of trials or commercial planting; and (b) establish a mechanism in Scotland which will address the concerns regarding the impact of such…

PE00052: conduct a referendum in the Lothians on the method of funding to be used for the building of Edinburgh’s new Royal Infirmary

PE00053: take steps to ensure that young people are not discriminated against by Partick Housing Association's housing allocations policy

PE00054: give its support to the Celtic 2010 campaign to bring the Football World Cup to Scotland, Ireland and Wales

PE00055: conduct an investigation to establish why the full powers of the law are not enforced in all cases which involve death by dangerous driving

PE00056: take action to make the Assessor (Valuation Officer) accountable to either a Public Sector Ombudsman, a Parliamentary Ombudsman or the Local Government Ombudsman

PE00057: request that Glasgow City Council initiate legal action in relation to the obstruction of a public right of way in Yorkhill Park, Glasgow by developers

PE00058: take action to terminate the contract to process student loan applications which was awarded to a company in India by the Student Loans Company

PE00059: take certain steps to improve passenger safety on public transport in Scotland

PE00060: hold a debate on Genetically modified crops and food

PE00061: the allocation of national funds to compensate Scottish arable producers for the introduction of the Euro

PE00062: support the payment of full compensation to Scottish beef and sheep farmers for the introduction of the Euro

PE00063: increase resources for agri-environment measures in Scotland

PE00064: the provision of national aid to compensate Scottish pig producers for costs related to BSE

PE00065: seek action on the Taxation on Road Haulage

PE00066: support the removal of the 560kg limit on the payable weight of cattle slaughtered in the Over Thirty Months Scheme

PE00067: support actively the full payment of agrimoney compensation to dairy farmers as soon as possible

PE00068: Petition by the National Farmers’ Union of Scotland calling for the agriculture sector to be exempted from the proposed Climate Change Levy

PE00069: direct the body carrying out the Quinquennial Review of the Crofters Commission to hold public meetings in the former crofting counties to explain the background and scope of the review, in the interests of…

PE00070: call for a public enquiry into development plans for Troon Harbour

PE00071: examine and amend as necessary the rules governing to award of legal aid

PE00072: take such action as it sees fit to prevent the closure of Boharm Primary School

PE00073: order a public enquiry into the Social Work Department of Glasgow with particular emphasis on the care of vulnerable children

PE00074: place a moratorium on all housing stock transfers until such time as its concerns in relation to such transfers are addressed

PE00075: ban all Animal Circuses in Scotland immediately

PE00076: order a public enquiry into the gas Industry in Scotland immediately

PE00077: implement all of those recommendations contained in the report of the Royal Commission on Long Term Care for the elderly, which is devolved powers permit

PE00078: adopt, in full, all 52 recommendations made in the Independent Inquiry into Student Finance's report "Fairness for the Future"

PE00079: stop all Scottish Housing Associations from using unemployed young people to do the work of the Cleansing Department of Glasgow City Council

PE00080: order a public enquiry into the NHS in Scotland to establish what facilities are needed and how long people are waiting for treatment

PE00081: (a) change the law in relation to the sentencing of those convicted of violent crime; (b) take steps to reduce violence and bullying in schools; and (c) ban professional and amateur boxing

PE00082: take active steps to recognise the validity and educational benefits of Gaelic-medium education

PE00083: (a) conduct an inquiry into the criticism of named persons by the courts, in circumstances where those persons are not present as witnesses or represented at the trial; and (b) to enact legislation which would provide an opportunity for those who…

PE00084: order a public inquiry into the door to door sales techniques of both Scottish Power and Scottish Gas, and to ban all door to door salesman in Scotland

PE00085: place a moratorium on all housing stock transfers until such time as its concerns in relation to such transfers are addressed

PE00086: place a moratorium on all housing stock transfers until such time as its concerns in relation to such transfers are addressed

PE00087: place a moratorium on all housing stock transfers until such time as its concerns in relation to such transfers are addressed

PE00088: reject the Government's proposal, outlined in the Ethical Standards in Public Life Bill, to repeal Section 28 of the Local Government Act 1988

PE00089: repel the legislation which allows non-conviction information to be included on an Enhanced Criminal Record Certificate

PE00090: take a range of steps to provide Aberdeenshire Council with the means to continue to provide the high quality public services it currently provides and to implement an independent review of local government

PE00091: restore Scottish Water Authorities to local authority control

PE00092: hold a public inquiry into a) staffing and waiting times in Accident and Emergency Departments in Scotland and b) number and type of beds available in NHS Hospitals in Scotland

PE00093: a) amend legislation to make it a criminal offence for a surgeon to remove healthy organs or limbs from patients in any Scottish Hospital and b) order a full inquiry into the recent limb removals at Falkirk…

PE00094: place a moratorium on all housing stock transfers until such time as its concerns in relation to such transfers are addressed

PE00095: place a moratorium on all housing stock transfers until such time as its concerns in relation to such transfers are addressed

PE00096: hold an independent and public inquiry into the adverse environmental effects of sea cage fish farming, and the regulatory failure to both recognise and prevent significant damage to our natural heritage, the environment and other interests dependent

PE00097: limit agricultural support to one farm per farmer, resident and working thereon, and, to have all future EU support to the farming industry similarly applied forthwith

PE00098: raise the issue of closure of sub post offices with the Government and take whatever action necessary to keep rural post office open

PE00099: hold an independent public inquiry into the adverse environmental effects of sea and freshwater cage farming and the failure to recognise and prevent damage to our Natural Heritage, the Environment and other

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Petitions 100 to 199

PE00100: prevent the Faifley to Baillieston Quality Bus Corridor from proceeding on Shettleston Road and save the local community

PE00101: place a moratorium on all housing stock transfers until such time as its concerns in relation to such transfers are addressed

PE00102: investigate the current process involved in sequestration cases and to consider amending the law to allow the right of appeal for those involved in such cases

PE00103: introduce a law ensuring than no more than 10% of a gas or electricity card can be taken for payment against outstanding debt

PE00104: explain why the Aberdeen E-Coli Testing Centre will be closed, and its funding moved to Edinburgh

PE00105: abolish poinding and warrant sales in Scotland and adopt schemes which help those in debt

PE00106: ban the sale of Glasgow's local authority housing stock to private landlords and take positive action to resolve poor council housing issues

PE00107: take the necessary steps to prevent the sale of part of Overtoun Park, Rutherglen, Glasgow

PE00108: introduce laws to protect school children using public transport during school activities

PE00109: take urgent action on various pension payment issues arising from hospital stays

PE00110: ask the Minister for Communities to intervene on behalf of Greater Easterhouse Council of Voluntary Organisations (GEVCO)

PE00111: order a public inquiry into road accidents involving police responding to 999 calls

PE00112: study the report of the Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Committee of the UK Parliament regarding Government proposals to sell off Britain’s Air Traffic Control system

PE00113: consider ways of re-instating a railway into and through the Borders by way of a debate in the Parliament and by consideration by its committees

PE00114: a) establish a group to produce cost benefit analysis of establishing after school clubs in primary schools; and b) call upon the Scottish Executive to make available resources, designate a lead minister

PE00115: request Scottish Airports to reroute aircraft taking off and landing at Edinburgh Airport away from residential areas to reduce pollution and to consult with residents

PE00116: introduce appropriate provisions to ensure that aspects of Scots law are compatible with the obligations of Article 6 (1) of the European Convention on Human Rights

PE00117: a) produce a new film on ice cream van safety; b) allow ice cream vans to use their hazard warning lights when stopped; and c) ensure the safe speed limit when passing an ice cream van is 5-10 miles per hour

PE00118: reverse the decision to increase North of Scotland Water Authority charges to domestic customers by 35% in 2000/2001 and 12% in 20001/2002 and to restrict increase to 10% in each of the next four financial years

PE00119: take immediate action to ensure that suitable allotments are provided according to statute

PE00120: ban all school children from visiting farms in Scotland immediately for safety reasons

PE00121: raise the issue of safety at Nuclear Power Stations with the Energy Minister of the UK Parliament and request inspections of all nuclear establishments

PE00122: consider the request that St Mary's Episcopal Primary School's application for grant aided status be granted

PE00123: identify, discuss and seek to implement measures which would eradicate fuel poverty as a matter of urgency

PE00124: consider amending the Children’s (Scotland) Act 1995 to name grandparents in the Act as having an important part to play in the lives of their grandchildren

PE00125: investigate the justification for the introduction of car parking charges at St John's Hospital, Livingston

PE00126: take whatever action it considers to be the most appropriate to relay concerns over the closure and changes to sub post offices to the Westminster Parliament

PE00127: take a variety of actions regarding the detention of Asylum Seekers in Scotland

PE00128: ensure that Marine National Parks are included in the National Parks for Scotland Bill

PE00129: initiate an inquiry into geriatric provision and the continuation of local health services in the Oban area

PE00130: investigate the potential effects of the proposed closure of the Carrick Street Centre, Ayr on the social justice targets of the Scottish Executive

PE00131: extend the current remit for the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute to include a thorough investigation into the social, economic and environmental significance of the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland)

PE00132: introduce legislation streamlining the planning system and change other aspects of the planning system and associated procedures within Scotland

PE00133: ensure the roads and lights are upgraded at Longriggend (Remand Unit) in order they be adopted by the local Council

PE00134: introduce legislation to ensure that companies offer goods and services at the same price throughout Scotland

PE00135: address a range of issues relating to the siting of mobile phone masts

PE00136: persuade West Lothian Council to increase funding of the Training Adults in the Community (TAIC) project to levels which will allow TAIC to continue to provide a service

PE00137: declare that a) the intention of Glasgow City Council to create a network of bus corridors is a matter of public concern and b) it use all available powers to stop this scheme

PE00138: alter the constitution of the Scottish Quality Beef Lamb Assurance (SQBLA) giving it independence and ask for statutory powers to be granted to SQBLA for the receipt of monies for the purpose of promotion

PE00139: provide translation services for meetings of the Parliament and Committee meetings for the deaf, deaf/blind people and for people with hearing difficulties

PE00140: endorse a request for a substantial pay rise for ancillary workers in the NHSiS and make the necessary representations to the Chancellor of the Exchequer to release the necessary resources

PE00141: extend the current remit for the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute to include a thorough investigation into the social, economic and environmental significance of the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland)

PE00142: extend their current research by the Macaulay Land Research Institute to include a thorough scientific investigation into animal suffering using any of the currently legal

PE00143: order a public inquiry into all aspects of the Greater Glasgow Health Board plan to reduce services in Glasgow, especially all financial aspects of the plan

PE00144: reject all plans by the Greater Glasgow Health Board called Health Improvement Programme

PE00145: take a range of actions with regard to medical conditions arising from vaccinations

PE00146: request a variety of actions from the Roads Network Maintenance and Management Division of the Scottish Executive with regard to upgrading work on the A9 trunk road, Golspie

PE00147: arrange a meeting between Ministers and a deputation from the Sheltered and Retired Housing Owners Association Executive Committee

PE00148: investigate various issues relating to specialist referral and diagnosis of exposure to Organophosphate chemicals

PE00149: investigate the plans for car park charging by the Fife Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

PE00150: extend the current remit for the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute to include a thorough investigation into the social, economic and environmental significance of the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland)

PE00151: extend the current remit for the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute to include a thorough investigation into the social, economic and environmental significance of the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland)

PE00152: extend the current remit for the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute to include a thorough investigation into the social, economic and environmental significance of the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Bill

PE00153: (a) introduce legislation to require local authorities to provide access to Gaelic as a second language where reasonable demands exist; (b) legislate for the provision of suitable courses to allow teachers to gain proficiency in the teaching of Gael

PE00154: intervene to overturn the decisions of Glasgow City Council concerning 7 and 8 Alfred Terrace, Glasgow G12

PE00155: retain Section 28 of the Local Government Act 1988

PE00156: intervene to overturn the decisions of Glasgow City Council concerning 7 and 8 Alfred Terrace, Glasgow G12

PE00157: extend their current research by the Macaulay Land Research Institute to include a thorough scientific investigation into animal suffering using any of the currently legal methods of fox control

PE00158: extend the current remit for the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute to include a thorough investigation into the social, economic and environmental significance of the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Bill for remote communities such as Langholm

PE00159: investigate the plans for car park charging by the Fife Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

PE00160: include Health and Safety training as part of the Personal and Social Development curriculum in schools

PE00161: retain Section 2A

PE00162: retain Section 2A of the Local Government Act 1986

PE00163: safeguard the future of Oxgangs Post Office

PE00164: debate the introduction of state financed nurseries for children between the ages of four and six and for the official school age to be raised to six

PE00165: make Greater Glasgow Health Board accountable to the Scottish Parliament and to reject their proposals to reduce the number of hospitals in Glasgow

PE00166: consider the wider implications of the threatened closure of approximately 500 rural sub-post offices

PE00167: legislate to ensure that telecommunication masts will be subject to full planning controls with this legislation being effective retrospectively

PE00168: investigate the plans for car park charging by the Fife Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

PE00169: investigate the plans for car park charging by the Fife Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

PE00170: prevent Glasgow City Council creating a new bus lane/corridor through Dumbarton Road, Partick

PE00171: investigate local council policies on the closure or retention of rural schools throughout Scotland and for the proposed closure of Glenrinnes Primary School to be deferred until the Parliament's findings are complete

PE00172: make the Greater Glasgow Health Board accountable to the Parliament and to reject any proposed cuts to the NHS in Glasgow

PE00173: recognise the importance of the Ballater Area Council Office and prevent its closure

PE00174: investigate the plans for car park charging by the Fife Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

PE00175: investigate Argyll and Bute Council's School Closure Programme, using the proposed closure of Toward Primary School as an indicative case

PE00176: create an independent body to investigate and prosecute complaints against the Police, where the Crown Office and Police Complaints Department have failed to fully investigate complaints

PE00177: remove the requirement for members of the legal profession to provide statements on an individual and corporate basis of the amount of legal aid they receive in any given period

PE00178: investigate the implications for the Scottish economy of the aggregates tax and to make representations as appropriate to the Westminster Parliament

PE00179: make representations to the Prime Minister regarding the tenders for Roll-on Roll-off ferries required by the Ministry of Defence

PE00180: publish a full and concise report into the costs of the new Scottish Parliament Building

PE00181: ensure that developments around Meadowpark, Haddington are subject to conditional planning permission to ensure child safety measures are undertaken

PE00182: ask East Lothian Council various questions relating to physical safety measures at and around Haddington Infant School

PE00183: stop the proposed repeal of the Section 2A (Clause 28) by the Scottish Executive

PE00184: extend the entitlement to free school meals to all families receiving the new tax credits and to introduce and develop nutritional standards in schools

PE00185: take the necessary steps to establish a scheme of compensation to assist people in Scotland who have contracted hepatitis C infection as a consequence of infected blood transfusions

PE00186: influence Westminster Government in whatever way possible to prevent the introduction of the Automated Credit Transfer System and to resurrect the Benefit Agency's Swipe Card for payments of benefits

PE00187: allow limited licensed culling of raptors under the terms of the 1981 Wildlife and Countryside Act in areas where local populations have increased beyond normal levels

PE00188: enable Caledonian MacBrayne the state owned Scottish Ferry company to take over the Campbeltown to Ballycastle route which is critically important to the fragile economies of Argyll and Antrim

PE00189: put into place legally binding guidelines which affirm the centrality of Marriage and the Family in Society should clause 28 of the Local Government Act be repealed

PE00190: the handling of a petition submitted against a planning application, and calling for the Scottish Parliament to halt the work in progress at John Woods Hospital, Upper Largo and demand Fife Council restore the site to its original state

PE00191: ensure the relevant authorities provide 24 hour police presence at the Accident and Emergency department, Glasgow Royal Infirmary

PE00192: order the Mental Welfare Commission to a) regard all of their records as Health Records and b) to comply with the Act by allowing access to those who the act defines as being eligible for access

PE00193: establish and clarify the law on common property division subjects through referral to an appointed Independent body

PE00194: revoke SI 1996 No 58 (S3) River Tay Catchment Area Protection (Renewal) Order 1993 Variation Order 1996 with immediate effect

PE00195: seek an enquiry into North Ayrshire Council's decision to reduce full time warden cover in Sheltered Housing and to review and assess the warden service on a national basis

PE00196: review Section 46 of the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997 which deals with the power of the First Minister to call in planning applications which have a significant social and/ or economic impact on the neighbouring local authority area

PE00197: require of the farming profession the same transparency of operation in respect of their subsidies as is required of the legal profession

PE00198: investigate the causes of the shortfall of funding for Aberdeenshire Council and to take necessary steps to remedy it

PE00199: try and obtain a commitment from all supermarket retailers trading in Scotland that they will guarantee to stock Scottish Produce which meets their quality standards in their Scottish Stores

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Petitions 200 to 299

PE00200: review the working methods of the Legal Aid Board particularly in relation to the collection and disbursement of compensation monies collected

PE00201: agree that the Electoral Reform Society (ERS) has shown a lack of independence and impartiality by not accepting a commission to carry out a poll of the people of Scotland on the Section 28 issue

PE00202: enforce East Ayrshire Council to improve the refuse collection service to her house

PE00203: call for a new hospital to serve the people of South Glasgow and surrounding areas, with the services currently provided at Victoria Infirmary being retained meantime

PE00204: investigate alternative ways in which the necessary investment needed to upgrade the water service is met and also to reduce the burden on low income households by extending Council Tax benefit to cover water and sewage charges

PE00205: review and increase the minimum sentence for convictions of murder; that sentences for other crimes committed during a more serious offence be consecutive and that parole boards consider all information

PE00206: ascertain the feasibility of a permanent webcast facility covering the proceedings of the Chamber and non-private Committee meetings once the Parliament returns to Edinburgh

PE00207: introduce a more public friendly planning system by granting objectors to a development exactly the same rights as the developers

PE00208: review all aspects of the proposed Parking Charges in Melrose and urge the Scottish Borders Council and Historic Scotland to rethink these proposals

PE00209: investigate the reasons for the termination of support for elderly care by South Ayrshire Council and consider what implications this will have on future community care demands

PE00210: do all in its power to ensure that car parking charges at the Queen Margaret, Victoria and Forth Park hospitals are not imposed

PE00211: the Scottish Parliament not to proceed with the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Bill

PE00212: delete all proposals contained within the Bail, Judicial Appointments etc (Scotland) Bill at Chapter 2 which deal with Justices of the Peace

PE00213: examine the possibility of establishing a post of commissioner for the rights of disabled children

PE00214: investigate the current recruitment crisis in the Cardiac Transplant Unit at Glasgow Royal Infirmary and establish what action will be taken to re-establish the cardiac transplant service as soon as possible

PE00215: the Scottish Parliament not to proceed with the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Bill

PE00216: investigate the possibility of funding being made available to the Highland Council to carry out essential upgrading of the Road Link (A855) between Staffin and Portree

PE00217: take account of the workload and general circumstances of a single General Practitioner in the Parish of Glenorchy and Innishail and appoint an additional part-time partner

PE00218: ban all Child Curfews in Scotland

PE00219: introduce laws which make the owners of all potentially dangerous dogs keep these animals muzzled at all times, on a short lead and owners who break these laws should be sent to prison

PE00220: take urgent action to teach all teenage girls self defence at secondary schools in Scotland and to ban professional boxing in Scotland immediately

PE00221: make representation to the Scottish Office in support of Arbroath's case to retain Assisted Area Status

PE00222: express its support for the whole of the Highlands and Islands area to be included within the Revised Assisted Area Map and conveys this support to the Secretary of State for Scotland, the Department of Trad

PE00223: ensure that Multiple Sclerosis sufferers in Lothian are not denied to opportunity to be prescribed Beta Interferon

PE00224: to; redefine the role of the Lord Lyon, King of Arms in relation to the national flag; to prescribe the exact colours and proportions of the Saltire and the appropriate ways of flying it; and to encourage the flying of the national flag

PE00225: take steps, including legislation if necessary, to protect the human rights of residents of homes adjacent to quarrying from vibration, noise and environmental threats

PE00226: amend present planning law to provide automatic right to build housing on family owned and occupied farms, crofts and fish farms for all members of family

PE00227: approve a thorough investigation into the actions of the public agencies and National Trust for Scotland as architects of the current proposals and policies of Glencoe, in particular looking at public consultation and the future role of the National

PE00228: examine Scottish Homes and its double glazing programme in the Anderston area

PE00229: introduce legislation to require financial institutions to place investors money in highest bearing account when account types are changed by financial institutions

PE00230: Petition against Angus Council’s proposed closure of St Vigeans and calling for the Scottish Parliament to take the views of parents of children attending St Vigeans Primary School fully into account and support this excellent school

PE00231: encourage Argyll and Bute Council to take into account the views of the people of Dunoon and abolish car-parking charges

PE00232: join with Denmark, Ireland and others in calling for an end to reprocessing at Sellafield and restarting at Dounreay and that the Scottish Parliament transmit this view to the UK Government before OSPAR Conv

PE00233: advance Technical/Technology Education within Scottish Secondary Schools as a national priority

PE00234: create a regulation which would ensure that all Councils devote an annual one page summary of councillors' allowances and expenses in each councils' respective Council Magazine

PE00235: investigate the handling of the current privatisation of the Direct Labour Organisation by North Lanarkshire Council

PE00236: consider the employment and environmental implications of permitting the reinstatement of suction dredging for shellfish in the Solway

PE00237: investigate alleged discrimination in terms of the public funding of Calton Athletic and to facilitate a meeting with the relevant Scottish Executive Minister to allow Calton Athletic to outline its concerns

PE00238: investigate a range of environmental issues relating to salmon and sea trout fishing stocks

PE00239: direct the Scottish Executive to take action to include biomedical scientists working in the NHS into the NHS Pay Review Body

PE00240: do everything within its power to secure a viable future for Argyll and Bute's rural sub-post offices

PE00241: pricing structure similar to that in urban areas and to urge the UK government to take action to ensure that Fuel Duty policy does not discriminate against rural populations and particularly older people

PE00242: give asylum seekers rights of access to various support service and to amend legislation to restore the entitlement of asylum seekers to accommodation and cash based support

PE00243: remedy the water price increases in the North of Scotland Water Authority (NoSWA) area by ensuring that there is effective democratic scrutiny of this public service

PE00244: reintroduce wheel clamping with a charge for release in order to reduce 'illegal parking'

PE00245: change Scottish public sector pension schemes to ensure they provide survivor benefits to interdependent unmarried partners of scheme members

PE00246: request Scottish Natural Heritage, the Scottish Executive and the Scottish Minister, as appropriate not to proceed with the designation of the South-East Islay Skerries Special Area of Conservation

PE00247: ensure there are coordinated health and social services that will benefit the 30,000 people in Scotland with epilepsy

PE00248: introduce legislation to compel slower drivers to use passing places, in specified circumstances, to allow other traffic to pass safely and to ensure that sufficient passing places exist which are adequately signposted

PE00249: seek resolve with the UK Parliament to a) call an immediate stop on excise duty or tax increases on road diesel derv; b) legislate to prevent illegal use of rebated diesel by all types of tractors; and c) legislate to ensure all tractors used on the public highway are the subject of yearly MOT testing.

PE00250: not repeal bail exclusion in the Bail, Judicial Appointments etc (Scotland) Bill

PE00251: remove the necessity that English translation be supplied along with any petition submitted in Gaelic and to develop a formal policy of using bilingual text on its website to the maximum extent practicable

PE00252: undertake or commission a public inquiry in order to secure effective freedom of choice for those facing death or arranging for funerals and burials in Scotland

PE00253: investigate, promote and assist in the production of cars powered by compressed air

PE00254: introduce legislation to ensure all lottery or public funded advice services are subject to an annual independent audit to assess the quality of advice by staff and volunteers

PE00255: take immediate action to ban the use of general anaesthetics in Scottish dental surgeries

PE00256: improve the Children's Report procedures to quickly remove persistent criminals from society and to press the Scottish Executive to reject proposals regarding criminal responsibility and hearing system contained in the "Stop Youth Crime Now" paper

PE00257: order a public enquiry into the Kingston Bridge, highlighting all aspects of design and construction which have necessitated the forthcoming repairs and suggesting what could be done to avoid future disruption

PE00258: order a public enquiry into the findings of a report by Pat Grant, A&E consultant at the Western infirmary, Glasgow, on the discrimination of elderly patients in the NHS

PE00259: take immediate action to stop the erection of telecommunication masts of 15 metres and under, in residential and environmentally sensitive areas, during the intervening period

PE00260: appeal to the Government of Israel to grant Mordechai Vanunu's release from prison

PE00261: urge the North Glasgow Community Forum (NGCF) to answer in writing, the correspondence and questions sent by the petitioner

PE00262: provide funding for the NHS to ensure that the Vale of Leven Hospital has the level of healthcare that it deserves

PE00263: investigate the handling of the issues raised in previous petitions on the construction of the A701

PE00264: pass a Private Investigators (Registration) Bill, thus recognising the specific concerns of private investigation within the private security industry

PE00265: the Scottish Parliament to: a) protect innocent men against false rape allegations through anonymity when accused; b) introduce a new crime of False Rape Allegation; c) create a register of False Rape Accusers and d) publish annually

PE00266: pass legislation, preferably at national level, that all vehicle engines be switched off after two minutes at rest to protect the environment

PE00267: amend the Planning and Building Regulations to ensure all new buildings where hot water is required are fitted with solar panels

PE00268: order a public enquiry into the reasons why organs were removed from dead children without parental consent and stored at Yorkhill Hospital

PE00269: repeal sections of the Education (Scotland) Act 1980 regarding religious beliefs in the employment of teachers

PE00270: consider reviewing the proposals for the A1 Expressway between Haddington and Dunbar to ensure that the Expressway provides direct access to and from East Linton in both directions

PE00271: investigate and make recommendations to upgrade and complete the A801

PE00272: amend the Disease of Fish (Control) Regulations 1994 to include compensation payments, rights of appeal and access to scientific data

PE00273: ensure that 4x4 off-road driving does not take place in any public forest managed by the Forestry Commission

PE00274: ensure there is an inquiry into the safety and welfare practices in operation at Jessiefield Prison, Dumfries

PE00275: urge the Rural Affairs Department of the Scottish Executive to abide by the rules of natural justice and the European Convention on Human Rights in relation to public access to records held

PE00276: establish specialist clinics for the diagnosis and treatment of allergies in NHS hospitals in Scotland

PE00277: initiate a public enquiry into the administration of Grampian Housing Ltd, with a view to the introduction of legislation to allow the monitoring and audit of housing associations in Scotland

PE00278: ban the feeding of cattle blood, fat and gelatin to cows to reduce the risk of BSE transmission

PE00279: calling for the SP to recognise the requirement for a central fund, allowing the establishment of a network of agencies to provide national support to adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse

PE00280: recognise the importance and popularity of allotments and to establish an Allotments Working Group that would actively protect and promote allotment provision in Scotland

PE00281: take action to ensure that all Scottish prosecutions following contravention of Section 1 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 - Causing Death by Dangerous Driving be heard in the High Court

PE00282: ban body piercing and tattooing in Scotland, in order to protect young people from disfigurement or death

PE00283: initiate a public inquiry into the practice of organ retention at post-mortem without the appropriate parental consent

PE00284: East Kilbride, by South Lanarkshire Council and to urge the sale to be withdrawn in light of the loss of an open recreation area to the community

PE00285: the Scottish Parliament, through its Justice and Home Affairs Committee, to investigate his property title with a view to clarifying what he sees as a confusion in the law in this area

PE00286: take steps to revise the Naval Military and Air Forces etc (Disablement and Death) Service Pension Order 1983 in order to ensure equity for all service personnel (and ex-service personnel) for injuries sustained in the service of the Crown

PE00287: oppose the suggestion of an 'opt-out' policy in relation to organ retention, where persons who do not wish to donate their organs after death must carry a card stating their objection

PE00288: ask the MOD to explain why its contract to build four roll-on roll-off ferries was awarded to a German shipbuilder

PE00289: seek an explanation from the MOD as to why it awarded a contract for British Army uniforms to a German firm, which was subsequently withdrawn following poor workmanship

PE00290: ban amphibious vehicles from transporting passengers and especially children, on the River Clyde, or on any other river in Scotland

PE00291: implement the Cubie Report in its entirety

PE00292: investigate the recommendations made in the most recent Public Local Inquiry on the designation of land for housing at Briery Bank, Haddington and to initiate a new, fully independent, public inquiry

PE00293: initiate a judicial review of whether the proposed modification to the Local Plan to allow housing development at Briery Bank, Haddington violated the human rights of the of the petitioners and if so, to instruct a further public inquiry

PE00294: recognise the historical and cultural significance of the land at Briery Bank, Haddington; to investigate the recommendations made by the most recent Public Local Inquiry into the designation of land at Briery Bank for housing

PE00295: urge the City of Edinburgh Council to review its plans for the relocation of the football pitch on Silverknowes Green and to ensure that future planning applications allow sufficient opportunities for interested parties to voice their concerns

PE00296: recommend the suspension of the construction of the funicular railway in the Cairngorms until the inquiry into the Austrian ski-train accident that occurred on 11 November 2000, has been completed

PE00297: investigate the impact that the proposed M74 Northern Extension will have upon the communities and small businesses along its route

PE00298: recommend that the Forres ambulance unit remains at Leanchoil Hospital, Forres and is upgraded to a 24 hour service, in light of the proposal to relocate the unit to Elgin

PE00299: investigate whether the additional driving offences of failure to possess the correct licence, MOT or insurance documentation should be taken into consideration at court hearings concerning a fatality caused by dangerous driving

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Petitions 300 to 399

PE00300: cancel the Warrant Cards of all Wardens appointed under the Freshwater and Salmon Fisheries (Scotland) Act 1976, with the intention of protecting women and children from convicted sex-offenders

PE00301: ensure that Scotland's peatland sites receive strict protection by proposing 17 additional candidate Special Areas of Conservation in order to meet the requirements and spirit of the European Habitats and Species Directive

PE00302: urge Glasgow City Council to take steps to give Private Hire Cars the same rights of access to Glasgow's bus lanes and restricted roads, as are enjoyed by Hackney taxis

PE00303: reverse the decision by South Lanarkshire Council to erect a two and a half storey building at Hunter Street/Montgomery Street, East Kilbride and to instruct the council to use this site for social housing only

PE00304: reverse the decision by South Lanarkshire Council to erect dwelling houses at the gap site at Philipshill Road, East Kilbride

PE00305: ensure that proposed changes to the current benefit payments system will not lead to the closure of rural post offices and associated businesses

PE00306: request that all members of the Judiciary declare membership of organisations such as Freemasons and that such a register be made available on request

PE00307: provide the necessary support and funding to promote traditional arts and culture in Scotland through the inclusion of these topics in the mainstream educational curriculum and the establishment of a Traditional Arts Centre in Edinburgh

PE00308: investigate and reverse the decision by South Lanarkshire Council in relation to the sale of undeveloped land in the Blackbraes area of Calderwood, East Kilbride

PE00309: ask Greater Glasgow Health Board to produce detailed plans as part of an investigation into the existing Victoria Infirmary site and associated grounds, when considering a proposed site for the acute hospital for South Glasgow

PE00310: amend existing legislation, to revoke the permitted development rights for all mobile phone base stations in sensitive areas and make available planning documentation in relation to the development and installation of telecommunications apparatus near residential areas

PE00311: provide details of: how it intends to avoid a repetition of the SQA Exam Results crisis in future years; the steps it will take in order to evaluate the effect of Social Inclusion in relation to the lives of Glaswegian young people

PE00312: uphold the decision of the ten Regional Councils of Scotland, as stated in 1993, not to add artificial fluoride to the public water supplies

PE00313: resolve a dispute between householders and a developer in Deaconsbank, Glasgow over land maintenance

PE00314: investigate the decision of Tayside Health Board to close Meigle Community Day Hospital and transfer its services to Blairgowrie Community Hospital, and to pass the petition to the relevant Parliamentary Committee

PE00315: investigate the following issues: effect of the weapons dump off the Western Isles on fisheries, public health and the environment; television advertising of alcohol and tobacco; heroin use in Scotland; the health implications of aspartame and lindane; nuclear missiles based in Scotland; the rights of OAPs; inactive radioactive submarines at Rosyth and; the reduction of retirement age to 55

PE00316: provide the funding and support necessary to design a National Berry Strategy to raise home-based consumption of raspberries within Scotland

PE00317: request that South Lanarkshire Council adhere to the South Lanarkshire Development Plan when considering planning applications for the Larch Grove/Silvertonhill Avenue, Hamilton, open space site and undertake to maintain and improve this open space

PE00318: take the opportunity presented through the publication of the Scottish Health Plan, to allocate new funds specifically for improving Mental Health Services, particularly Care in the Community

PE00319: redistribute income and wealth in Scotland with the aim of reversing the inequalities of the free market economy and reducing poverty

PE00320: the Health and Community Care Committee of the Scottish Parliament to examine the possible implications for health policy in Scotland of the World Trade Organisation's liberalisation of trade in services

PE00321: abolish council tax and replace it with another method of local taxation

PE00322: instruct South Lanarkshire council to improve security entry to 80-94 Franklin Place, East Kilbride

PE00323: change current legislation in such a way as to give equal rights to both developers and objectors to developments and to take appropriate action to prevent any development at 8a Montague Street, Dundee

PE00324: call for a Fatal Accident Inquiry into the sudden death of Dwayne Hood at Ayr Hospital on 9 June 2000 and request that the Scottish Executive institute a Right of Appeal to the Lord Advocate where a Fatal Accident Inquiry has been ruled out

PE00325: investigate how the level of funding provided to the Centre might be increased to allow for the re-establishment and expansion of its services, thus enabling the provision of essential support to those most at risk of suicide and self-harm

PE00326: return and restore the Stone of Scone to the community of Scone

PE00327: request that legislation be revised to ensure that public health and the environment are not at risk from the current practice of spreading sewage sludge and other non-agriculturally derived waste on land in Scotland

PE00328: review arrangements for the billing and collection of Water and Sewerage charges to ensure that they are affordable to those claiming Income Support on a permanent basis

PE00329: the Scottish Parliament calling for the Scottish Parliament to amend the relevant legislation to make licensing board procedures fairer and more equitable

PE00330: urge Historic Scotland to give greater publicity, interpretation and investment to sites and buildings of national importance and in particular, to erect directional signs to key places of interest associated with Andrew de Moray, William Wallace, King Robert Bruce and the Wars of Independence

PE00331: investigate why drivers who have made deliberate decisions when driving which cause risk to the lives of others are classed as careless drivers when prosecuted, even in the event of a fatality

PE00332: create controls to require MSPs to declare to the Standards Committee details of members of their staff to ensure that in instances where they recruit relatives the most suitable person has been hired for the post

PE00333: amend sections 8, 9, 14 and 15 of the Marriage (Scotland) Act 1977, to give Humanist and other secular marriage ceremonies the same legal status as religious ceremonies

PE00334: initiate a review of Emergency Planning measures for nuclear submarine accidents in Scotland to ensure there is adequate protection for the local population and the environment

PE00335: implement in full the recommendations contained in the Report by the Royal Commission on Long Term Care, "With Respect to Old Age" and not to commission a further review of the recommendations

PE00336: the Scottish Parliament’s Justice Committees to initiate a review of the powers and procedures of the Court of Session in handling cases involving victims of asbestos poisoning, to ensure that the real issues between the parties involved are properly

PE00337: ensure that the Minister for Justice takes into account the concerns of its members in Oban before reaching a decision on Strathclyde Fire Brigade's proposals for restructuring the fire service in the Oban area

PE00338: ask the Scottish Executive to provide a model for and/or criticisms of his suggested alternative approach to the transfer of ownership of council housing

PE00339: introduce legislation restricting hedge trimming and heavy rolling of pastures and fields during certain periods of the year in the interests of wildlife

PE00340: implement emergency action to ensure that people who own property on rented land, where that property cannot be removed without being destroyed, are not deprived of their property whilst responses to the Consultation on Legislation to Provide Greater Protection to Hutters in Scotland are being considered and until such provisions are made law

PE00341: abolish mandatory unit assessments in Scottish schools

PE00342: (a) consider framing national guidelines for school closures that are at least as fair and comprehensive as those adopted in England, and (b) ask councils to consider deferring decisions on any school closures until these new guidelines have been established

PE00343: review and amend the existing law pertaining to contracts between building companies and their clients

PE00344: institute a research programme into the effects of fluoride in water supplies on the human body

PE00345: reject the Minister for Communities' proposals to extend the Right to Buy to Housing Association tenants when it considers the Housing (Scotland) Bill

PE00346: take various steps to protect local communities and the environment from the adverse effects of opencast coal mining in Scotland

PE00347: investigate the practice of shoeing Clydesdale Horses and to introduce legislation to make such style of shoeing illegal unless sanctioned, for medical reasons, by a Veterinary Surgeon

PE00348: implement a pilot study of the manner and methods of psychiatric care and treatment in the NHS in Aberdeen City during the past 25 years

PE00349: carry out an urgent investigation into the reasons why cancer rates are higher in East Lothian than elsewhere in the Lothian Health Board Area

PE00350: ensure that the implementation of a SAC in the Moray Firth will not compromise the livelihoods of all those who use the firth by restricting their fishing methods

PE00351: initiate an inquiry into the handling of complaints made to the Local Government Ombudsman regarding local authorities

PE00352: examine, in the light of the Shipman Enquiry, the use or misuse of doctors reports by lawyers in court actions

PE00353: (a) urge the Scottish Executive to call in for scrutiny, the planning consent given for a meat processing factory on the outskirts of Ringford, and (b) initiate steps towards changing the law which prevents community groups from appealing to the Secretary of State in relation to planning cases

PE00354: take a view on the proposals to remove acute medical and surgical services at Stobhill General Hospital, and take whatever further action is appropriate

PE00355: examine the regulations regarding local councillors' interests and the use of council department reports in court actions which may be biased in favour of clients of legal firms in which councillors may be partners

PE00356: establish the mechanism and appropriate forum for the resolution of disputes between local authorities and home owners of former local authority homes as a matter of urgency

PE00357: support calls for the necessary investment in the transport infrastructure in the Aberdeen area to be provided as a matter of urgency

PE00358: allocate a plot of land within the boundary of the new Scottish Parliament building at Holyrood to be defined in law as a place where any one person has the right to lay down

PE00359: enact a principle in relation to the obligations of individuals in property law

PE00360: abolish all inequality between the judiciary and other participants in court cases, specifically in relation to conduct allowed in court

PE00361: (a) ensure that the Scottish Executive complies with all articles and provisions of the European Convention on Human Rights; (b) take various steps in relation to the regulation of the Law Society of Scotland and the Faculty of Advocates

PE00362: address the establishment of a survival fund to which individuals and small businesses can apply for funding to alleviate the immediate cash flow problems which have been brought about by the outbreak of foot and mouth disease

PE00363: appoint independent consultants to examine and propose changes to the structure and operation of Scottish Councils with a view to improving efficiency

PE00364: investigate the adverse consequences of the location and operation of Trident and associated nuclear weapons systems in Scotland in relation to its powers, and in particular to examine the Faslane Safety Plan and to publicise its findings

PE00365: review Fixed Quota Allocations which incorporate the track records of fishing vessels with a view to ascertaining with whom the property rights to Scotland’s fish stocks lie

PE00366: support the CCIS Digital Inclusion Charter and to take a range of steps to tackle the problem of the digital divide

PE00367: ensure that adequate and equal services for the diagnosis and treatment of those suffering from sleep apnoea are available throughout Scotland

PE00368: (a) change the current discriminatory system of measuring the distance to and from school to determine eligibility to school transport, and (b) set up an evaluation of the personal safety issues of the routes to and from schools in Livingston

PE00369: take steps to guarantee: (a) that exploitable coal deposits are accorded positive policies within development plans; (b) that opencast coal development is considered within the planning system like any other development proposal

PE00370: take the necessary steps to ensure that a full public inquiry, chaired by an eminent member of the judiciary, is carried out into the issue of organ retention to ensure that the illegal removal and storage of tissue and organs will not be repeated

PE00371: take a view on whether Aberdeenshire Council and other local authorities are fully complying with existing legislation governing school transport entitlement

PE00372: ensure that a revised Less Favoured Area Support Scheme be introduced by 2002, giving priority to those farming in the most severely disadvantaged areas of Scotland

PE00373: amend the current legislation with regard to the issue of summary warrants by Sheriffs to local authorities, insofar as this relates to the rights of alleged debtors to reply or make comment before a warrant is issued

PE00374: to debate the matter in Parliament and to urge the Minister for Health and Community Care and Health Boards to move chronic pain up the health agenda

PE00375: carry out a review of criminal injuries compensation procedure and policy, and a review of sentencing policy on violent crime

PE00376: amend the Protection of Animals (Scotland) Act 1912 so that it becomes an offence to allow an animal to exist in a condition likely to cause it suffering

PE00377: carry out an urgent investigation into the practice of toxic dumping, cattle incineration and other polluting activities in built-up areas, with particular reference to the dumping and other disposals currently taking place in the East End of Glasgow

PE00378: take whatever action is necessary to start the process for the Scottish aboriginal people to make a claim for status

PE00379: take appropriate action to financially support those farmers who farm within the restricted areas of Scotland, who have not been required to cull their livestock, but who have nevertheless incurred high costs as a direct result of the foot and mouth

PE00380: (a) take account of the recommendation made in the 5th Report 2000 of the European Committee that Committees of the Parliament should actively consider ways to promote fans’ participation in the decision making process within senior Scottish football

PE00381: examine the Scottish Ambulance Service’s proposals to close five of its eight Scottish Operations rooms and to satisfy itself that the implications of these proposals will not detrimentally affect the staff, the other emergency services and the medical profession

PE00382: take the necessary steps to give the unborn child recognition in Scottish civil law

PE00383: order a detailed examination of the potential benefits of relocating more civil service jobs away from Edinburgh and Glasgow to the regions of Scotland

PE00384: take measures to redress the injustice of the current Less Favoured Area Support Scheme

PE00385: recognise Gaelic as the second national language of Scotland and, by ensuring appropriate access, that Gaelic education does not become socially exclusive

PE00386: initiate an independent public inquiry into all aspects of the recent foot and mouth outbreak in Scotland, including those relating to animal welfare

PE00387: pass legislation, based on the Scottish Executive’s proposals in The Nature of Scotland, to strengthen and extend the law protecting Scotland’s wildlife

PE00388: (a) appoint a Minister for Food; and (b) recognise that food production is an issue that should not be solely regarded as a rural affair; (c) look at other countries to find new ways of supporting Scotland’s farmers

PE00389: initiate a review of the Provisions of the Licensing (Scotland) Act 1976 in order to permit appeals against refusals by Licensing Boards to grant Regular Extensions of Permitted Hours to be heard in the appropriate Sheriff Court

PE00390: take a range of steps to ensure that Higher Education is not and does not become elitist and excludes potential students from outwith traditional backgrounds

PE00391: consider a range of issues in relation to the adequacy of existing housing legislation on providing protection to tenants who exercise their right to buy, and who subsequently have repairs imposed on them by local authorities without their consent

PE00392: the Scottish Parliament to undertake a review of Compulsory Purchase Order procedures to ensure all aspects are compliant with the European Convention of Human Rights

PE00393: consider its view that the Killin area should be included within the proposed boundaries of the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park

PE00394: take the necessary steps to ensure that petition PE238 on fishery conservation is separated from petition PE96 and is investigated in its own right

PE00395: examine the existing local authority planning and environmental regulations with a view to amendment so that people already living next to low use commercial premises are given protection from incoming companies

PE00396: take the necessary steps to ensure that the citizens of Scotland have access to free and independent advice services

PE00397: ensure that the Protection of Wild Mammals Bill is given adequate parliamentary time

PE00398: carry out a Strategic Needs Review Assessment on ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) and CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), and to take a range of other steps in relation to the treatment of, and research into these conditions

PE00399: introduce democratic and competitive instincts into the water and sewerage industry in Scotland by converting the existing water Boards into three or more public liability companies

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Petitions 400 to 499

PE00400: investigate and take the necessary steps to ensure that local authorities throughout Scotland provide adequate provision of Social Work Services to deaf and hard of hearing people in their catchment area

PE00401: order a detailed examination of the potential benefits of relocating more civil service jobs away from Edinburgh and Glasgow to Tayside

PE00402: the Scottish Parliament (a) to investigate the reasons for the overspend in the Scottish Borders Council education budget in 2001-2002, (b) to call to account those responsible for the overspend

PE00403: initiate an urgent action regarding (a) the whole problem of commercial developments directly on to the Trunk Road network, in order to reinforce the guidance in NPPG 17, (b) to require that arrangements be made for public meetings to be held

PE00404: instruct the Scottish Prison Service to return to the pre-November 1987 agreement, as per the Principal Civil Service Pension Scheme Rules for groups of staff who are forced to retire before reaching age 60 years

PE00405: change the law in order that complaints against solicitors are taken out of the hands of the Law Society of Scotland and placed with an independent body

PE00406: The petitioner is calling for the Parliament to redress the omissions concerning current law and code of practice governing post mortem, removal and retention of organs and disposal of the body and parts where the deceased has no relatives

PE00407: take appropriate action to ensure that the Scottish Executive provides the necessary funding to provide adequate hospital services outwith cities

PE00408: amend current legislation to ensure that victims of crime are informed of all relevant procedural issues and consulted prior to the sentencing of those convicted; that in cases of stalking or harassment, an interdict or non-harassment order is enforced

PE00409: take a range of steps to regulate bus companies so that public bodies have some control over the operation of their services

PE00410: recommend that (a) Scottish Ballet should be retained as a classically based company, (b) increased funding should be awarded to Scottish Ballet (c) separate Board should be created for Scottish Opera and Scottish Ballet in order to avoid any conflict of interest

PE00411: (a) examine the case for the establishment of a mutually owned and managed Scottish Water Authority, (b) commission a feasibility study into this proposal and (c) make representation to the UK Government

PE00412: take the necessary steps to introduce the position of a Commissioner for Bullying in Scotland

PE00413: (a) recognise Parental Alienation Syndrome as a cruel and serious form of child and domestic abuse and to develop intervention strategies to prevent it (b) ensure that agencies coming into contact with children are given training in early diagnosis

PE00414: review the current planning system with the view to establishing a more effective and inexpensive system for individual citizens wishing to appeal against planning decisions

PE00415: take the necessary steps to ensure that the forthcoming Land Reform (Scotland) Bill (a) does not introduce laws which could criminalise the public while enjoying the outdoors, (b) does not give land managers, local authorities or the police new powers

PE00416: the Scottish Parliament, as a matter of priority and before consideration of SSI 2001/draft The Sheriff Courts (Scotland) Act 1971 (Privative Jurisdiction and Summary Cause) Order 2001, to formally review all the issues and ramifications involved

PE00417: take the necessary steps to ensure that the Cowal Peninsula and the islands of Bute and Inchmarnock become part of the core area of the proposed Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park

PE00418: take the necessary steps to ensure that (a) objectors are consulted on the choice of the Reporter in a Local Plan Public Inquiry or, (b) in case of multiple objectors the choice is made by the Inquiry Unit in Edinburgh alone

PE00419: the Scottish Parliament Public Petitions Committee to (a) forward the petition to those Committees of the Parliament involved in the handling of the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Bill as well as to the relevant Scottish Ministers and…

PE00420: take the necessary steps to re-regulate the bus service in Scotland to enable rural communities that depend on it to have an adequate bus services

PE00421: (a) promote and trial a Road Equivalent Tariff between the Western Isles and the mainland, and (b) actively pursue measures to implement a fair Road Equivalent Tariff system to the Scottish islands at the earliest opportunity

PE00422: take the necessary steps to implement a similar protection for school playing fields in Scotland as provided by Section 77 of the Schools Standards and Framework Act, 1988 in England and Wales

PE00423: take the necessary steps to (a) return water and sewerage services to unitary authority control throughout Scotland, (b) continue the water rates relief for churches and voluntary organisations in Scotland and (c) reject any proposals for fluoride to…

PE00424: (a) forward the petition to those Committees of the Parliament involved in the handling of the Wild Mammals (Scotland) Bill as well as to the relevant Scottish Ministers

PE00425: adopt the precautionary principle recommended by the Transport and the Environment Committee in its Report on the planning procedures for telecommunications developments and the Stewart Report regarding the siting of telecommunications antennae

PE00426: (a) hold a full debate as soon as possible on the events of 11th September, the causes of terrorism and the need to break the cycle of violence, (b) emphasise the importance of using the full judicial process to bring those responsible to justice

PE00427: (a) withdraw its list of resources for health education and (b) ensure that all teaching materials comply with the more recently approved guidelines issued by the Education Department of the Scottish Executive on the conduct of education in schools

PE00428: take the necessary steps to (a) investigate the statutory framework which governs the regulation of charitable organisations who operate in Scotland, in particular those charitable organisations involved in the provision of healthcare

PE00429: the Scottish Executive to (a) initiate a moratorium on further dumping of foot-and-mouth pyre ash until all options for safe disposal of ash are reviewed, (b) ensure best practice as outlined in SEPA's National Waste Strategy be adopted

PE00430: consider (a) whether it is appropriate for local authorities as owners of school playing fields to be able to sell such assets and also grant planning permission to a developer, when such a sale is opposed, and (b) whether in the circumstances of an…

PE00431: take the necessary steps to ensure that patients who may benefit from beta interferon and glatiramer receive it as soon as is logistically possible

PE00432: (a) recommend to local authorities that any independent appeals/review panels that are not empowered to alter or change faulty social services policies but who are only allowed to make recommendations back to the very committees who originally author…

PE00433: (a) urge the Scottish Executive to instruct the Scottish Arts Council to make a condition of continued funding and (b) recommend that Scottish Ballet restore its own independent board and that it reviews its links with Scottish Opera

PE00434: (a) debate the serious implications of the unacceptable scale of destruction of dogs should the Wild Mammals (Scotland) Bill proceed, (b) debate the serious implications of the loss of hunting to the welfare of the fox and fallen livestock…

PE00435: investigate whether the Scottish Executive policy and guidance on Green Belt development is sufficiently firm and whether, even at present, it is being upheld by local authorities

PE00436: take the necessary steps to ensure that, in the development of the new mental health act, (a) access to independent advocacy by individuals is implemented, and (b) there is a duty placed on Health Boards and local authorities to make provision for…

PE00437: call on the Scottish Executive to (a) secure the future of the Gaelic language through a Gaelic Language Act, (b) develop in partnership with local authorities and Gaelic organisations, a co-ordinated strategy for the language

PE00438: take the necessary steps to establish procedures in order for a minor child to be able to access the resources necessary to establish a right of contact with his or her sibling(s) where such sibling(s) have been wilfully alienated by a parent having…

PE00439: take a range of steps to introduce safeguards to protect the rights of the public in relation to the planning system

PE00440: investigate the problems being faced by patients who are ready to be released or transferred from Carstairs State Hospital

PE00441: investigate whether the water boards in Scotland in general and the West of Scotland Water Board in particular should be able to take actions and decisions such as the termination of sheep farming on Loch Katrineside without consultation with…

PE00442: facilitate the setting up of a film industry in Scotland

PE00443: introduce a law which will prohibit the advertising of Christmas in any way whatsoever outside the month of December

PE00444: investigate and report on (a) the amount of radioactive substances throughout the marine food chain, (b) the quantity present in seafood harvested from different sectors of Scottish waters, inshore, offshore and accessible to migratory fish and…

PE00445: examine financial discrepancies between the terms of a Toll Order and those of an assignation statement, both relating to a scheme on the A87 to Skye, to allow the charging of tolls on a trunk road

PE00446: take the necessary steps to protect the health and safety of all consumers by extending food licensing butchers' shops to the licensing of all food premises

PE00447: take the necessary steps to put in place across Scotland all necessary structures and regulations to ensure that local community volunteers are able to develop or pursue local health and social inclusion projects in parallel with or independently of…

PE00448: debate, in advance of the Stage 3 proceedings of the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Bill, the implications of flawed legislation which will cause job losses being passed by the Parliament

PE00449: initiate an independent investigation into the impact of predatory birds on waders, songbirds, fish stocks and gamebirds

PE00450: appoint independent professional consultants to examine the purpose, objectives, structure and operation of Scottish local authorities with a view to improving efficiency

PE00451: take the necessary steps to protect jobs in the Stranraer area and ensure the survival of the Loch Ryan ports by urging the Scottish Executive to substantially upgrade the A77 and the A75 at the earliest opportunity

PE00452: investigate a range of issues relating to the methods of diagnosis and treatment of adults with Autistic Spectrum Disorders in psychiatric wards in Scotland

PE00453: carry out a full review of the process of consultation with local communities regarding the siting of proposed secure unit in the Greater Glasgow Health Board area since the previous petition on that matter (PE48) was considered by the Parliament

PE00454: (a) investigate whether the rules governing the disposal of playing fields in Scotland are strong enough and if those rules are being adhered to by local authorities and (b) ensure that planning legislation disallows planning authorities from agreeing…

PE00455: initiate an independent inquiry into the cruelty and animal welfare implications of shooting red deer out of season

PE00456: (a) urgently initiate an inquiry into West of Scotland Water's commitment to continue to provide a high quality service to its rural customers and (b) call on the Minister for Environment and Rural Affairs to implement a moratorium on the current…

PE00457: take the necessary steps in order to bring Steiner Waldorf education into the publicly funded sector as a matter of priority

PE00458: (a) debate the serious implications of the unacceptable scale of destruction of dogs should the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Bill be passed, (b) debate the serious implications of the loss of hunting to the welfare of the fox and fallen live…

PE00459: consider the potential loss of jobs related to rural skills such as farriery during the Stage 3 Debate of the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Bill on Wednesday 13 February 2002

PE00460: consider the potential loss of hunt girl grooms jobs during the Stage 3 Debate of the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Bill on Wednesday 13 February 2002

PE00461: consider the future of fox hound packs during the Stage 3 Debate of the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Bill on Wednesday 13 February 2002

PE00462: ask Scottish National Heritage (a) to provide the original data sheets for all alleged hen harrier sites on Arran for the purpose of verification and (b) to give details of the changes in data collection and presentation procedures which it proposes…

PE00463: the Scottish Parliament (a) to ask Scottish National Heritage why it allegedly published erroneous information about local public opinion on the Sound of Barra consultation that it carried out for the calling for the Scottish Parliament (a) to ask…

PE00464: ask Scottish National Heritage to provide (a) scientific justification for the list of raingoose Special Protection Areas it has classified or is in the process of classifying and (b) details of the measures it took when compiling that list, to…

PE00465: initiate (a) a study to establish the incidence of suicides where loss of meaningful contact with his or her children was a sole or contributing factor to suicide of a parent and (b) the establishment of a protocol recording this information in the…

PE00466: initiate a review of the funding of the National Library of Scotland to determine whether this is sufficient to meet the needs of modern information provision, particularly in the light of the scientific and business needs of the Scottish economy and…

PE00467: assess what impact the Scottish Borders Council cuts, in relation to continuing education, will have on (a) the Border's economy, (b) life-long learning, (c) the provisions for vulnerable people and (d) social inclusion programmes

PE00468: take the necessary steps to make provision for free nutritional meals, including the re-introduction of free milk, in local authority schools in Scotland

PE00469: take the necessary steps to resist privatisation and fragmentation of the water industry in Scotland

PE00470: take the necessary steps to (a) immediately end the GM Farm Scale Evaluations and (b) debate the future handling of the GM crops issue in Scotland

PE00471: examine (a) the cost of the establishment of the National Park of Loch Lomond and the Trossachs and its running cost and (b) whether the sum allocated should be increased in line with that recommended by Scottish Natural Heritage

PE00472: investigate (a) current practice to assess adoption procedures for black and ethnic minority children and (b) whether local authority social work departments have met their obligations in this area under the Race Relations Amendment Act 2000 and the…

PE00473: (a) hold an inquiry into the Bio Aerosol and Pathogenic problem, relating to sewage and sludge in the sewage and industrial waste water industry in Scotland and (b) carry out an extensive study on the long term effects of those airborne contaminants

PE00474: take urgent steps to (a) recognise the seriousness of the threat to children posed by heavy metal poisoning and (b) appoint a non-medical controlled scientific review group to study all relevant material available on the subject of heavy metal poison

PE00475: take the necessary steps to (a) recognise aphasia as a life-disabling condition, (b) develop and produce accurate measures to recognise, treat and support aphasic people, (c) improve the quality of service available to aphasia sufferers and (d)…

PE00476: take immediate steps to (a) ensure that the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 is fully and effectively enforced in relation to the display of obscene material and (b) review this legislation to determine whether it is adequate or whether it…

PE00477: provide assistance in setting up an aftercare programme in the form of a half way home to help people who have been wrongfully incarcerated and have served long terms of imprisonment or whose conviction has been annulled at the appeal court

PE00478: take the necessary steps to replace the Council tax by a local income tax

PE00479: take the necessary steps to allow local communities to become more involved in the planning process

PE00480: review the current situation at Scottish Agricultural College Auchincruive as a matter of urgency

PE00481: ensure that powers for the Cairngorms National Park Authority are as comprehensive as those for the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park

PE00482: take the necessary steps to (a) make compulsory for assailants and others who have exposed or potentially exposed police officers to a risk of infection, to submit to a blood test or tests which will be made available to the police officer should he…

PE00483: review the membership of the Justice 1 Committee

PE00484: investigate the failure to action maladministration allegations in relation to planning issue due to non-clarity of legislation

PE00485: take the necessary steps to ensure that a solicitor cannot be appointed as a resident Sheriff in the same court in which they practiced law as a solicitor

PE00486: (a) note the progress of a Home Office project to help sex offenders avoid re-offending, and the work of the Scottish Quakers to apply the principles of the scheme in Scotland; and (b) to consider the possible application of the scheme in Scotland

PE00487: take a range of steps to encourage young people in Scotland to become more engaged in the political process and in adult society

PE00488: take a range of steps to ensure that the Scottish Executive is held to account and that its work is adequately scrutinised

PE00489: hold a debate to allow members to express their concerns about the treatment inflicted on Afghan prisoners held by the USA and the potential danger of a wider conflict

PE00490: take the necessary steps to either amend existing legislation in relation to sentencing of convicted paedophiles or introduce new legislation to ensure tougher sentencing, with a minimum sentence for repeated convictions

PE00491: take the necessary steps to introduce legislation making triple assessment procedures obligatory for all women who present themselves for a breast examination within the relevant examination clinics across the National Health Service in Scotland

PE00492: take the necessary steps to set up and monitor a national register of children permanently alienated by a parent

PE00493: take the necessary steps to stop the installation of further windfarms in North Argyll

PE00494: urge the Scottish Executive not to close Peterhead prison and provide a new, safer modern unit where prisoners can continue to rehabilitate

PE00495: make urgent enquiries to identify and address the issues related to the suburbanisation of rural Scotland

PE00496: investigate the Scottish Executive’s handling of its recent domestic abuse advertising strategy

PE00497: urge the Scottish Executive, following its 2000 consultation exercise, to implement legislation at the earliest opportunity to alleviate the nuisance caused by hedges

PE00498: (a) urge the Health Minister to fully take into account the views of the large number of people in Fife who object to the decision of NHS Fife Health Board to upgrade the Victoria Hospital and who wish instead to see a full service restored at the…

PE00499: urge the Health Minister not to upgrade the Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy at the expense of the Queen Margaret Hospital, Dunfermline, when he considers the board’s Right for Fife business case

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Petitions 500 to 599

PE00500: increase, at the earliest possible date, the amount on offer to former members of the Scottish Transport Group Pension Funds so that they receive maximum benefit from the pension funds surplus

PE00501: investigate and propose changes to current bankruptcy procedures to ensure that Judges and Sheriffs are unable to allow litigations to proceed when they are aware that the relevant statutory provisions are not being complied with

PE00502: show firm commitment to provide digital hearings aids and modernise audiology service in Scotland

PE00503: take the necessary steps to ban smoking from all public places in Scotland

PE00504: take the necessary steps to stop convicted murderers or members of their families from profiting from their crimes by selling accounts of their crimes for publication

PE00505: take the necessary steps to return the stone of Scone to the community of Scone

PE00506: take steps to erect a statue of William Wallace Scotland's national hero outside the Scottish Parliament building in Edinburgh

PE00507: take the necessary steps to review the current system for the adoption of roads and pavements by local authorities and to consider whether this system needs to be modernised

PE00508: take the necessary steps to review the implementation of the Environmental Impact Assessment and Planning Advice Note 58 guidelines

PE00509: take the necessary steps to change planning procedures and review the legislation affecting certain types of development such as crematoria

PE00510: urge the Scottish Executive not to agree to the use of the Cape Wrath ranges as a large-scale military exercises, during its consultations with the Ministry of Defence in July 2002

PE00511: investigate the alleged failure of the current bankruptcy statute and to propose changes to current procedures

PE00512: (a) endorse the 1989 guidance published by the Ministry of Defence which defines the blue of the Saltire as Azure Blue and (b) urge the Scottish Executive to publish guidance on this matter

PE00513: do everything in its power to ensure that (a) people living in rural areas will continue to be able to send and receive mail at the same stamp cost as people elsewhere in the United Kingdom and (b) there is no reduction in the current universal post

PE00514: (a) review its decision to close Peterhead prison, (b) opt instead for a refurbishment or the construction of a new building on the current site and (c) recognise the work and efforts achieved by the staff at Peterhead prison to reduce offending

PE00515: take the necessary steps to make individual MMR injections available without delay

PE00516: ask the Scottish Executive to (a) examine and identify the optimum methods of management and delivery of educational provision to deaf children and other children with special needs (b) direct local authorities to consult openly and publicly with…

PE00517: carry out an extensive study as a matter of urgency to determine (a) why local authorities appear to be able to allow water treatments plants to operate outwith the terms of existing environmental protection and planning legislation, (b) the…

PE00518: ask the Scottish Executive to take responsibility for the failure of Historic Scotland to protect the Museum Hall in Bridge of Allan from unlawful neglect and set in motion an action plan to restore it

PE00519: give consideration to the creation of a register of interests of the Scottish judiciary

PE00520: introduce legislation to allow a police force from another area to be brought in to deal with cases of alleged failure by the chief constable or his deputy to carry out investigations into complaints made by members of the public

PE00521: provide equestrian access closer to horse owning communities when it drafts current and future legislation in respect of national parks and access to land

PE00522: encourage the Scottish Executive to investigate and remedy the issue of the lack of care homes for young physically disabled people in Scotland, including the Tayside area

PE00523: initiate a national inquiry into early years education and childcare with a view to producing a report and recommendations on the way forward

PE00524: reconsider its proposals contained in the Review of Strategic Planning to replace Fife as a single planning area

PE00525: take the necessary steps to amend the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman Act 2002 to incorporate a range of measures to deal with grievances against Scottish local authorities

PE00526: ask the Scottish Executive to review the current legislation and practice used by local authorities to promote the use of Public Private Partnership funding to build new schools at the expense of apparently viable existing schools

PE00527: ask the Scottish Executive to review the current legislation in relation to Public Private Partnership bids and educational provision used by local authorities in order to include an audit procedure for future bids and a review of the current awards

PE00528: conduct an inquiry into the consequences for the transport infrastructure in Scotland of competition in the field of on-site and off-site car parking at Scottish airports, and to amend such legislation as it may consider appropriate

PE00529: take the necessary steps to create a new Civil Law Enforcement Office to (a) replace all Sheriff Officer commissions with Civil Law Enforcement Officers and (b) ensure that those Officers are properly trained and supervised at all levels

PE00530: take the necessary steps to amend the Crofters (Scotland) Act 1993 which allows common grazing in rural villages, to avoid health risks

PE00531: (a) provide adequate funding to local agencies to support and treat those suffering from alcohol and drug dependency, (b) provide a properly funded network of support groups for carers and (c) recognise the extent of alcohol and drug misuse in Scotland

PE00532: take the necessary steps to amend Part 2 of the Title Condition (Scotland) Bill to restrict voting with regard to community burdens to the resident proprietors

PE00533: take the necessary steps to prevent the implementation of the Title Conditions (Scotland) Bill from being excessively delayed following its enactment

PE00534: readdress the issues raised in petition PE352 in relation to the use of doctors reports in Court actions

PE00535: institutional child abuse, in particular for those children who were in the care of the State under the supervision of religious orders and (b) make unreserved apology for said State bodies and to urge the religious orders to apologise unconditionally

PE00536: offer advice and training (a) to those involved in running the Palestinian legislature and institutions following or preceding any elections and (b) on communicating the proceedings of the Palestinian Legislative Council to the Palestinian nation

PE00537: (a) investigate the performance of the Mental Welfare Commission and the health Ombudsman in handling complaints and (b) make recommendations for their improvement to ensure that complaints are dealt with thoroughly openly and fairly

PE00538: set up an advisory committee comprising mental health service users, autistic people, parents and professionals to define Autistic Spectrum Disorder, mental illness, personality disorders and learning disabilities in order to adequately differentiate

PE00539: take the necessary steps to (a) introduce a no-fault scheme to compensate victims of medical accidents and (b) clarify the duty of care of the practitioner to the patient by the introduction of a statutory law

PE00540: fully implement the recommendations of the Meek Report, Fresh Start for Gaelic, without delay

PE00541: investigate (a) the impact of landfill sites on the health and environment of surrounding communities, (b) the rationale behind the proposed expansion of landfill sites, such as that as Roslin, given the new EU landfill directives requirements…

PE00542: (a) use the Post Office network to deliver its information and services as far as is possible and reasonable and (b) put in place policies which actively promote the use of the Post Office network throughout Scotland

PE00543: investigate (a) the impact of landfill sites on the health and environment of surrounding communities, (b) the rationale behind the proposed expansion of landfill sites around communities such as Greengairs, given the new EU landfill directives…

PE00544: undertake an enquiry into the openness, transparency and admission of mistakes at the Scottish Criminal Records Office in relation to fingerprint identifications

PE00545: investigate the alleged invalidity of the ballot held in relation to the proposed stock housing transfer in Glasgow, urge the Scottish Executive to (a) affirm debt write-off without stock transfer and (b) provide enhanced public investment in council

PE00546: (a) ask the Scottish Executive to provide evidence determining that the strict initial grounds for the charging of tolls on the Erskine Bridge remains the same and (b) examine a means by which the toll regime may be removed and replaced by a funding

PE00547: set up an independent medical inquiry to investigate the side effect of psychiatric drugs and alternative treatments

PE00548: investigate the adverse effects of the psychiatric drug Ritalin and similar treatments in children suffering of Attention Deficit Disorder

PE00549: review the use of the neuroleptic drug Clozapine and issues related to its safety

PE00550: (a) give start and completion dates for the Eastern Link road from the north end of Kincardine Bridge to the Kincardine/Rosyth Road; the opening of the Alloa/Dunfermline railway line for freight traffic; and the replacement of Kincardine Bridge, and…

PE00551: investigate whether local authorities are interpreting the legislation and policy documents regarding care of the elderly in an appropriate manner as opposed to using the recent legislation as a means to reduce their financial and social obligations

PE00552: provide adequate funding to ensure a level of further education consistent with the particular needs of the people and economy of West Lothian and to avoid any unnecessary staff redundancies

PE00553: (a) examine the detail and the nature of the Glasgow stock housing transfer's ballot and (b) urge the Scottish Executive not to give its consent for a transfer based on minority opinion

PE00554: take the necessary steps to improve the planning process by proposing that once a planning application has been refused and not appealed, or appealed and refused, no substantially similar planning application for the same site should be accepted…

PE00555: take the necessary steps to include the Parish of Laggan within the Draft Designation Order for the Cairngorms National Park

PE00556: take the necessary steps to (a) encourage all relevant agencies to work together to extend rail commuter services on the east coast mainline and (b) seek a review of the opportunities to restore stations across Scotland to reduce the predicted…

PE00557: encourage the Scottish Prison Service to continue to provide adequate social and recreational facilities for its staff, and to avoid the closure of existing well used and well run facilities such as the Prison Officers Social Club at Polmont

PE00558: include a bypass for Elgin in the programme for improvement to the A96 as a matter of urgency

PE00559: take the necessary steps to support a Strategic Environmental Assessment of Scotland's Renewable Energy Programme

PE00560: take the necessary steps to (a) provide and ensure adequate long term funding for support workers who deal with children and young people experiencing domestic abuse and (b) ensure that national minimum standards of service for those experiencing…

PE00561: (a) review the impact of the Scottish Further Education Funding Council's revenue funding formula on further education colleges in rural Scotland and (b) call upon the Funding Council to enable repairs to take place to the capital assets of rural…

PE00562: conduct an inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the stock housing transfer in Glasgow

PE00563: draft new legislation to instigate a statutory duty on local authorities to maintain unadopted roads and footpaths within village boundaries

PE00564: (a) develop a national strategy for windfarms and (b) encourage the energy industry to defer the submission of planning applications for new windfarm developments and withdraw pending applications until such a strategy is developed and implemented

PE00565: take the necessary steps to provide a protective mechanism to ensure that the welfare concerns of minors is paramount in Scottish law

PE00566: take the necessary steps to have an independent body set up to ensure that any title deeds of land or property acquired by anyone through the Scottish judicial system process without the owners permission be safeguarded within that system

PE00567: ensure that local authorities such as Midlothian Council can put into practice the spirit and practice of the Quality Contract system to enable rural communities to have an adequate bus service

PE00568: encourage Scottish local authorities to have (a) half of the vehicles in their licensed taxi fleet, fully accessible for wheelchairs users and other disabled people and (b) a standard concessionary scheme for taxis

PE00569: consider re-regulation of bus services

PE00570: take urgent steps to ensure that towns and villages of the Scottish Borders such as Stow are properly served by the proposed Borders rail link

PE00571: introduce legislation to require Health Boards in Scotland to integrate and implement the recommendations from the 1996 Report by the National Medical Advisory Committee on Complementary Medicine and the NHS within the NHS

PE00572: investigate whether there is adequate provision of respite homes with no upper age limit within Scotland for sufferers of Multiple Sclerosis and other disabling conditions

PE00573: amend Section 47 of Part 5 of the Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2002 and its Code of Practice to remove the assessment/certification workload requirements from General Practitioners in favour of the appointment of dedicated personnel to…

PE00574: (a) consider commissioning an investigation into management practices at central College of Commerce, Glasgow and (b) overhaul the 1992 Further and Higher Education (Scotland) Act so that openness and democratic accountability of College Boards of…

PE00575: (a) investigate the status of partnerships, and in particular married couples in partnership, in relation to access to premiums for livestock available through the Scottish Executive Environment and Rural Affairs Department (SEERAD) and (b) make…

PE00576: prevent the reduction of residential care places in Scotland, by providing the necessary funding to enable the continuation of the residential care service in every residential home in Scotland that is subject to closure by the providers

PE00577: ling for the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Executive to take urgent steps to set up an autism specific medical treatment facility at a Scottish hospital

PE00578: take the necessary steps to extend the right of absolute privilege available to those who complain about the conduct of a range of public bodies, to young and vulnerable people who report abuse to an appropriate authority

PE00579: take the necessary steps to (a) exempt Group Homes for adults with a learning disability, from the requirement to register as personal care homes under the Regulation of Care (Scotland) Act 2001 and (b) regulate Group Homes as a housing support…

PE00580: recognise the serious problems with solvent abuse in Scotland and introduce preventative safety measures to help combat solvent abuse

PE00581: take the necessary steps to enable the British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS) to relocate or at least complete a trial relocation of hedgehogs living on the islands of Uist as opposed to a proposed cull

PE00582: represent the interests of the Scottish fishing industry to ensure the long-term survival of the industry

PE00583: enquire into the governance and management of Scotland' Further Education Colleges and to consider reforming the legislative framework governing Further Education

PE00584: take the necessary steps to ensure that the EC Food Supplements and Herbal Medicines Directives will not prevent consumers to use safe health supplements and herbal remedies

PE00585: review and revise legislation to clarify and establish the mechanisms and powers of control that regulate the siting of heroin and methadone detoxification clinics

PE00586: take a view on the dangers of military action against Iraq and to oppose any military action by the United Kingdom on the basis of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1441

PE00587: take steps to abolish Scottish Enterprise and replace it with a more accountable and entrepreneurial body

PE00588: reconsider the proposed extension of the M80

PE00589: take the necessary steps to recognise Parental Alienation Syndrome and to develop early intervention strategies to prevent parental alienation

PE00590: investigate the licensing and regulatory regime which currently exists in relation to nursing homes for the elderly in Scotland

PE00591: undertake a review of the mechanisms that set weekly personal expenses allowances for those people living in care homes, to reflect the true cost of living

PE00592: introduce mechanisms to allow voters to express dissatisfaction with all candidates in an election to the Scottish Parliament or to local councils

PE00593: ask the Scottish Executive to take emergency actions to address the alleged discrimination shown by the judicial system in Scotland against fathers and their children in relation to divorce actions

PE00594: ask the Scottish Executive to fund the medical requirements of International Amateur Boxing Association to eliminate abuse of amateur boxers in Scotland

PE00595: investigate the influence and impact of the pharmaceutical industry in psychiatric services of the NHS, and in relation to the passage of the Mental Health (Scotland) Bill

PE00596: take the necessary steps to address the issue of alleged serious inadequacies in the existing complaints procedures in rented accommodation committed to provide a degree of care for the old and disabled

PE00597: provide adequate funding to Scottish hospitals such as Belhaven to prevent bed reductions and the loss of geriatric services

PE00598: tender for the Barra Airservice contract for three years and continue with the Public Service Obligation (PSO) for the Barra / Glasgow lifeline air service permanently

PE00599: ask the Scottish Executive to provide adequate funding to prevent the closure of residential and nursing care services in Scotland

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Petitions 600 to 699

PE00600: urge the General Register Office to carry out a count of the number of those who entered "Pagan" as their religion in the 2001 Scottish Census and that this information be made freely available to the public

PE00601: take the necessary steps to commence sections 25 to 29 of the Law Reform (Miscellaneous Provisions) (Scotland) Act 1990 which will allow interested parties to make a submission for rights of audience in Scottish courts

PE00602: take the necessary steps to decentralise to local authorities the previously centralised authority held by the Scotland Office under the planning regulations to recover abandoned private sector properties

PE00603: support the establishment of a Scottish Human Rights Commission, with clear lines of accountability to the Scottish Parliament

PE00604: take the necessary steps to establish a Scottish Independent Greyhound Racing Regulatory Body to oversee greyhound sport and the welfare of the dogs involved

PE00605: urge Scottish Ministers to consider initiating a public inquiry into the planning application to build 60 wind turbines at Robin Rigg in the Solway Firth

PE00606: take the necessary steps to improve the transparency and accountability of and accessibility to the complaints procedures of the Law Society of Scotland

PE00607: take the necessary steps to declare 25 January a national holiday in Scotland in celebration of Robert Burns

PE00608: take the necessary steps to ensure that NHS Trusts and other abortion providers in Scotland give full written information to every woman about to undergo an abortion procedure of the possible risks of the procedure and the long-term physical and…

PE00609: ask the Scottish Executive to address, develop and fund the specialised treatment of eating disorders in Scotland

PE00610: investigate how legal aid certificates acquired by members of the Scottish legal profession for their clients are granted and disposed of when cases involve alleged malversation by members of the legal profession

PE00611: initiate an independent public inquiry into the matters related to the contaminated blood given to people affected by haemophilia, to determine a proper compensation

PE00612: discuss and consider the effects of disciplined fitness and how it could result in improvements to the psychological and physical health of children and to their social and moral behaviour

PE00613: reject the recommendations of the Office of Fair Trading Report on the Control of Entry into Pharmacy as it relates to Scotland

PE00614: reject the recommendations of the Office of Fair Trading Report aiming at abolishing the Control of Entry Regulations contained in NHS (Pharmaceutical Services) (Scotland) Regulations 1995

PE00615: reconsider the funding of renewable energy projects to encourage the development of sustainable sources that contribute towards the Kyoto agreement

PE00616: investigate and assess the health and safety hazards caused by seagulls in urban areas

PE00617: take the necessary steps to establish a system of independent appeals against High Court decisions of the Crown

PE00618: take the necessary steps to set up a single equality body for Scotland accountable to the Scottish Parliament to improve and develop channels of communication between the Parliament and people from ethnic minorities

PE00619: express its grave concern that the United Kingdom is engaged in military action against Iraq without the support of the Security Council of the United Nations and on the basis of legal advice from the Attorney General as to the legality of the use of…

PE00620: investigate whether (a) grant practices of Historic Scotland are fair and reasonable and (b) the use of Listed Places of Worship funding to offset against Historic Scotland grants is proper

PE00621: address the issue of violence affecting Scotland by providing violence intervention programmes and anger management courses to anyone who feels it would improve their quality of life

PE00622: issue guidance to local authorities and government agencies in relation to ethical standards in public life, in particular a duty of honesty before the courts

PE00623: take the necessary steps to amend existing legislation on order to abolish prescription charges for all medication prescribed for the treatment of asthma

PE00624: take the necessary steps to introduce new legislation into matrimonial law to address the alleged violation of women's land rights and farm business in cases of divorce

PE00625: investigate the use of the expert witness system in Scottish courts

PE00626: take the necessary steps to ensure that all teenage girls are taught how to defend themselves from attackers and how to swim when they attend secondary school in Scotland

PE00627: take the necessary steps to ensure that the private security industry is regulated, that it cannot be used to support criminal activity and that its activities are open to public scrutiny

PE00628: consider the introduction of guidance to local authorities to establish best practice for the keeping, display and storage of Scotland’s archives in an area of local relevance; to bring forward proposals to publicise these archives; and to ensure…

PE00629: take all possible steps to facilitate the re-opening of suitable local railway stations across Scotland, such as that at Laurencekirk, to improve access to the rail network and encourage the use of public transport

PE00630: publish advice and guidance regarding the eligibility of Listed Buildings in Scotland for National Lottery funding

PE00631: investigate the effects on future employment, housing and insurance cover for individuals who were prescribed neuroleptic and other similar drugs as children

PE00632: (a) take the necessary steps to ensure that lawyers cannot sell heritable property when authorised to do so by the courts if they have previously refused to act on behalf of the owners of such property; and (b) investigate whether the refusal of…

PE00633: take the necessary steps to eliminate alleged discrimination against fathers by the courts, social services and others in relation to decisions which result in children being separated from their fathers

PE00634: take the necessary steps to ensure that every effort is made to ensure the preservation of buildings of architectural merit

PE00635: investigate and take action in relation to alleged widespread perjury in child custody cases in Scottish courts

PE00636: investigate the alleged unfair bias exercised by those parties to whom complaints relating to the legal system in Scotland are made

PE00637: take the necessary steps to amend the planning and building Regulations to ensure that each new building is fitted with sufficient solar panels to provide an adequate hot water system for the building

PE00638: investigate whether certain vitamin supplements should be prescribed by the NHS to help children with a nutritional imbalance caused by an addiction to NHS prescribed drugs

PE00639: investigate the storage and dispensing of NHS prescribed drugs in schools

PE00640: take the necessary steps to ban the prescribing of neuroleptic and other similar drugs to children

PE00641: investigate whether the Scottish Judiciary’s membership of the Faculty of Advocates is compatible with its required independence and impartiality

PE00642: take the necessary steps to ensure that local authorities, when developing policies of social inclusion of the elderly, ensure provision of an adequate bus service for essential lifeline services in the areas for which they are responsible

PE00643: take the necessary steps to improve public consultation on any proposals to close hospitals for which additional public funding has been provided through fund-raising and other donations

PE00644: develop its current, gender-based policy on domestic abuse to include all other forms of abuse that take place in a domestic setting

PE00645: take a range of steps to ensure the control of offensive and noxious odours from waste water treatment works

PE00646: (a) investigate the relevance of the Licensing (Scotland) Act 1976 and (b) take the necessary steps to amend the legislation to give licensing authorities greater control over individuals and premises in cases where there is a breach of the…

PE00647: investigate the decision by the Scottish Premier League to deny Falkirk Football Club promotion to the Scottish Premier League

PE00648: take the necessary steps to ensure that the NHS in Scotland provides truly portable oxygen and pulmonary rehabilitation classes throughout the country

PE00649: take the necessary steps to prohibit the addition of any artificial water fluoridation to the public water supply in Scotland

PE00650: take the necessary steps to delay the installation of terrestrial trunked radio (TETRA) communications masts in Scotland until potential health risks have been properly assessed and the relevant planning guidance has been amended to incorporate…

PE00651: take the necessary steps to obtain from the Post Office information relating to the review and closure of sub post offices

PE00652: consider a range of issues including the initiation of a new inquiry into the events surrounding the Dunblane massacre, the 100-year closure order on certain files related to the previous Cullen Inquiry and membership of the Freemasons, the…

PE00653: consider the issues surrounding the Scottish Agricultural College board’s decision to relocate its Education and Research Services to Edinburgh, contrary to the Scottish Executive’s policy of jobs dispersal out of Edinburgh and to the detriment of…

PE00654: debate and consider the development of a more caring society in Scotland

PE00655: (a) investigate the resource and other difficulties currently being faced by Yorkhill Hospital as a result of its status as the Centre of Excellence in Cardiac for Scotland; and (b) consider whether it is appropriate for the hospital to continue in…

PE00656: take the necessary steps to implement an appropriate dispute resolution process for council tax in Scotland, investigates the Public Service Ombudsman service and initiates legislative change to ensure that no third party is able to intervene in the…

PE00657: Petition calling for the Scottish Parliament to take the necessary steps to ensure that it takes into account all relevant evidence during its consideration of the proposed Education (Additional Support for Learning) (Scotland) Bill

PE00658: take a view on the reduction of the qualifying age for all Scottish Parliament and Local Government elections from 18 to 16 years and make representations to the UK Parliament on this issue as appropriate

PE00659: carry out a review of the sentencing policy on violent crime in Scotland

PE00660: take the necessary steps to organise a competition to compose an official national anthem for Scotland that reflects the character and aspirations of the Scottish people

PE00661: take the necessary steps to ensure effective and detailed consultation and public accountability by local authorities in implementing containerisation of waste programmes

PE00662: employ the services of an independent reporter to adjudicate in disputes relating to applications for Listed Building Consent

PE00663: take the necessary steps to ensure that the need for support and information services for parents of children with learning difficulties and behavioural problems is recognised by the Scottish Executive

PE00664: investigate the planning and environmental procedures for proposed windfarm developments in Scotland and the impact of such developments on valued areas of internationally recognised recreational countryside

PE00665: address the funding difficulties which may lead to the closure of residential care homes in Argyll and Bute, resulting in little or no provision for the care of elderly people in the area

PE00666: take the necessary steps to protect people in Scotland from being attacked and savaged by dangerous dogs

PE00667: investigate alleged discrimination against convicted sex offenders held in HMP Peterhead

PE00668: take the necessary steps to protect children from being bullied by other children in Scottish schools

PE00669: investigate what practical steps are currently being taken to deal with anti-Semitism and to promote gender equality in Scottish schools

PE00670: investigate the decision by the Scottish Executive to relocate the headquarters of Scottish Natural Heritage to Inverness

PE00671: take a view that opposes the detention of children at Dungavel detention centre; and to ensure that the Scottish Executive meets its statutory commitments to provide mainstream education for all children in Scotland

PE00672: investigate whether the Justice 1 Committee’s decision not to consider the judiciary as part of its Regulation of the Legal Profession Inquiry in the first session of Parliament contravened the Human Rights Act 1998

PE00673: take the necessary steps to hold a consultative referendum of the Scottish people on the finalised European Union Constitutional Treaty prior to ratification by the Westminster Parliament

PE00674: consider the funding of services for people suffering from motor neurone disease, in the context of the Scottish Motor Neurone Disease Association’s “Manifesto for the Scottish Parliament”

PE00675: investigate the suitability of HMP Peterhead for the long-term imprisonment of convicted sex offenders

PE00676: inform all health boards, health practitioners, immunologists and organisations involved in the childhood vaccination programme in Scotland, of the opportunity now available for parents to choose the mercury free vaccine “Infanrix” instead of the…

PE00677: work in partnership with retailers, the police and local authorities to improve the safety of shopworkers by promoting and resourcing Safer Shopping Partnerships

PE00678: honour published government policy in respect of the preservation of listed buildings, particularly with regard to listed building consent for demolition

PE00679: review the procedures followed by health authorities when determining the location of Medium Secure Care Centres, and to request that the Scottish Executive halts current projects pending the outcome of such a review

PE00680: the Scottish Executive to disband the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency Main Board and allow the Agency to reform its Main Board without political interference

PE00681: establish a transparent and independent procedure for handling public complaints about its operations

PE00682: establish a transparent correspondence handling procedure that can be accessed by the public

PE00683: Petition calling to modify the Public Finance and Accountability (Scotland) Act 2000 to ensure that the annual audit of the bodies and office-holders mentioned in the Act is expanded to include examinations of technical as well as financial matters

PE00684: take action to protect school children when they are travelling on school trips at home or abroad

PE00685: enact legislation to define the nature of files that can and cannot be the subject of closure orders and to accurately define the maximum time limit that can be imposed on closure orders

PE00686: urgently review the charges levied by Scottish Water on Scottish businesses

PE00687: (a) run a campaign encouraging the donation of bone marrow and blood stem cells through a bone marrow register and (b) recognise and support organisations which recruit bone marrow donors

PE00688: introduce a range of measures related to the treatment by the justice system of those charged with rape or other sexual offences

PE00689: ensure the availability of consultant-led maternity services throughout Scotland

PE00690: take the necessary steps to ensure that effective action is taken to prevent attacks by seagulls in urban areas

PE00691: investigate the Forestry Commission’s implementation of their guidance on consultation with residents of areas which have widespread logging, drainage and planting activity nearby

PE00692: (a) investigate the Scottish Executive’s role in the appointment of the Scottish Traffic Commissioner; (b) consider whether road freight and passenger transport should be the responsibility of the Scottish Parliament, and (c) consider whether it can…

PE00693: introduce legislation requiring that anyone involved in legal proceedings must declare membership of secret societies such as the Freemasons

PE00694: ensure provision of broadband facilities to all communities throughout Scotland by mid-2005

PE00695: ensure that local authorities have affordable, accessible local transport available to disabled people who cannot use public transport and to provide ring-fenced funding to allow local authority and/or community groups to provide Dial a Ride projects

PE00696: carry out an investigation into the sentencing policy on violent crime in Scotland

PE00697: ensure that the information on a census form should have the same legal standing as that of a birth certificate

PE00698: introduce a national policy for travelling showpeople

PE00699: review sportscotland’s Vision World Class policy and ensure the equal treatment of world-class athletes by sportscotland and the National Lottery

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Petitions 700 to 799

PE00700: support statutory protection of Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, which will stop shops of over 280 square metres, from opening on those days

PE00701: review the consultation arrangements regarding school closures and mergers, to ensure that the concerns of local communities are fully taken into account; proper risk assessments conducted, and detailed costings made available

PE00702: review the Code of Conduct for Councillors 2003, particularly regarding their role in relation to planning applications

PE00703: urge the Scottish Executive, as part of its review of Historic Scotland, to amend the remit of the organisation to ensure that it is accountable for its decisions and responsive to the views of communities

PE00704: support the terms of UNISON Scotland’s NHS Food for Good Charter

PE00705: address the problem of street prostitution in residential areas

PE00706: ensure that NHS Boards recognise, diagnose and appropriately treat the condition Pyroluria

PE00707: consider a new legal frame work for consultation on the configuration of Health Services to include advice on the proper use of guidelines and an independent process for the selection of expert advice, particularly where the provision of national…

PE00708: introduce legislation whereby the Lord Advocate, the Crown Office and other public bodies and officials are required to respond to requests for information by the Parliament within specific time limits and penalties to be imposed when there is…

PE00709: initiate an inquiry into the health aspects and other devolved issues relating to Gulf War Syndrome

PE00710: ensure that local authorities in considering planning applications in areas of historical and cultural significance, such as Briery Bank in Haddington, consult relevant bodies such as Historic Scotland Buildings and the Royal Fine Art Commission

PE00711: order the immediate suspension of tolls on the A87 between the Isle of Skye and mainland Scotland

PE00712: ensure that Greenbelt land is given the appropriate legal protection

PE00713: issue guidance to local authorities and public bodies to ensure that they take into consideration relevant public petitions within their respective decision making processes

PE00714: review the validity of Field Impairment Tests (FITs) in its road safety campaign regarding the dangers of driving under the influence of drugs; issue guidelines on the disposal of vehicles belonging to individuals failing FITs, and issues guidelines

PE00715: ensure that Scottish Opera has adequate resources to maintain a full range of operatic provision

PE00716: Petition take the necessary steps to annul the Grampian Regional Council (Harbours) Order Confirmation Act 1987 and to replace it with equitable legislation

PE00717: provide adequate funding to allow organisations such as ISEA to continue its essential work across Scotland

PE00718: urgently review the provision of maternity services for Scotland’s island and rural communities

PE00719: establish an independent expert body as part of proposals to review local government finance, with a remit to specifically consider the fairness of the current council tax and water charging systems and administration and the viability of other more…

PE00720: request that all members of the Judiciary declare membership of organisations such as Freemasons and that such a register be made available on request

PE00721: produce authoritative guidelines in relation to provisions contained in the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001, and to ensure that these guidelines and adequate advice on the Act is available to all tenants subletting, assigning, or exercising the right of…

PE00722: Petition urge the Scottish Executive to introduce legislation to abolish rule 42(5) of the Rules of Court

PE00723: appoint a dedicated equine industry team within its Environment and Rural Development Department with responsibility for co-ordinating equine related policy decisions

PE00724: review its policy on green belt sites

PE00725: restore the presumption against closure of rural schools and that any departure from this presumption in individual cases shall be on the grounds of the balance of educational advantage to the children of those schools being clearly and independently…

PE00726: appoint an independent body with responsibility for the regulation and training of Returning Officers for local government elections and a complaints procedure to deal with any irregularities concerning those elections

PE00727: order the immediate suspension of tolls on the A87 between the Isle of Skye and mainland Scotland

PE00728: carry out a full inquiry into the health effects of TETRA and to implement an immediate moratorium on the installation and activation of the system until the outcome of such an inquiry is known

PE00729: urgently fund a two-day conference on autism treatments in order that parents, professionals and medical doctors can receive information and practical advice on the screening and testing of autistic children and adults leading to individually…

PE00730: ensure the closure of Carstairs State Hospital

PE00731: Petition by Hugh Sinclair, calling for the Scottish Parliament to initiate any steps, including legislation necessary to require members of the Scottish Judiciary to declare Masonic membership

PE00732: calling for the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Executive to review the current guidelines on new housing developments to ensure that a larger proportion is allocated to affordable housing

PE00733: provide guidance to egg producers in Scotland on relevant legislation relating to egg stamping and whether it is compatible with the provision of the EU Council Decision 94/371/EC

PE00734: endorse the aims of the Global Campaign for Education in achieving the Millennium Development Goals and making the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child a reality in Scotland

PE00735: require NHS Argyll and Clyde and NHS Greater Glasgow to agree a special agreement on transferring responsibility for the design and provision of health services in the North Clyde area and, when appropriate, to amend existing legislation

PE00736: Marchmont/Sciennes Community Council, calling for the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Executive to make the necessary legislative changes to ensure that impact on locality is taken into account when licences are granted for all ‘Houses of…

PE00737: before considering a Sewel motion in respect of the Civil Partnership Bill, seeks that the Bill be amended to provide for the possibility of solemnisation of a Civil Partnership in Scotland by a minister of religion in a way similar to that allowed…

PE00738: ensure that the voice of consumers of vitamin and mineral supplements is heard as the European Commission prepares to set maximum permitted levels as part of the Food Supplements Directive and to consider all options, including a derogation, that…

PE00739: take the necessary steps to ensure that Scottish Solicitors are required to declare any membership of the Freemasons in a Register of Declarations to which members of the public have access and that jurors are required to make similar declarations

PE00740: amend the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997 to the effect of giving the democratically elected planning authorities the final say on the planning merits of all applications competently before them for determination with the current appeal

PE00741: initiate an inquiry into the impact of Scottish Executive and Scottish Enterprise development targets and incentives on balanced and sustainable development at community level

PE00742: ensure that Scotland has a national dance hall, located in Edinburgh

PE00743: calling for the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Executive to review the implementation of ‘“Same as You”, A review of Services for People with Learning Disabilities’ to ensure that the needs of Adults with Learning Difficulties still…

PE00744: initiate legislation reintroducing a Juvenile Court System with the power, resources and range of relevant disposals to adequately deal with those aged sixteen years old and younger who persistently commit crime in communities; making provision for…

PE00745: amend the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman Act 2002 to incorporate a range of measures in relation to the accountability and responsibilities of the Ombudsman, and to produce guidance notes describing the procedure for investigating a complaint

PE00746: Petition by Rosemary and Stefan Byfield urge the organisers of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo to consider, in view of the human rights record of the Chinese Government especially in relation to Falun Gong practitioners, the appropriateness and…

PE00747: Petition by John Macleod urge the Scottish Executive to work with COSLA in aiming to standardise school holidays across all local authorities in Scotland throughout the year

PE00748: to urge the Scottish Executive to retain the Livestock Improvement Scheme administered by the Crofters Commission on behalf of the Scottish Executive Environment and Rural Affairs Department

PE00749: seek a moratorium on the spreading of sewage sludge pending a full inquiry into its safety by a parliamentary committee and depending on the outcome of that inquiry, to as a minimum, initiate legislation at the earliest opportunity to discontinue the…

PE00750: urge the Scottish Executive to introduce a number of measures to address anti-social behaviour, including establishing a separate police force to deal solely with the issues; forming a support group for victims, and introducing mandatory…

PE00751: initiate an inquiry into the procedures and practices of the Scottish Legal Aid Board and to amend rules governing eligibility for legal aid to include an automatic right for the disabled

PE00752: enact legislation to define pornographic material as incitement to sexual hatred and to make such incitement an offence similar to that of incitement to racial hatred

PE00753: re-open without delay, the discussions with COSLA regarding revised guidance for local authorities on proposed school closures; further to introduce a presumption against the closure of rural schools and in the meantime, pending the issue of new…

PE00754: accelerate the review of local government finance and to ensure that the review takes into account the ability to pay, and in the meantime to consider a means of reducing the impact of this year’s increases for those who have no matching increases in…

PE00755: Petition by Roger Knox, on behalf of Ravensheugh Tenants’ and Residents’ Association, urge the Scottish Executive to review its guidance to local authorities to ensure that adequate public consultation is carried out in relation to planning proposals

PE00756: review the provision of maternity services for Scotland’s island and rural communities to ensure that the quality of services and current staffing levels are retained

PE00757: Petition by Graeme Pirie, Gavin Roach, Tormod Macleod on behalf of ‘Fans for Football’ urge the Scottish Executive as a matter of urgency to launch an inquiry into the management and structure of Scottish Football with the aim of restoring Scotland’s…

PE00758: place a statutory requirement on all local authorities to employ Home Safety Officers and to provide the necessary funding to achieve this

PE00759: take the necessary steps to ensure that the names of judges serving on a judicial Bench are displayed and that a full-tape recording or short-hand record is kept of court proceedings which is available to any party involved

PE00760: investigate the provision and cost of electricity for Gypsy/Traveller sites and accessibility to the Central Heating and Warm Deal Programme for people in mobile homes

PE00761: Petition by Hugh Sinclair ensure that Members of the Public Petitions Committee and the Clerk to the Committee are required to declare membership of the Freemasons and other secret societies

PE00762: review its guidance for local authorities on the allocation of funding to the voluntary sector and in particular the apparent emphasis on the funding of innovative/new projects at the expense of existing projects

PE00763: urgently implement the findings of the Parliament’s Justice 1 Committee inquiry into the regulation of the legal profession

PE00764: request the Post Office to consider sympathetically the needs and requirements of disabled and elderly persons who, in urban areas in Scotland, would be expected to walk substantial distances, sometimes in excess of 2 miles, as a result of possible…

PE00765: Petition by Jim Malone on behalf of the Fire Brigades Union, Tayside urge the Scottish Executive to ensure the retention of the current 8 fire controls in Scotland

PE00766: investigate the financial implications on businesses of the current system of collecting taxes by the Inland Revenue and change the legislation so that businesses have prior notification and the opportunity to address issues in front of a Sheriff…

PE00767: review the operation and effectiveness of the Fatal Accidents and Sudden Deaths Inquiry (Scotland) Act 1976

PE00768: consider and debate the implications of the proposed Agenda for Change legislation for Speech and Language Therapy services and service users within the NHS

PE00769: unify the permission process for mobile phone and TETRA installations to ensure clarity and transparency within the decision-making process in order that the concerns of local communities are fully taken into account at every stage; there is a halt…

PE00770: investigate apparent widespread undue influence of children by any family members as a result of parental separation; to establish Family Law Centres with responsibility for drawing up action plans or contracts for parents, promoting shared parenting…

PE00771: consider whether there is sufficient guidance for local authorities to safeguard the provision of playing fields and recreation open space and to establish whether additional legislation is required to cover conflicts of interest within local…

PE00772: Petition by Jackie Baillie MSP, urge the Scottish Executive to ensure that any proposed clinical strategy emerging from NHS Boards, such as NHS Argyll and Clyde, must clearly demonstrate cross boundary working in the interests of patient care

PE00773: Petition by Wilma Gunn, on behalf of Scottish Heart at Risk Testing, introduce the necessary legislation to ensure that provision is made to offer screening for cardiomyopathy and all heart disorders a) to all 16-year olds and over embarking on…

PE00774: Petition by Sandra M Casey, urge the Scottish Executive to ensure the provision of acute 24 hour a day, all year round, consultant-led services across Scotland, including rural communities

PE00775: take the necessary steps to prohibit the addition of any artificial water fluoridation to the public water supply in Scotland

PE00776: investigate the merits of proposed new arrangements for “Out-of-Hours” Medical Services in remote rural communities such as Braemar

PE00777: safeguard the future of Scottish Opera by ensuring adequate funding which allows maintenance of a full-time chorus

PE00778: upgrade the Laurencekirk/Marykirk junction on the A90

PE00779: take all possible measures to ensure that the JNF Charitable Trust, and similar organisations, will not continue to benefit from charitable status in Scotland

PE00780: debate the need for immediate restructuring of the Scottish Football team's management regime

PE00781: commemorate the 700th anniversary of Sir William Wallace’s death on 23 August 2005; to mark the date an annual event in the Scottish calendar thereafter; to acknowledge on public record that William Wallace was not guilty of the charge of treason…

PE00782: take a view on modernising the treason law in the United Kingdom, to consider that the recommendations of the Law Commission for England and Wales in 1977 as to the reform of the law in this area have never been implemented, and to make…

PE00783: support the establishment of the golden eagle as the national bird of Scotland

PE00784: take the necessary steps to ensure that a local authority can no longer require an individual to repay in full, or in part, the value of any discount received on their council tax bill when it discovers that the award was not warranted and to ensure…

PE00785: take the necessary steps to ensure that individuals who regard the removal of any discount received on their council tax bill to be unfair or unjustified are given the right of appeal to an Independent Tribunal which will also have the power to look…

PE00786: Petition by Alan Masterton, on behalf of the Scottish Burned Children’s Club, urge the Scottish Executive to include within the Scottish Building Regulations a mandatory requirement for thermostatic mixing valves to be installed in the hot water…

PE00787: Petition by Alastair Murdoch on behalf of Scottish Action Against Council Tax introduce legislation which would provide for the replacement of Council Tax by a system which is more closely related to the ability to pay

PE00788: legislate for the introduction of a national anthem for Scotland

PE00789: take a view regarding the need for regulation to ensure that methadone prescriptions are taken by the patient while supervised by a suitably qualified medical practitioner

PE00790: conduct a public inquiry on organ retention; to consider introducing regulations to standardise the handling of children’s bodies and the return of body parts after a procurator fiscal post mortem, and to consider making compensation payments to…

PE00791: review the criteria and funding mechanisms for national specialist services provided to NHS Scotland by individual health boards as currently they are neither transparent nor effective as witnessed by the centre for integrative care at Glasgow…

PE00792: inform the parents of children in school and pre-school in Scotland of the research findings of various paediatric scientists who have identified inflammatory bowel disease and other bowel disorders in many autistic children, and to ensure that their…

PE00793: calling for the Scottish Parliament to urgently set up an independent ‘scientific think tank’ to assess and advise on scientific, medical and other breakthroughs now emergent worldwide in the treatment of autistic spectrum disorder

PE00794: set up an urgent independent public inquiry into why an epidemic of the previously very rare childhood condition ‘autism’ has been overlooked by public health officials, an oversight which may have unnecessarily condemned thousands of innocent…

PE00795: ensure the retention of the current 8 fire controls in Scotland

PE00796: introduce a pedestrian crossing and speed cameras on the A78 Trunk Road at Fairlie

PE00797: Racing Cyclists Association, calling for the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Executive to ensure that Ian Steel receives a suitable award and public recognition

PE00798: resolve the current critical problems in the provision of wheelchairs and specialist seating services within the NHS by both an immediate increase in funding and through a review, which in consultation with users, will address minimum standards, the…

PE00799: support COAST’s proposals to close an area of Lamlash Bay to all forms of marine life extraction [No Take Zone] and the rest of the Bay to mobile fishing gear [Marine Protected Area]

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Petitions 800 to 899

PE00800: Petition by William Robert Graham urge the Scottish Executive to conduct a Public Inquiry into windfarm construction and in the meantime to introduce an immediate moratorium on further windfarm developments

PE00801: Petition by Ronald H Guild urge the Scottish Executive to establish a permanent National Heritage Committee and to ensure the protection of the whole Cramond area’s environment, including islands, and the proper investigation and preservation of the…

PE00802: express its deep concern that despite health being a devolved matter the regulation of Health Professionals has been reserved by the Westminster Parliament

PE00803: amend its Standing Orders to ensure that the Petitioner receives an official copy of the full text of the Petition stating that it has been accepted as admissible for consideration by the Committee prior to its publication on the website of the…

PE00804: use its influence to return control over its Fishing Industry to Scotland

PE00805: urgently review the National Parks (Scotland) Bill and in particular the performance of each national park authority in meeting the four aims of a national park as defined in the Bill

PE00806: review its policy on Community Hospitals and in the meantime to introduce a moratorium on any closures of such hospitals which are vital to the NHS in Scotland and particularly in rural areas such as the Scottish Borders

PE00807: urge the Scottish Executive to conduct an inquiry into the influence of supermarkets in the food chain, and to examine in particular safety issues arising from the use of chemicals to extend the shelf life of products and from central purchase and…

PE00808: Deafness, calling for the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Executive to develop and establish a specialist inpatient mental health unit for deaf and deafblind people and to provide resources (eg training) for mainstream psychiatric services

PE00809: Petition by Angela and William Flanagan legislate to provide third parties with a right of appeal regarding planning applications

PE00810: reject proposals by the UK Environment Agency to introduce a rod licence system on the Border Esk

PE00811: consider and debate the Permitted Development Rights enjoyed by Network Rail in respect of the erection of 96ft GSM-R communication masts in residential areas

PE00812: High voltage transmission lines

PE00813: review existing planning procedures and guidance to ensure that they are sufficient to prevent local authorities from using playing field land for development purposes

PE00814: consider and debate the implications for rural areas of the introduction of NHS24 services, particularly in relation to ambulance cover and timescales in getting medical assistance to patients in these areas

PE00815: review the distribution of the Education Maintenance Allowance payments this year to ensure a fairer introduction of the new higher payments, so all eligible pupils gain an equal amount

PE00816: consider and debate the issue of financial compensation for individuals whose property values and businesses are affected by the construction of a windfarm development

PE00817: reform the law of trust to ensure that where a trust has been set up for the benefit of any local community that local community is formally consulted by any party seeking to change the operation of the trust and the view of each member of that…

PE00818: Petition by William Burns on behalf of Scotland Against Crooked Lawyers disband or re-evaluate the composition of the Justice Committees; to review the recommendations of the Justice 1 Committee’s Inquiry into the Regulation of the Legal Profession

PE00819: consider and debate the implications of the proposed ban on smoking in public places on the hospitality industry and to consider the alternative progressive route to smoke free provision in hospitality venues as suggested by the petitioners

PE00820: ensure that adequate funding is provided for therapeutic work initiatives to assist people with psychotic psychiatric disability

PE00821: ensure that all planning applications for planning consent to change the usage of recreational spaces should be routinely sent to the appropriate Minister for consideration

PE00822: Petition by Beatrice Gallie urge the Scottish Executive to ensure that sufficient funding is made available to allow the implementation of “Same as You, A Review of Services for People with Learning Disabilities” so that all people with learning…

PE00823: Petition by George McAulay, on behalf of the UK Men’s Movement, urge the Scottish Executive to introduce legislation requiring all hotels in Scotland to fit flame-retardant curtains

PE00824: calling on the Scottish Parliament to (a) review the policy and commitment of the Scottish Executive to place Robert Burns and his legacy at the heart of its culture and tourism policies…

PE00825: calling for the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Executive to ensure that every Scottish secondary school provides lockers for pupils’ use to stop pupils having to carry heavy bags throughout the school

PE00826: Petition by Mr W D R Chalmers urging the Scottish Executive to ensure that NHS Services in rural areas such as Mid and Upper Nithsdale are adequate, equitable and ‘acceptable’ as required by the NHS Reform (Scotland) Act 2004, especially in relation

PE00827: Petition by Hugh O’Donnell amend its Code of Conduct to ensure that MSPs are required to commit no less than two thirds of their working week to their parliamentary duties and that appropriate sanctions are included in the Code of Conduct whereby…

PE00828: ensure that the implementation of the Food Supplements (Scotland) Regulations 2003 will not prevent consumers from accessing health supplements and herbal remedies beneficial to their health

PE00829: consider and debate the impact of the housing stock transfer on Scottish communities

PE00830: review, with a view to amending, National Planning Policy Guideline NPPG19 to ensure that planning authorities treat health issues, and in particular emissions of radiofrequency radiation, as a material consideration in the planning process

PE00831: review its policy on public libraries to ensure appropriate provision in rural areas

PE00832: for the Scottish Parliament to debate the use of Public Private Partnership funding to build new schools and to urge the Scottish Executive to provide adequate public sector funding for local authorities, who are better placed to meet the needs of…

PE00833: Petition by David Jack urge the Scottish Executive to maintain the current local government boundaries as set out in the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1994

PE00834: urge the Scottish Executive to ensure that local authorities are able to take health issues into account when considering planning applications for the siting of mobile telephone masts

PE00835: for the Scottish Parliament to reduce income tax by three pence in the pound in order to stimulate the Scottish economy and to urge the Scottish Executive to commission a study to examine the case for Scotland following other countries, such as…

PE00836: urge the Scottish Executive to review as a matter of urgency the Prescription and Limitation (Scotland) Act 1973 and, in particular, sections 17 and 19a of the Act

PE00837: actively use its influence to ensure that by the year 2020 all buildings in Scotland, including domestic, commercial and government buildings, should be fitted with at least one type of small-scale energy generation equipment, that such equipment

PE00838: in the interests of road safety, to urge the Scottish Executive to review its policy in relation to roads design standards and encourage the publication of such standards and their proper and consistent application across Scotland

PE00839: Petition by Councillor Peter John Convery urge the Scottish Executive to develop clear and concise guidance for local authorities on the use of moratorium to exclude telecommunication masts from being situated on council land

PE00840: Petition by Judith McCrorie urge the Scottish Executive to review its policy in relation to traffic calming measures, such as road humps and road cushions, in order to ensure the impact on disabled users and the elderly is adequately addressed

PE00841: amend the Fatal Accidents and Sudden Deaths Inquiry (Scotland) Act 1976 to make provision for a mandatory inquiry in the case of a road death caused by careless drivers

PE00842: review the use of chloramines disinfectant in the treatment of drinking water

PE00843: introduce compulsory mediation for claims against the National Health Service in Scotland in order to curtail the current excessive cost of litigation and unacceptable delays in obtaining compensation

PE00844: Petition by David McFarlane, on behalf of the New Party, bring forward legislation to require local authorities, upon receipt of an offer from a local resident, to sell council houses that have remained empty for six months and are not otherwise…

PE00845: for the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Executive to review planning guidelines, such that the requirement for planning permission for housing developments should be removed where the development will create sustainable local employment and…

PE00846: establish a debt remedial service (DRS) to consolidate and manage problem debts

PE00847: consider and debate making more Public Holidays available to celebrate days of importance, such as Burns Day, 25 January and St Andrew’s Day, 30 November

PE00848: introduce legislation requiring the Scottish Episcopal Church to bar all its clergy from membership of the Freemasons or any other society having a secret oath

PE00849: establish a sports academy in the Scottish Borders

PE00850: apply pressure on the UK Government to renegotiate the NUTS 2 boundaries with the European Commission especially in relation to the South of Scotland

PE00851: extend corporate responsibility for the safe condition of public highways to the appropriate public authority and to require that all road repairs costing in excess of £10,000 must be completed to the latest standards on curvature, visibility…

PE00852: fund private medical insurance for all Scottish citizens; policies to be valid for treatment provided by the NHS or private sector, whether in the UK or in other countries, and such policies made available to all individuals irrespective of their…

PE00853: introduce legislation requiring all proposals which relate to the closure or alteration of facilities and services for children with special needs to be referred to it and, in the case of such proposals, requiring detailed consultation with parents…

PE00854: pass equitable public finance legislation in respect of all of Scotland’s harbours, whether trust or council owned

PE00855: review the performance of all local authorities in Scotland in respect of maintaining and repairing roads, pavements and footpaths

PE00856: upgrade, as a matter of urgency, the stretch of the A90 trunk road between Tipperty and Balmedie in Aberdeenshire in the interests of safety and the environment

PE00857: take urgent action to ensure adequate provision of Gaelic language teachers

PE00858: address the threat to the fragmented remnants of ancient woodland by fulfilling their commitment under the UK Forest Partnership for Action, made in preparation for the World Summit on Sustainable Development 2002, to protect the nation’s rarest and…

PE00859: upgrade the Southern Section of the A77 between Ayr and Stranraer including providing passing places every six miles and developing a bypass at Maybole

PE00860: develop a coherent national policy in relation to the teaching of singing and in particular to ensure adequate provision of vocal tuition for young people across Scotland

PE00861: take immediate action to create a task force to integrate and develop all Burns’ assets, properties, and locations across Scotland resulting in a national Burns Heritage trail ready for the year of the homecoming in 2009 and available for promotion…

PE00862: conduct a full review of the current system for dealing with and monitoring convicted child sex offenders

PE00863: amend the Solicitors (Scotland) Act 1980 to allow limited companies to either be given the right to apply for legal aid or the right to represent themselves in court

PE00864: congratulate Mordechai Vanunu on his election as the 119th Rector of the University of Glasgow on a platform of support for Palestinian human rights, and opposition to all WMDs (weapons of mass destruction) in the Middle East

PE00865: investigate the sequestration recall process and consider amending the law to allow the right of appeal for those made bankrupt by mistake and that all such appeals should be heard by a Sheriff

PE00866: Petition by James Kelly consider and debate the need for an independent body to be set up within Scotland to investigate claims of medical negligence

PE00867: provide adequate safeguards against vulnerable adults being given, by surreptitious means, unwanted, unnecessary and potentially harmful medication

PE00868: bring forward legislation to create a right to buy for member-based community sports clubs occupying or using land and / or premises for recreational or sports purposes

PE00869: require the Scottish Executive to remove the tolls from the Erskine Bridge

PE00870: not to implement the proposed ban on smoking in public places

PE00871: Petition by Rosemarie McIlwhan on behalf of the Scottish Human Rights Centre and G8 Alternatives Group express its support for peaceful protest during the forthcoming G8 summit including at Gleneagles itself

PE00872: introduce a legislative presumption against closure of rural schools unless there is an undeniable educational and social benefit to the children and communities affected

PE00873: Network, calling for the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Executive to join the international community in recognising post-polio syndrome (PPS) and to conduct a much needed national review of neurological services to take account of the need…

PE00874: Petition by Shauna McIntyre urge the First Minister to follow the advice of Sir Bob Geldof and lobby the G8 heads of state on the issue of global poverty

PE00875: ensure that all moveable and all heritable common good assets throughout Scotland are properly recorded, audited and insured and to introduce legislation to ensure such assets are properly safeguarded

PE00876: conduct an inquiry into the future prospects for the Scottish haulage industry and any knock-on impact for the Scottish economy

PE00877: Petition by Janet Walton urge the Scottish Executive to review its policies on the provision of affordable housing, particularly in relation to the impact on the elderly and those on low incomes

PE00878: consider the need for a national strategy to address the impact of coastal and river erosion within Scotland

PE00879: support the campaign for the establishment of a National Dance Hall in the city of Edinburgh, where older people can enjoy dancing, remaining physically active, taking advantage of opportunities to socialise with their peers in an appropriate…

PE00880: consider and debate the issue of local authority democratic accountability and in particular the accessibility of local elected representatives

PE00881: Petition by Rachel Cole urge the Scottish Executive to review the findings of “Same as You, A Review of Services for People with Learning Disabilities” to ensure those with profound and complex needs are properly provided for

PE00882: ensure the provision of a direct link flight service between Aberdeen and Stornoway

PE00883: revoke the powers granted to local authorities under Section 87 of the Social Work (Scotland) Act 1968 to charge for Community Care Services

PE00884: Petition by Sandra Clarkson, on behalf of Prestwick Marine Neighbourhood Watch, urge the Scottish Executive to amend the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to ensure that local authorities keep beaches free of litter and refuse throughout the year

PE00885: The Petitioner requests that the Scottish Parliament amend Scots criminal law relating to sex offences so that (a) there is a statutory offence of male rape in line with the rest of the United Kingdom and with Ireland; and (b) there are no offences…

PE00886: Petition by James McKillop, on behalf of the Scottish Dementia Working Group, urge the Scottish Executive and NHS Quality Improvement Scotland to ensure the continued availability on prescription of medications such as donepezil, rivastigmine…

PE00887: review the long term planning, social, economic and transportation issues surrounding the creation of “new towns”, such as Cumbernauld

PE00888: Petition by Chris Daly urge the Scottish Executive, in the interests of those who have suffered institutional child abuse, to (a) reform Court of Session rules to allow ‘fast-track’ court hearings in personal injury cases; (b) review the implementation…

PE00889: examine the workings of the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003 Act and, in particular, the making available of legal representation and legal aid to patients detained in Psychiatric Wards and/or released to the Community and under…

PE00890: support the creation, within the forthcoming Police Bill, of an independent police complaints commission (as agreed by the partnership) to ensure that complaints against the police by members of the public are properly investigated and acted upon and…

PE00891: make representations to the UK Government to impose VAT on aviation fuel

PE00892: amend the Education (Scotland) Act 1980 to set down minimum safety standards for school bus provision including the provision of certain safety signs and to make regulations, under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, requiring the use of certain…

PE00893: oppose the introduction of any ban on the sale or possession of swords in Scotland which are used for legitimate historical, cultural, artistic, sporting, economic and religious purposes

PE00894: consider investment in infrastructure, rolling stock and timetabling as part of a strategic root and branch review of the provision of rail services between Inverness, Thurso and Wick, with unrestricted thinking on how best to shorten journey times

PE00895: debate on the implications of the recent decisions by the Scottish Executive and Scottish Parliament Corporate Body regarding provision of funding to the Scottish Civic Forum

PE00896: calling for Local Authorities to be required to conduct structured and meaningful public consultation before any disposal of listed buildings, common land or related…

PE00897: consider and debate the financial implications for elderly people with mental illnesses such as Alzheimer's Disease having to sell their homes to pay for residential care

PE00898: review the provision of maternity services in rural communities to ensure that the quality and access to services are retained locally

PE00899: review the operation of the Victim Notification Scheme to ensure that the victims of serious violent and sexual crimes are given the right to receive information about the release from prison of an offender who has committed a crime against them…

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Petitions 900 to 999

PE00900: ensure that the proposal for the Dalkeith Northern bypass is comprehensively and properly assessed with data from 2005 and that the results are published and consulted upon before any contract is let

PE00901: repeal section 32 1 (b) of the Solicitors (Scotland) Act 1980

PE00902: ensure that the national school curriculum recognises the importance of information literacy as a key lifelong learning skill

PE00903: develop and introduce a Scottish planning policy document on ecovillages

PE00904: consider introducing an early breast cancer screening programme in Scotland to start from age 30 upwards

PE00905: consider and debate the use of excessive packaging in supermarkets with a view to encouraging the use of recycled alternatives

PE00906: institute a moratorium on all PPP Schools projects still in the planning stage, or proposed, until such time as a proper audit of open space loss has taken place and strict new guidelines have been issued to all Scottish Councils on future and…

PE00907: review the requirements for Local Authorities to demonstrate that they have fully, financially and transparently accounted for the need for inadequate existing local services to be upgraded prior to the development of new housing in their proposed…

PE00908: ensure that traffic regulation orders are applied to all disabled parking bays to ensure that they are used by registered disabled users only

PE00909: review the Local Authorities’ Traffic Orders (Procedure) (Scotland) Regulations to allow for speedier provision and enforcement of dropped kerbs and disabled parking bays to prevent their abuse, ensuring greater and easier access for disabled, elderly…

PE00910: urgently review the study of Scottish history, literature and languages at primary, secondary and tertiary levels to ensure that all citizens of Scotland have the opportunity to understand these key aspects of their own society and culture

PE00911: consider and debate the implications of the Scottish Executive’s support for market led urban regeneration projects and the operation of privatised urban regeneration companies and…

PE00912: commission research into membership of the freemasons within the police and judiciary

PE00913: adopt a Play Strategy that recognises the right of all children in Scotland to a safe, accessible and challenging play environment

PE00914: Petition by Peter Fallon urge the Scottish Executive to amend criminal justice legislation to require criminals to make financial reparation to the victim(s) of their crime

PE00915: calling for the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Executive to ensure that all primary school children have access, on a regularly timetabled basis, to specialist visiting teachers, especially music, PE and art

PE00916: seek to secure real rights for all in the planning system by ensuring that the forthcoming Planning Bill will...

PE00917: consider and debate the final report of the Independent Review of NHS 24

PE00918: review the protection afforded to amenity woodland within the current planning system with a view to ensuring that the views of local people who enjoy visiting such woodland are given sufficient weight within the planning process

PE00919: consider the creation of a mechanism for an Inter-Parliamentary Petitions process between the Scottish Parliament and the UK Parliament

PE00920: commit further resources to the provision of NHS dentistry, in particular for the recruitment of NHS salaried dentists to provide emergency and comprehensive care and for the provision of dedicated NHS dentistry facilities

PE00921: not to increase the tolls on the Forth Road Bridge

PE00922: look at implementing a different model to the current plan to ensure that NHS dentistry is available in remote and rural areas in the medium to long term

PE00923: promote pastoral and spiritual care in hospitals to ensure that the physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs of patients are properly addressed

PE00924: ban the siting of 3G and Tetra masts in residential areas until all the evidence which suggests that they are a health risk has been examined by the Parliament

PE00925: Against Tolls Scotland, calling for the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Executive not to extend the tolling regimes on the remaining toll bridges (Erskine, Forth and Tay), but instead to take over the bridges and their approaches as part of…

PE00926: remove the tolls from the Erskine Bridge at the earliest possible opportunity

PE00927: introduce legislation requiring the Church of Scotland to require its clergy to declare, in a public register, membership of the Freemasons or any society having a secret oath-bound membership

PE00928: support the Scottish Executive proposal to build the Dalkeith bypass

PE00929: review the implementation of European Union drinking water directive (98/83/EC) in relation to the replacement of lead piping in public and private sector domestic properties to ensure that drinking water in Scotland has zero lead content

PE00930: amend the Scottish Public Service Ombudsman’s Act to bring all aspects of Local Authority Administration, under the remit of the Public Service Ombudsman, without exception or exemption, and for the ethics and professionalism of local authority…

PE00931: review its policy on tackling the growing skin cancer epidemic in Scotland

PE00932: review the Supporting People Funding arrangements to ensure that vulnerable adults are in receipt of the responsive services required to…

PE00933: instruct Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary to investigate Central Scotland Police’s dealings with Thomas Hamilton from 1975 to 1996 and to examine the 1,655 witness statements taken…

PE00934: review the Local Authorities’ Traffic Orders (Procedure) (Scotland) Regulations 1999 to ensure that the local authority consultation in relation to traffic orders is full, meaningful and democratic

PE00935: amend criminal procedures to ensure that when a Procurator Fiscal does not consider it in the public interest to pursue criminal proceedings, a full written explanation is provided to the alleged victim of the crime

PE00936: review the public health implications of siting oil depots in residential areas in light of the Buncefield oil depot explosion in December last year (2005)

PE00937: recognise and promote “Public Community Partnership” (PCP) funding as an alternative to PPP funding as a means of securing the long term future of rural schools

PE00938: ensure that clear, transparent and meaningful public consultation takes place when changes are proposed to public health services

PE00939: urge the Scottish Executive not to proceed with severance payments to councillors, as provided for by section 18 of the Local Governance (Scotland) Act 2004

PE00940: establish a new public inquiry into the shootings at Dunblane Primary School on 13 March 1996

PE00941: ensure greater protection for the rivers, streams and lochs of Scotland, such as Loch Broom and the River Gruinard, from fish farms developments

PE00942: desist from spending taxpayers’ money on preparing for the construction of a Second Forth Road Bridge before having at its disposal all the facts regarding…

PE00943: consider the need for a new Forth road bridge

PE00944: (a) investigate why there is no presumption of equal access/residence for children with both parents after separation in Scottish law; (b) investigate bias against fathers as equal parents in…

PE00945: consider and debate the inadequacy of the existing legislation for parental consultation over school closures

PE00946: consider and debate the process of local engagement and consultation in local planning issues

PE00947: provide community groups with the right to take ownership of land where it is currently ownerless or abandoned by its owner/s for seven years

PE00948: establish a new public inquiry into the shootings at Dunblane Primary School on 13 March 1996 with a view to re-investigating whether Thomas Hamilton led a "charmed life"…

PE00949: review the role of the Scottish Executive Inquiry Reporters Unit in relation to the planning process for public works such as sewage plants and to ensure greater community involvement at the…

PE00950: review the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 (Scottish Secure Tenancy etc) Order 2002 to ensure that tenants retain pre-existing right to buy terms if, having been the victim of anti-social behaviour

PE00951: calling on the Scottish Parliament to ensure higher parliamentary standards by (a) amending the Scottish Parliamentary Standards Commissioner Act 2002 to put in place an appeal mechanism for complainants whose complaints to the Commissioner have been rejected…

PE00952: calling for the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Executive to recognise and adopt the European Charter of Rights for People with Autism

PE00953: increase awareness, promote the proper diagnosis and treatment and provide sufficient resources, including adequately funded sleep centres

PE00954: fully implement the 22 recommendations of Care 21’s Report – “The future of unpaid care in Scotland”

PE00955: review the implementation of its guidance on school closures to ensure that parents and pupils are properly consulted

PE00956: ensure the Conservation (Natural Habitats, &c) Regulations 1994, as amended, are applied in relation to ship to ship oil transfers in Scotland

PE00957: to review strategy Building Our Future: Scotland's School Estate strategy to ensure that new schools are built in a safe and secure environment and not, for example, on functional flood plains

PE00958: make mandatory the provision of an audio recording of civil court proceedings to those parties with special needs such as dyslexia

PE00959: act urgently to ensure the continuation of Borderline Theatre Company’s innovative touring and lifelong learning programme

PE00960: ensure that cranial abnormalities of babies, such as deformational plagiocephaly/torticollis, are properly recognised and treated by evaluating babies at birth and at 6 weeks; that appropriate advice is available to parents, including repositioning…

PE00961: introduce legislation to provide greater protection and increased powers for local communities in respect of the ownership and use of common good land

PE00962: greater protection for listed buildings and conservation areas and greater community involvement, including consideration of alternative community proposals, in the decision making process

PE00963: consider alternatives to Strathclyde Passenger Transport’s proposal for a Glasgow Airport rail link in order to obtain a suitable comparison in matters of cost, design, contribution to the local economy, environmental impact…

PE00964: review the operation of speed restrictions on inland water in Scotland

PE00965: ensure that the care requirements of those with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy are met

PE00966: consider and debate the lack of investment in swimming pools in Scotland, what action is being taken to address the Sportscotland ‘Ticking Time Bomb’ report published in…

PE00967: conduct an inquiry into excessive car parking charges at NHS hospitals, such as the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary

PE00968: increase the number of police officers on the beat

PE00969: promote and encourage the development and installation of micropower renewable energy technology in business and domestic premises and to set targets for doing so

PE00970: act urgently to prevent the closure of 7:84 Theatre Company

PE00971: review the implementation of the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 to ensure that local authority landlords are in compliance with the…

PE00972: fulfil commitment in the Partnership Agreement to “develop the important role of community hospitals, and develop a strategy for sustaining small, rural and community hospitals” especially in areas such as the Scottish Borders

PE00973: following the recent closure of four Citizens Advice Bureaux in the Scottish Borders and the cuts in the opening hours of a further four centres, to ensure that adequate resources are provided to…

PE00974: review the operation of the Accountant in Bankruptcy to ensure the rights and wellbeing of debtors and their families are fully considered during the sequestration process and to place all aspect…

PE00975: legislate that local authorities consider all environmental designations and, in particular, Areas of Great Landscape Value, when producing new Local Plans

PE00976: amend the Prescription and Limitation (Scotland) Act 1973 and the Prescription and Limitation (Scotland) Act 1984 to ensure that those wishing to raise personal injury cases in relation to events which occurred prior to 1964…

PE00977: review proposals for the controversial Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route in light of growing public concern with this project

PE00978: consider how best to restrict the use of jet-skis in the vicinity of public beaches, particularly in residential areas

PE00979: review the Building (Procedure) (Scotland) Regulations 2004 and the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973 in order to permit competition between neighbouring local authorities in relation to the provision of building…

PE00980: adopt the "yellow card, red card" policy drafted under the Department of Health's "Zero tolerance" guidelines on the treatment of violent and abusive patients and to amend the Antisocial Behaviour etc (Scotland) Act 2004 to allow hospitals and other…

PE00981: (a) ensure that the recruitment and appointment of psychologists to NHS Scotland is based entirely on skills, competency and experience; and (b) initiate an…

PE00982: consider and debate the implications of proposed ship to ship transfers of oil at anchor in the Forth Estuary, specifically focussing such consideration and debate on the likely impact of such operations upon wildlife…

PE00983: ban the use of microchip implants on young people in Scotland

PE00984: introduce legislation to provide local authorities with the power to deal with complaints regarding vigorous growing trees, hedges, vines or other plants

PE00985: calling on the Scottish Parliament to congratulate the Palestinian people on their ability to conduct democratic elections while under Israeli occupation, to call for the ending of all sanctions against Palestine and to invite a Palestinian parliamentary spokesman to address the Scottish Parliament

PE00986: to take greater action to protect the public, domestic and non-domestic birds and animals from the dangers of broken glass, to promote the use of plastic bottles as an…

PE00987: amend the Smoking, Health and Social Care (Scotland) Act 2005 to extend the prohibition of smoking to designated areas in the vicinity of no-smoking premises such as doorways and pavement cafes

PE00988: increase the Home Loss Payment

PE00989: debate the issue of nuclear power, and whether (a) new nuclear stations are necessary in Scotland given our enormous renewable energy resources, (b) funding for nuclear power would be better invested in energy saving and renewables, (c) nuclear power…

PE00990: review the provision of community leisure facilities across Scotland, given for example the proposed closure of Ladywood…

PE00991: support the right of Scottish veterans to wear the Pingat Jasa Malaysia Medal

PE00992: consider and debate the need for a weekly day of rest from work throughout Scotland and to encourage business and commerce to close on that day and that the day appointed be the Christian Sabbath

PE00993: amend the Education (Scotland) Act 1980 to remove the statutory requirement on education authorities to provide religious observance in Scottish schools

PE00994: review the Succession (Scotland) Act 1964 in relation to the statutory right of surviving children to part of the deceased's moveable estate

PE00995: hold a public inquiry into the high number of drug related deaths in Scotland

PE00996: review the preparedness of schools to deal with the consequences of nuclear accidents/incidents and to introduce guidelines for local authorities on how to deal with such emergencies

PE00997: provide greater protection to the children and partners of abusive parents by introducing legislation to ensure that (a) where an allegation of abuse…

PE00998: establish a national framework to provide financial, respite, social work and educational support for grandparents, relatives and friends…

PE00999: review the school clothing grant system

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Petitions 1000 to 1099

PE01000: investigate the public health implications of cheaply available alcohol

PE01001: remove the requirement that appeals to a local valuation appeals committee, against decisions made by a local authority in relation to council tax payment, be initiated within a two month…

PE01002: prevent private sector developers from receiving public subsidy in relation to the provision of affordable housing

PE01003: revoke the Shetland Islands Regulated Fishery (Scotland) Order 1999

PE01004: consider and debate the environmental impact of animal gasification plants and to urge the Scottish Executive to ensure that the Scottish Environment Protection Agency has sufficient powers and resources to adequately deal with the environmental…

PE01005: ensure that the act of blessing oneself does not result, in any circumstances, in a police investigation or criminal proceedings

PE01006: ensure that the current prescribing arrangements for mesothelioma sufferers under which Alimta is made available are continued

PE01007: prevent the improper use of disabled parking bays and to ensure that they are used by registered disabled users only

PE01008: review the operation of the Accountant in Bankruptcy, particularly in relation to the implementation of the Social Security Administration Act 1992, section 187(1)

PE01009: assure justice in local planning matters for third parties seeking redress and financial recompense where Planning Authorities have acted in error, by the provision of an Advocacy service to represent them through the regular court system

PE01010: introduce/enhance devolved legislation to empower local councils to enforce powers to apply alcohol exclusion zones and dispersal orders under a “Fast-Track” system, thus enabling police and local councils to implement measures more expediently to…

PE01011: amend the National Park (Scotland) Act 2000 to require the approval by a majority in a local referendum before any National Park can be established

PE01012: adopt a nationally co-ordinated and nationally funded scheme for marking people, events and places by erecting informative plaques at sites of local, regional, national or international importance

PE01013: review the arrangements for managing scheduled and listed buildings, such as Rowallan Old Castle, to ensure that, where suitable and sensitive plans have been made for restoring such buildings

PE01014: consider and debate what moves it could make to ensure the early presentation of a referendum on self-determination to the people of Scotland

PE01015: return the national tourism website, call centre and booking system to public ownership

PE01016: scrap Criminal Legal Aid and to create a Public Defenders Office responsible for undertaking the role of defending those accused of criminal offences who cannot pay for their own defence, and that the Public Defenders Office should be phased in over…

PE01017: establish a Scottish disability community development council to provide those with life-term disabilities with health, education, training and arts related “Support for Life” assistance

PE01018: restore NHS dental services throughout Scotland

PE01019: start a nationwide health promotion campaign to raise patient awareness of the proper use of antibiotics in order to combat antibiotic resistance

PE01020: consider and debate the safety issues for the requirements to construct a deceleration lane when accessing the Portlethen South Bruntland Road junction from off the A90

PE01021: investigate (i) the availability of solicitors prepared to act against other solicitors in cases of negligence or inadequate service; (ii) the role of the Law Society in such cases; and (iii) the impact, both physical and financial, of such cases on…

PE01022: debate the urgent need to make a step-change in strategy and vigorously promote foreign language learning and intercultural awareness in Scotland’s schools, colleges and universities

PE01023: ensure that a greater proportion of residential care places for the elderly are provided for and staffed by the statutory sector, particularly in rural areas

PE01024: introduce legislation to prevent the development of Greenfield sites within existing residential areas which have a proven valued history of informal recreational use and benefit to the community

PE01025: allow anyone with grounds to lodge an objection prior to the appointment of a new Sheriff by advertising the proposed appointment in the area in which the applicant practised; and to prohibit…

PE01026: exert all its political powers upon BBC Scotland to ensure the corporation provide television coverage of every Scotland National Football Team match and notes the sporting and cultural importance of the national team which should ensure that this is…

PE01027: in the interests of social inclusion, (a) increase public funding for bus services, particularly in communities where such services are…

PE01028: urge the Scottish Executive and individual MSPs to cancel all contract(s) they have with Eden Springs water company

PE01029: consider and debate declaring May 4th a public holiday to be known as "Independence Day"

PE01030: support an investigation into Chinese human rights abuses, such as those allegedly committed against Tibetan refugees, and to support a boycott of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing

PE01031: oppose the introduction of any legislation which would permit assisted suicide

PE01032: improve care for the elderly at a local and national level and, in particular, to improve the standard of care provision for the housebound elderly, and to ensure that seniors forums are fully consulted in relation to the provision of care for the…

PE01033: seek an effective, transparent and wholly independent means of review of cases of alleged injustice, caused by actions and decisions of the Law Society of Scotland and Faculty of Advocates, relating to the regulation of complaints made by members of…

PE01034: establish a post-legislative monitoring body to ensure that commitments made by promoters during the passage of a private bill are adhered to

PE01035: withdraw direct and indirect financial support for Calmac on the Dunoon to Gourock ferry service and to ensure full transparency in relation to government subsidy of ferry services

PE01036: promote employment opportunities for disabled people by reserving local authority and/or government contracts to supported businesses, as permitted by EU Article 19 on Public…

PE01037: amend the Smoking, Health and Social Care (Scotland) Act 2005 to allow smoking in pubs and clubs within designated smoking areas

PE01038: ensure the adequate provision by local authorities of disabled parking spaces for Blue Badge holders

PE01039: urging politicians to plan now for the future of cancer

PE01040: recognise that bingo clubs have been hit by both the smoking ban and an unfair system of taxation and to make representations to the UK Government to tax the bingo industry in the same way as it does the rest of the gaming industry

PE01041: take the necessary steps to ensure that facilities and pitches used by all community-based sports clubs are of a standard befitting a leading European nation

PE01042: review the smoking prohibition and control provisions of the Smoking, Health and Social Care (Scotland) Act 2005, and to adopt a comprehensive approach to indoor air pollution by introducing a Regulated Indoor Air Quality Standard

PE01043: acknowledge the genocide currently being inflicted on the Palestinian population in the occupied territories of Gaza and the West Bank and to ensure that Scottish people are free to speak out in condemnation of such acts

PE01044: investigate the merits of extending the ‘One Year Job Guarantee’ employment assistance for newly qualified nurses and midwives to…

PE01045: consider and debate the concerns of employers and work-based training providers within the hairdressing industry following a change in policy by Scottish Enterprise which has led to a severe reduction in the number of young people being funded for…

PE01046: calling on the Scottish Parliament to support significant reductions in class sizes in Scottish publicly funded schools during the lifetime of the next Scottish Parliament

PE01047: consider and debate the failure of the existing coastal and marine national park/marine environmental protection process and the extent to which such failure is due to pressure from those individuals and industries which have a vested affiliated or…

PE01048: alter NPPG19, to correct an anomaly (paragraph 214) thus ensuring that the “precautionary approach” also applies to pre-school children, and all children at play, thereby giving them the same protection from telecommunication masts as that of their…

PE01049: take responsibility for the maintenance of un-adopted open spaces, including footpaths, lanes, kerbs, car parks and roads, such as those at Heathryfold West, Aberdeen, where responsibility for the maintenance of such spaces was previously a matter…

PE01050: introduce legislation to provide better protection for common good sites, such as Ravenscraig Park in Kirkcaldy, and to ensure that such assets are retained for their original purpose for future generations

PE01051: urge the Scottish Executive to make the Charter for Grandchildren legally binding ensuring that the rights of children are recognised by all public agencies and…

PE01052: promote the services of independent midwives and to ensure that such services continue to be available to pregnant women in Scotland

PE01053: urge the Scottish Executive to make mandatory the audio and visual recording of all court proceedings and prohibit the use of shorthand notes as a means of recording court proceedings

PE01054: review the legality, probity and compliance of the Edinburgh Accommodation Allowance and take professional legal advice to ensure that it complies with UK government legislation in general and payment of capital gains tax by…

PE01055: seek clarification on the ownership of electromagnetic broadcast spectrum in advance of the proposed spectrum packaging and award process and to seek assurances that capacity will be reserved on the digital multiplexes to enable local and new Scottish…

PE01056: Deep vein thrombosis

PE01057: consider increasing funding for research into endometriosis and to consider ways of facilitating more effective diagnosis of endometriosis in light of…

PE01058: consider and debate the traffic, environmental and sustainability impact on existing communities in designated town centres of large 24-hour supermarket developments

PE01059: support a ban on the sale and use of airguns except for certified pest control purposes or for use at registered gun clubs

PE01060: review the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 to ensure that where a tenant cannot return to his/her home due to a medical condition, any pre-existing right to buy terms should transfer to the remaining…

PE01061: ensure that measures taken by communities to tackle anti-social behaviour in urban residential areas are not restricted by the duty of a local authority to uphold access rights under the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003

PE01062: commission a commemorative medal to be awarded to all those (or the relatives of victims, or relatives of survivors who have now passed away) who were aboard the troopship Lancastria on 17th June 1940 when she was sunk by German bombers

PE01063: investigate the apparent conflict of interest which exists between solicitors/advocates and clients in the present system of speculative fee arrangements (no win – no fee) and to urge the Scottish Executive to overhaul the existing speculative fee…

PE01063: Speculative fee arrangements between solicitor-advocates and clients

PE01064: reconsider decision to replace the Forth Road Bridge and await pending studies on the feasibility of repairing it

PE01065: use the Microsoft Government Leaders Forum Europe to promote the use of new and emerging technologies to enhance the engagement of young people in the democratic process and to encourage Parliaments…

PE01066: consider and debate the adoption of the current symbol of the Scottish Parliament to be displayed in a prominent position in the Debating Chamber

PE01067: consider and debate the need for immediate action to be taken on upgrading and implementing a safety strategy for the A76 road, increased signage of greater size and clarity, removing blind areas, taking out bad corners and erecting averaging speed…

PE01068: investigate the public health risks associated with racing pigeons and to introduce measures to ensure that racing pigeon lofts are not situated within residential areas and that…

PE01069: encourage employers to provide home working opportunities for those with disabilities which prevent them from accessing the workplace

PE01070: recognise the importance of village and community halls in rural Scotland and to (a) create a Scottish Halls Fund to refurbish or modernise community buildings to increase the level of community use and improve the range and quality of services…

PE01071: ensure that all primary school children, particularly those in remote and rural areas, have adequate access to visiting specialist teachers of music, art and physical education

PE01072: take steps to enable John Wheatley College to be able to comply fully with the “Charities Test” established under the terms of the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005

PE01073: Catholics in Scottish Prisons

PE01073: investigate and establish the reasons for the apparently disproportionate number of Catholics in Scottish prisons

PE01074: reject road user charging or National Road Pricing on Scotland's roads

PE01075: investigate the administration and operation of registered social landlords, such as Grampian Housing Association Ltd, and to investigate the role of Communities Scotland as the regulatory and inspection body and for such registered social landlords

PE01076: set up an Appeal Tribunal to review final decisions by the Public Services Ombudsman where any complainer so requests

PE01077: introduce legislation to ensure that the original conditions pertaining to gifts of land to private and public bodies or owners be honoured where they provided access and benefits to the local…

PE01078: consider and debate the need for new legislation to protect historic sites such as the Gillies Hill from physical destruction through mineral extraction, and to preserve such sites in their present condition for the amenity of the community

PE01079: review the eligibility conditions for the Educational Maintenance Allowance programme to take account of the number of children within the household between the ages of 16-19 in full-time education

PE01080: calling for the re-introduction of local passenger services on the Edinburgh South Suburban Railway

PE01081: seek a UK-wide reappraisal of all government, local authority and NGO maritime and maritime air space responsibilities and organizations, taking into account EU and International Maritime…

PE01082: undertake an urgent review of their consultation and participation practices; to consider a proposal to reinstate funding to the Scottish Civic Forum at a level of at least £250,000 per annum; and to adhere to the…

PE01083: support the creation of local museums such as the proposed Leith Museum

PE01084: take immediate action to halt the merger of Scotland’s four neurological units and to give proper consideration to the impact of this for people in the Aberdeen and north of Scotland areas with brain injuries or trauma who…

PE01085: provide total recognition for kinship carers

PE01086: issue new guidance to health boards to remove excessive charges for car parking, particularly for those staff who work shifts and for whom public transport alternatives are limited

PE01087: consider and debate using underground and, where appropriate, undersea cabling for new electricity transmission lines such as that proposed between Beauly and Denny

PE01088: conduct an inquiry into the salary levels and conditions of Further Education lecturing staff, presently seriously disadvantaged when…

PE01089: investigate any links between exposure to hazardous toxins in the environment and in the workplace and the rising incidence of cancers and other chronic illnesses

PE01090: introduce a national proof of age card free for all 12-26 year olds

PE01091: review the levying by NHS Boards of car parking charges at NHS hospitals, such as that proposed by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde at Stobhill Hospital

PE01092: ensure that the long-term sick, elderly and disabled receive care on the basis of need and, in particular, that such care is provided seven days a week

PE01093: extend the guidelines governing proposed school closures to the proposed closures of nursery schools

PE01094: review the effectiveness of its planning procedures and policies, such as Scottish Planning Policy SPP4: Planning For Minerals, and its policies in relation to the…

PE01095: provide greater protection for the National and Regional Parks of Scotland from industrialisation, including wind farms and their associated…

PE01096: take action, either through the introduction of new legislation or enhancing the enforcement of existing legislation, to ensure that all advice agencies in receipt of lottery or public funding exceeding £25,000 pa are subject to annual compulsory…

PE01097: take action, either through the introduction of new legislation or enhancing the enforcement of existing legislation, to make it an offence for any local authority or public sector body to award a contract with a value exceeding £25,000 pa without…

PE01098: School Bus Safety

PE01099: monitor the provision of ambulance services, such as those in the Highland Perthshire area, and to ensure that the Scottish Ambulance Service undertakes open and proper consultation with local communities, such as those in Highland Perthshire, prior…

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Petitions 1100 to 1199

PE01100: review planning and environmental regulations to allow for the provision of safe local and national off road motorcycle facilities, including a Centre of Excellence in North Lanarkshire, as a way of tackling anti-social behaviour, promoting youth…

PE01101: (a) ensure that all relevant planning policies and guidance are adhered to and (b) consider the circumstances under which Scottish Ministers instruct local inquiries, when planning applications such as that for a housing and...

PE01102: assess the impact that the UK Government’s recent announcement on the future of the Post office network, both sub post offices and Crown post office relocation, will have on rural communities in Scotland, such as Galashiels

PE01103: prioritise the continuing development of strategic work on violence against women by following the 3 P’s approach – active prevention of violence against women and children; adequate provision of quality support services for…

PE01104: consider the impact of mechanical vibrations transmitted down through wind turbine installations on peat, soils, invertebrates, fungi and bioaerosols lying at the very base of the food chain when considering applications for…

PE01105: St Margaret of Scotland Hospice

PE01106: review those aspects of the Stewart Committee Report on Keeping Offenders out of Court; Further Alternatives to Prosecution, that relate to the rights of victims of crime to obtain information on the handling of the case

PE01107: reduce public transport fares for all under 18 year olds in full time education and to make provision for young people with no income to either travel free or pay only half the adult fare

PE01108: consider the provision, on the NHS, of cancer treatment drugs, in particular cetuximab, to ensure equity across NHS boards on the appropriateness, effectiveness and availability of such treatments

PE01109: urgently develop clinical guidelines on the diagnosis and treatment of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis: to develop national standards of care for people with psoriasis/psoriatic arthritis; and to define psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis as chronic…

PE01110: review the policies, guidance and procedures that apply to the recruitment process of foreign teachers and the right of recourse to investigate claims of discrimination

PE01111: reform the public appointments process to ensure greater openness and fairness in the appointments process and, in undertaking such a review, consideration is given to appointees length of service, re-appointments and the number of appointments an…

PE01112: clarify the circumstances in which Scottish Ministers would not accept the decisions of a local planning inquiry and a public local inquiry, particularly in relation to housing developments on green belt land

PE01113: increase the availability and provision of residential and abstinent treatment for those who are alcohol and/or drug dependent

PE01114: conduct a review of its childcare strategy to ensure adequate funding is provided for childcare services across all local authorities

PE01115: National and Regional Transport Strategies

PE01116: ensure that a fully funded placement for free nursery education is provided from the date of a child’s third birthday

PE01117: permanently secure for the people of Scotland the sculpture by Ronald Rae, known as the Lion of Scotland, which is temporarily exhibited in Holyrood Park until March 2008

PE01118: bring forward legislation to ban the killing of animals through methods such as the shechitah and the dhabiha, and require the stunning of all animals before slaughter

PE01119: make representations to the UK Government on the impact on the road haulage industry of recent fuel price increases; press for a freeze in fuel duty while the average price remains…

PE01120: review its family law policies and spending levels to ensure that greater emphasis and funding is attached to family mediation services and in providing more focussed family support to children

PE01121: consider and debate the re-introduction of the Environmental Levy on Plastic Bags (Scotland) Bill

PE01122: urge the Scottish Executive to make representations to the UK Government to ask the Israeli Government to lift all restrictions on Mordechai Vanunu and allow him…

PE01123: ensure that all NHS Boards provide the necessary resources to promote and deliver diabetes self management plans to all people with diabetes

PE01124: Banning the manufacture, sale, possession and use of all snares

PE01125: review and raise the current rate of Personal Expenses Allowance, which does not reflect the true cost of living, to allow care home residents to have independence, dignity and a good…

PE01126: consider and debate the need to amend legislation to ensure people with learning disabilities in Scotland have an enforceable right to the services of an independent advocate and that such services are adequately funded

PE01127: make representations to the Home Secretary to reconsider the decision to refuse the posthumous pardon of Helen Duncan who was tried under the Witchcraft Act 1735

PE01128: take necessary action to grant a posthumous pardon to all persons convicted in Scotland under all Witchcraft legislation

PE01129: ensure that adequate resources are made available to local authorities to ensure that no family is driven into poverty as a consequence of meeting the cost of arranging a funeral and for…

PE01130: not to grant consent to school closure proposals where the school roll exceeds 80% of the school’s capacity

PE01131: consider the guidance issued to local and education authorities on the literature made available in local authority and school libraries

PE01132: consider whether it is satisfied that sufficient recognition is given by local authorities, when considering the closure of a rural school, to the adverse impact the closure would have on…

PE01133: consider whether it is entirely satisfied and content with the procedures and timescales for notifying persons affected by planning applications and how it ensures that every local authority follows correct procedures to…

PE01134: amend the law of succession to end the requirement for a Bond of Caution by an executor-dative when seeking Confirmation of any intestate estate 

PE01135: review of guidelines to allow healthy gay and bisexual men to donate blood

PE01136: provide a right for an individual charged with any criminal offence to elect for a jury trial; for that right to be more accessible to those involved in civil litigation when the initial hearing and subsequent appeals to a…

PE01137: amend all relevant legislation to ensure that private tenants have a right to be notified when their landlord has applied for planning permission to demolish their home

PE01138: take all necessary steps to ensure the continued provision of local ice rinks and to recognise the benefit these play in promoting health and wellbeing

PE01139: retain the Scottish Agricultural Wages Board as a separate body and to expand its remit to cover all workers in the agricultural sector including those in private and ornamental gardens and…

PE01140: immediately begin phased improvements to the A82 Tarbet to Fort William road to improve safety and bring this trans-European lifeline route to a standard fit for the 21st century

PE01141: consider whether it is satisfied with the policy and guidance issued by it under which NHS Boards may destroy a patients’ medical records and whether this policy in any way hinders the right of an individual whose record…

PE01142: continue the scheme of relief and exemption of charities and churches from water and sewerage charges beyond 2010

PE01143: amend all relevant legislation to ensure that private tenants have a right to be notified when their landlord has applied for planning permission to demolish their home and that planning permission is not granted and…

PE01144: give full support to the dotSCO application to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers to introduce a standard "sco" top level domain name in order to enhance Scotland's distinct…

PE01145: introduce a statutory deposit and return scheme on all used beverage containers

PE01146: review the Fresh Talent: Working in Scotland scheme with the Home Office to allow overseas students on the scheme to stay and work in Scotland for an extended period at the conclusion of their academic studies without the…

PE01147: review current legislation to ensure that each local authority is represented on the fire service joint board to ensure that board decisions reflect local concerns and views

PE01148: ensure the continued provision of local community libraries and the vital social and educational role they serve within the local community

PE01149: introduce legislation to allow for parking bays for disabled drivers with mobility impairments, for example outside that person’s home, to be allocated to the person who made the…

PE01150: consider whether large prisons remote from prisoners’ families offer the best way of rehabilitating offenders or whether, as an alternative, localised community prisons should…

PE01151: undertake a review into the need to establish a national heart screening programme for young people taking part in sport and families at risk and a national screening council

PE01152: allocate funding for the provision of permanent CCTV facilities in communities subjected to significant levels of crime

PE01153: make representations to the UK Government inviting it to apologise to displaced Palestinians for the actions of Arthur Balfour and to promote early implementation of United Nations General Assembly Resolution 194

PE01154: amend the Succession (Scotland) Act 1964 to allow a person, in their will, to leave their whole estate to a surviving spouse or civil partner and to abolish the right of adult children to then claim on that estate

PE01155: amend the law to ensure that young people aged between 10 and 18 charged with serious offences are tried by the criminal justice system rather than the children’s hearing system

PE01156: review the administration of child and family law services to ensure they are operating in the best interests of the child

PE01157: abolish Rule 42(5) of the Rules of the Court of Session concerning rights of audience to allow individuals to conduct litigation without legal representation and to consider whether this Rule is contrary to article 6…

PE01158: review whether it is making adequate and sufficient funding available to local authorities for the provision of public and voluntary sector services

PE01159: provide NHS Scotland and other relevant organisations and individuals, including veterans of the Gulf War in 1991, with all necessary information and facilities in order that veterans exposed to nerve agents and their….

PE01160: urge the Scottish Government to hold a referendum of the people of Scotland to determine whether they wish the UK Government to devolve full fiscal autonomy to the Scottish Parliament

PE01161: urge the Scottish Executive to make mandatory the provision of an audio recording of civil court proceedings to those parties with additional support needs such as dyslexia

PE01162: amend the National Concessionary Travel Scheme to ensure that people receiving the lower rates of the mobility and care components of Disability Living Allowance…

PE01163: invite Audit Scotland to conduct, without delay, an economy, efficiency and effectiveness audit of the office of the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman

PE01164: make representations to the UK Government to ensure that the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill prohibits the use of live embryos and the creation of hybrid human-animal embryos for…

PE01165: urge the Scottish Government, given its responsibilities for family law, registration of births and other policy areas, to make representation to the UK Government to ensure that the Human…

PE01166: amend the Graduate Endowment Abolition (Scotland) Act 2008, due to the unfair financial burden it places on all graduates, particularly those who continued with post graduate study after April 2007 to seek vocational

PE01167: recognise and promote the positive impacts that befriending services for adults with learning disabilities have on its Same As You Strategy

PE01168: amend the National Parks (Scotland) Act 2000 to remove local authority powers from national park authorities and establish them solely as advisory bodies and to remove such parts of the act to ensure that residents within…

PE01169: The display of sexually graphic magazines and newspapers

PE01170: indicate how it ensures that Scotland’s colleges and universities deliver, through best value public funding, relevant and quality further education courses as sought by local communities and whether the standards of…

PE01171: introduce mandatory sentencing for persons found carrying knives or other dangerous weapons in public

PE01172: consider what support and assistance can be provided to local authorities to erect lasting memorials to local sporting legends

PE01173: ensure the continuous provision of local leisure facilities and that such facilities are not closed to make way for new housing or supermarket developments without equivalent local…

PE01174: provide free public transport for all under 16s who have no income

PE01175: A92 Upgrade

PE01176: provide a right of appeal against decisions by Scottish Ministers, following advice from Historic Scotland, not to list a historic building and to review the criteria used to list such buildings

PE01177: carry out research into the genetic effects of radiation for all Ministry of Defence radiation workers and an investigation into whether child clusters exist in all parts of Scotland where nuclear submarines were, and currently are, based

PE01178: call a moratorium on all wind farm installations until its Chief Scientific Officer has completed consideration of their mechanical vibration long term impact, the implications for planning regulations, and the need…

PE01179: Acquired brain injury services

PE01180: ensure that students with complex needs are supported in achieving further education placements and that appropriate funding mechanisms are provided to enable such placements to be taken up

PE01181: make representations to the UK Government about the cost of fuel in the Western Isles and other rural areas of Scotland which are now amongst the most expensive places in the world to buy petrol or diesel

PE01182: increase the number of epilepsy specialist nurses and ensure that all NHS boards provide adequate epilepsy services for adults, children and people with a learning disability

PE01183: amend the Planning etc (Scotland) Act 2006 to introduce a third party right of appeal for communities where the terms of the planning consent pertaining to…

PE01184: make funding and other assistance available to schools to enable them to become environmentally friendly and achieve green flag status

PE01185: amend relevant legislation to ensure that sewers and drains associated with roads from new developments are included in road bonds and give local authorities…

PE01186: abolish the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman and replace it with a transparent organisation accountable to the people

PE01187: reconsider its plans to raise the age for off-sales alcohol purchases from 18 to 21

PE01188: investigate the circumstances whereby it agreed that 60 hydro-power stations could be accredited for subsidy under the Renewables obligation scheme and that generation capacity could be cut to below the 20megawatt qualification…

PE01189: Standards of Social Rented Housing

PE01190: require local authorities to provide the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman and the complainant, at the point it is requested, with all information that is deemed relevant to any investigation that might be undertaken by the…

PE01191: drop its proposal to raise the age for off-sales alcohol purchases from 18 to 21

PE01192: Promotion of independent vehicular ferry routes

PE01193: create a ‘parents contract’ whereby local authority schools are legally required to provide that the core skills of each subject incorporated in the school curriculum are taught by a teacher specialising in that subject

PE01194: make representations to the UK Government to create a Kashmiri Committee at the UK Parliament to ensure that the humanitarian needs of the Kashmiri people are met and their…

PE01195: place a statutory duty on local authorities to maintain common areas on new housing developments

PE01196: amend the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006 as a matter of urgency to allow for the tails of working dogs to be docked

PE01197: reform the legal system to adopt the Scandinavian system of allowing unrestricted access to legal representation before the court for example by allowing non-lawyers to appear in court on behalf of other parties

PE01198: ensure that when changes are proposed to the structure and role of health visit…

PE01199: ensure that when changes are proposed to the structure and role of health visitors, transparent, effective and…

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Petitions 1200 to 1299

PE01200: ensure that when changes are proposed to the structure and role of health visitors, transparent, effective and meaningful…

PE01201: urge the Scottish Government not to adopt the main recommendations of the Shucksmith report on crofting in any future legislation including, breaking up the Crofters Commission, permitting non-crofters by mere virtue of…

PE01202: remove the general permitted development rights of port authorities

PE01203: commence a review of ferry services to develop a long-term strategy for lifeline services to 2025 and provide an immediate minimum discount of 40% on ferry fares

PE01204: recognize and promote the life saving impacts that bone marrow testing and donation can have on people with life threatening illness and provide adequate funding to…

PE01205: clarify how the commitment to ensure a local, regional and national lasting legacy from the 2014 Commonwealth Games and promote sport and healthy living can be delivered in light…

PE01206: encourage public transport operators and appropriate stakeholders to provide parents and carers of babies and young children with equitable access to public buses when using…

PE01207: review Scottish Planning Policy (SPP) 7 Planning and Flooding to ensure that no new developments are built on areas which the Scottish Environment Protection Agency designate as high flood risk and to review all planning…

PE01208: amend all relevant legislation to ensure that it is the Private Rented Housing Committee, and not the private tenant, that is cited as respondent/defender in any appeal by a private owner/landlord to discharge…

PE01209: take all necessary action to protect Robert the Bruce's castle gardens in Ayrshire

PE01210: ensure that the rights granted under the Succession (Scotland) Act 1964 are enforced and that any beneficiary who has been denied their rights due to non compliance with the Act are identified and compensated

PE01211: investigate whether economic, business and social development is being constrained by the charges levied by some courier companies delivering to areas of Scotland such as the Highlands and Islands

PE01212: hold a public inquiry into whether the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman has delivered the quasi-judicial complaints handling service it claims to provide and to review all complaints brought by members of the public but…

PE01213: review the current assessment, diagnosis and appeals procedures for Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to ensure that these fully meet the needs of children and to consider whether all the support that is necessary within the…

PE01214: take all necessary action to remove the requirement that an appellant must require two Scottish counsel to sign the appellant's petition before it can be presented to the Appeals Committee of the House of Lords which is contrary to Article 6 of the…

PE01215: improve the frequency of, access to and routes of, buses in rural areas in order to increase mobility and open up access for local communities to social, entertainment and education outlets

PE01216: consider the need for new legislation to improve funding to promote and support enterprise education in schools

PE01217: revise its proposals to introduce new licensing regulations under its proposed Criminal Justice and Licensing Bill in order to protect local tourism and businesses in rural areas from unnecessary regulation and charges

PE01218: bring forward a timed and costed programme of works for the grade separation of the Sheriffhall Roundabout on the A720 to alleviate pressure and traffic problems on the new A68 Dalkeith bypass

PE01219: ensure that adequate funding is available to allow young talented athletes in rural areas to travel to competitions at regional and national levels and provide coaching support and training facilities across Scotland so…

PE01220: review all relevant legislation to ensure the continuance of general practitioner dispensing practices in instances where commercial pharmaceutical practices apply to operate in the same local area

PE01221: recognise that the A977 is part of the strategic road network in Central Scotland and that the opening of the new Clackmannanshire Bridge will lead to increased traffic on the road; that the safety and welfare of the whole community is of paramount…

PE01222: urge the Scottish Government, given its responsibilities to promote and support Gaelic culture, to make representations to the BBC Trust to ensure that BBC Alba is made available on Freeview now rather than wait for a review

PE01223: School bus safety

PE01224: consider displaying the flag of Scotland in the Chamber 

PE01225: outbreak of Clostridium difficile at the Vale of Leven Hospital

PE01226: ensure the Scottish Police Services Authority Board consultation process on the provision of forensic services is open, fair and transparent and that all relevant parties are fully engaged in the process

PE01227: continue funding educational trips for school pupils as part of the 'Lessons From Auschwitz Project' run by the Holocaust Educational Trust

PE01228: hold a referendum on assisted dying and for there to be a debate in Parliament on this issue

PE01229: establish integrated local and national structures for collecting, analysing and sharing biological data to inform decision making processes to benefit biodiversity

PE01230: urge the Scottish Government to amend the Prohibited Procedures on Protected Animals (Exemptions) (Scotland) Regulations 2007 to allow prophylactic tail docking of working dogs under tightly specified circumstances

PE01231: demonstrate support for the voluntary sector by agreeing a national framework for public service contracts based on our 2007 pact to…

PE01232: instigate a national civic award, The Saint Andrews Medal, to recognise those who have given extraordinary or outstanding acts of bravery

PE01233: consider what impact the creation of a Great Britain football team at the Olympics or other sporting event would have on the promotion and support it and other public bodies such as sportscotland provide for football…

PE01234: instigate a class action procedure or similar in Scots Law to correspond with the legal systems of many other countries including England and the United States

PE01235: amend the Education (Scotland) Act 1980 to remove the entitlement of a church or denominational body to approve the religious belief and character of prospective teachers so that any teacher, regardless of their religious…

PE01236: A90-A937 safety improvements 

PE01237: consider the need for legislation to provide a standardised assessment of all schoolchildren by the age of 8 which will inform parents, pupils and educators as to whether the pupil is at risk of developing a specific…

PE01238: to urge the UK Government to expel the Israeli Ambassador from the UK until Israel shows it is prepared to accept that it is not above international law

PE01239: amend the Marriage (Scotland) Act 1977 to allow two persons of the same sex to register a civil marriage and a religious marriage if the relevant religious body consents

PE01240: take measures to ban pet retailers from keeping Siamese fighting fish (Betta Splendens) in small and restrictive tubs of water in their shops

PE01241: conduct an impartial and independent review of its 25 year contract with Kilmarnock Prison Services Ltd on the design, construction, financing and managing of HM Prison Kilmarnock

PE01242: urge the Scottish Government, as part of its international development policy, particularly in relation to Africa, to lobby the Prime Minister as leader of the G20 host nation to take urgent action to address extreme poverty

PE01243: ensure that funding of local hospitals in rural areas is increased to ensure they are properly equipped and staffed in order to treat more local people thereby better meeting the needs of the local population

PE01244: revise the regulations and accompanying guidance under the Schools (Health Promotion and Nutrition) (Scotland) Act 2007 to allow schools to provide full fat milk…

PE01245: consider how it ensures the continued independence of self funded tenants of sheltered housing whose funds and savings are being eroded by increased costs such as through the Supporting People programme

PE01246: review its consultation ‘Achieving smoke-free mental health services' which contains factual inaccuracies thus making the process fatally flawed

PE01247: introduce a McKenzie Friend facility in Scottish courts as a matter of urgency

PE01248: re-introduce safe standing areas at Scottish Premier League football stadia to give professional clubs the option to have seated or standing…

PE01249: introduce a statutory duty on landlords offering short-term holiday and party flats leases to register the property as such and comply with all necessary House in Multiple Occupation, noise, safety and environmental regulations

PE01250: consider additional measures, if necessary legislative, to enforce existing planning policy and guidance, such as SPP11, to ensure there are robust sanctions in place to prevent local authorities from proceeding with development…

PE01251: issue a clear statement that it will not introduce, for tracking, surveillance or identification purposes, microchip implanting of prisoners in Scotland

PE01252: review all legislation and guidelines which give Chief Constables discretion to retain police officers despite any convictions they have

PE01253: compel the Scottish Government to establish a discretionary compensation scheme to provide redress to persons who suffered injury due to negligent medical treatment prior to the establishment of the NHS 

PE01254: Amendment to Section 51 of the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005

PE01255: commit to developing a Rosyth bypass to cope with any increase in the number of heavy goods vehicles diverted from using the Forth Road Bridge

PE01256: provide additional targeted funding to ensure that all primary schools have access to appropriate all weather sport facilities to encourage an active healthy lifestyle from an early age

PE01257: ensure that solicitors acting as court reporters and who knowingly supply false information to a Sheriff are not immune from prosecution and their reports are amended to correct any inaccuracies before a decision by the…

PE01258: introduce a fairer funding framework for all local, regional and national charities and organisations which support individuals with mental health…

PE01259: produce new guidelines on vitamin D supplementation for children and pregnant women and to run an awareness campaign to ensure that people know what level of vitamin D supplements they should be taking

PE01260: advise all police forces to discontinue the practice of entering into agreements with police informants

PE01261: promote better regulation of houses in multiple occupation by (a) giving licensing authorities clear powers to refuse to grant HMO licences where this will affect the amenity of the local area or breach planning policy or the requirement for planning…

PE01262: ban all faith based schools from teaching only in relation to that particular faith and make all schools teach non-denominational subjects

PE01263: accept that individual dairy farmers have human rights and that these have been breached by the operating rules of the ring fencing mechanism attached to the management of milk quotas which should…

PE01264: set up a network of national suggestion boxes to allow members of the public to submit their comments, ideas and suggestions directly to it

PE01265: deliver the same level of responsiveness and support to those individuals who are part of small scale redundancy as those who face large scale redundancy

PE01266: establish how the procedures and guidelines used by local authorities to close a school properly reflect and recognise the needs of children with additional support needs

PE01267: conduct a public investigation into the impact the proposed closures of schools and nurseries by local authorities has on education policies, class sizes, children’s health and…

PE01268: take action against those local authorities who have failed to implement a robust asbestos management plan and procedures for school building…

PE01269: amend legislation to allow same-sex marriage and mixed-sex civil partnership

PE01270: request that local authorities use British Standard 8300:2009 to ensure that at least one public toilet built to the Changing Places standard is provided within

PE01271: investigate the case for a reduced speed limit and other road safety measures such as crossing points on the A96 trunk road in Mosstodloch to improve road safety for school children and the wider public

PE01272: ensure that there is adequate provision for out of hours GP cover in all remote and rural areas in Scotland

PE01273: overnight running of freight trains

PE01274: introduce a scheme to pay people each time they donate blood and to consider other measures to encourage more people to donate

PE01275: ensure that pupils at schools in remote area, such as in the Highlands, are not limited or prevented from visiting educational, cultural, study events in the central belt or lowlands and to demonstrate there is financial…

PE01276: remove the requirement on judicial office holders, including justices of the peace, to retire at the age of 70

PE01277: reodiversity duty

PE01278: demonstrate how it supports national youth volunteering opportunities which deliver skills development for all young people in Scotland and to develop and implement a national youth volunteering…

PE01279: establish processes to ensure that health boards and local authorities fully implement the changes recommended in national reports aimed at improving the wellbeing of people with a…

PE01280: give the same level of protection to the families of people from Scotland who die abroad as is currently in place for people from England

PE01280: requirement for fatal accident inquiry

PE01281: make planning permission a pre-requisite of the granting of a HMO licence; amend or enact laws to control HMO density; give councils full powers of closure in instances of illegal…

PE01282: immediately cease overseas aid and donations and apply these funds to the more pressing demands of Scotland

PE01283: make representations to the Post Office plc to review all postcodes in Scotland to determine the adverse economic and social costs misleading postcodes have particularly on rural…

PE01284: note the successful outcome of a number of legal cases brought by parents against local authorities involving placing requests for children and for it, and councils, to desist from applying any policy on class sizes which…

PE01285: free calls to NHS 24 for mobile phones

PE01285: make arrangements for all calls from mobile phones to NHS 24 to be free of charge to users

PE01286: amend the Tobacco and Primary Medical Services (Scotland) Bill by removing the proposals relating to the ban on the display of tobacco in shops

PE01287: clarify the rights and options of patients once they have accessed their medical records and seen what has been written about them, why and by whom; the guidance given to health professionals on what sort of information…

PE01288: ensure that every NHS board has the structure, funding and capability to provide speedy, accurate and appropriate translation and interpretation services for patients and their families and that such services are…

PE01289: clarify the legislation governing Disclosure Scotland processes to ensure that teachers who work for more than one local authority do not have to apply for a disclosure certificate from each authority

PE01290: amend the Schools (Health Promotion and Nutrition) Act 2007 to allow schools to sell Fairtrade confectionary in school tuck shops

PE01291: develop a strategy for reducing levels of stillbirths

PE01292: amend the Schools (Health Promotion and Nutrition) Act 2007 to allow pupils to act responsibly in respect to their own health and to learn about ‘fair trade’ through running stalls…

PE01293: ensure that existing planning policies, such as SPP11, is rigorously followed by local authorities when considering developments on land currently used as playing fields or open spaces

PE01294: implement a Safe Guardian law to allow family members to care for children who may be at risk

PE01295: clarify how sites which have been identified as areas of national scenic value can then be considered as suitable locations for the building of crematoria and other developments and whether allowing under the planning system…

PE01296: make Low Dose Naltrexone readily available on the NHS to auto-immune disease sufferers as well as other conditions not classified as auto-immune such as HIV/AIDS, cancer and fertility, in each…

PE01297: investigate Scottish land ownership and tenure under the ‘Dutchas/Duthchaich’ or ‘native title’ system of land tenure…

PE01298: promote and support the introduction of national screening and a science based diagnosis of Haemochromatosis Iron Overload within NHS primary care

PE01299: set national standards of care for all Myoclonic Dystonia sufferers and issue guidance to local authority social work/housing departments to ensure they provide adapted service provisions and environmental adaptations

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Petitions 1300 to 1399

PE01300: issue a direction to Scottish Water under the Water Industry (Scotland) Act 2002 to discontinue the practice of paying bonuses to its senior executives

PE01301: make provision to allow individuals complaining about the police force for their area to approach a police force from a different area to investigate such complaints

PE01302: Larbert rail noise and vibration

PE01303: restore access to justice for all by abandoning its policy of full withdrawal of public funding for civil courts and repealing the Orders relating to Court of Session, High Court of Judiciary…

PE01304: make representations to the banking and other private funding sectors to ensure that funding which they provide to charities is maintained in order to protect the jobs and services…

PE01305: extend the bowel cancer screening programme to the immediate families of those who have been diagnosed with bowel cancer

PE01306: urge each local authority to put in place an open, accessible, accountable and participative public petitions process

PE01307: ensure that all publicly funded action (campaigns, publications, action plans, projects, training programmes, etc) on domestic abuse/violence are overhauled to fully acknowledge the extent to which men are…

PE01308: review its policy with respect to trade missions or trade initiatives by publicly funded bodies to Israel and to direct or influence Scottish Trade International to end any ongoing initiatives with Israel

PE01309: amend relevant legislation to remove the protection given to sea eagles and other predators such as foxes, badgers, and ravens in order to allow farmers and crofters, in certain situations, to kill such predators so as…

PE01310: amend the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003 to abolish the over-use of Compulsory Treatment Orders for non-violent mentally ill patients and to provide a process which allows patients and their…

PE01311: review the arrangements which allow individuals who have undergone satisfactory police checks but who do not have a national governing body level 2 coaching certificate to access community resources (funding as well as…

PE01312: make representations to the UK Government asking it to investigate the circumstances into the process for awarding medals to those involved in the 1949 Yangtze campaign and, in particular, whether this process was corrupted…

PE01313: introduce mandatory minimum custodial sentencing for those caught carrying knives or other dangerous weapons in public except where there are exceptional circumstances relating to the carrying of a knife or other similar…

PE01314: amend immediately the Prohibited Procedures on Protected Animals (Exemptions) (Scotland) Regulations 2007 and ban the hot branding of all equine animals

PE01315: increase its efforts to stop the illegal killing of birds of prey

PE01316: ensure that all individuals seeking election to local or national public office (ie council and Scottish Parliament) are subject to enhanced disclosure

PE01317: take the necessary action to ensure that the rights of school aged workers in part time employment are protected so that employers cannot impose excessive working hours to the detriment of the workers…

PE01318: give free access to all publicly funded leisure centres, including swimming pools, for all school aged children across Scotland

PE01319: Improving youth football in Scotland 

PE01320: Amending Planning Circular 3-2009

PE01321: remove the Trespass (Scotland) Act 1865 from all future guidance on the management of Gypsy/Traveller temporary and halt sites

PE01322: Support for dance

PE01323: encourage and facilitate the creation of community centres dedicated for Scottish Shia Muslims

PE01324: cancel the ‘Israel’s Contribution to Medicine, Science and Technology’ exhibition scheduled to run in the Scottish Parliament from 27-29 April 2010

PE01325: support the erection of a statue of Thomas Muir (1765-1799) in the vicinity of the Parliament building or at an appropriate place on the Royal Mile

PE01326: investigate and review the compulsory purchase powers of local authorities to deal with derelict properties/land

PE01327: promote and support the use of the Grid Reference Identification Project (GRIP) and to encourage GPs to invite vulnerable rural patients to take part in this

PE01328: guarantee a minimum separation distance of two kilometres between a wind turbine development and any residential property or building, regardless of whether they are single dwellings or part of a settlement, to minimise…

PE01329: calling on the Scottish Government to put in place a review of the Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000 with a remit to bring it up to date, specifically to introduce legislation that will cover the area surrounding…

PE01330: prohibit the use of equine underground

PE01331: ensure that NHS boards support people with Parkinson’s to get their medication on time, every time, in hospital and at home

PE01332: ensure that the new specialist deaths unit being created by the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service is able to investigate retrospective and current cases of suspicious deaths, including after a Fatal Accident Inquiry

PE01333: Disadvantaged Scottish Gypsy Travellers and members of the settled community

PE01334: set out what its expectations are in relation to how, when, with whom and on what local authorities consult when considering the closure or relocation of centres which provide services for people with disabilities and what…

PE01335: take action to bring Scotland more into line with England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland to adopt the Scottish national team for footballers with Cerebral Palsy/Acquired Brain Injury

PE01336: save our west Highland wild salmon and sea trout

PE01337: demonstrate how public bodies and their employees who enter into contractual agreements with third parties, particularly SMEs, honour their obligations and fulfil the requirements of these contracts

PE01338: amend relevant legislation to provide that night services are eligible services for holders of entitlement cards for free bus travel for older and disabled persons

PE01339: clarify whether it is required to give written authorisation to police forces before any new schemes to arm police officers with Taser weapons can take place and what its legislative obligations are to provide and implement a legal and administrative…

PE01340: Increasing the protection of Scotland's tree heritage

PE01341: conduct an annual audit of the public expenditure on the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO) and establish public complaint channels to examine the public dissatisfaction at the SPSO in managing complaints raised by…

PE01342: commission an independent review of the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman to make it more accountable for its performance, including the extent to which its investigations are fair and robust, and to widen its remit so that…

PE01343: commission an independent review of the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman to make it more accountable for its performance, including the extent to which its investigations are fair and robust, and to widen its remit so that…

PE01344: commission an independent review of the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman to make it more accountable for its performance, including the extent to which its investigations are fair and robust, and to widen its remit so that…

PE01345: commission an independent review of the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman to make it more accountable for its performance, including the extent to which its investigations are fair and robust, and to widen its remit so that…

PE01346: commission an independent review of the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman to make it more accountable for its performance, including the extent to which its investigations are fair and robust, and to widen its remit so that…

PE01347: commission an independent review of the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman to make it more accountable for its performance, including the extent to which its investigations are fair and robust, and to widen its remit so that…

PE01348: commission an independent review of the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman to make it more accountable for its performance, including the extent to which its investigations are fair and robust, and to widen its remit so that…

PE01349: commission an independent review of the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman to make it more accountable for its performance, including the extent to which its investigations are fair and robust, and to widen its remit so that…

PE01350: Return of the Wallace Safe Conduct

PE01351: Time for all to be heard

PE01352: Saltire on Edinburgh Castle

PE01353: carry out or encourage urgent research into Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency Liberation treatment for Multiple Sclerosis and make it available to sufferers as soon as possible

PE01354: introduce ‘citizenship’ as a compulsory element of the secondary school curriculum and which covers knowledge and an understanding of consumers' rights, the roles, duties and responsibilities of the legal profession and…

PE01355: consider the need to lower the prices for travelling on public transport for all school and further education students age 18 and below

PE01356: take practical actions with all relevant stakeholders to support and implement Our Charter Quarriers Charter for Young Homeless People

PE01357: convene an inquiry to consider the process for consenting onshore and offshore renewable energy…

PE01358: disseminate correct and accurate information regarding the uses of sodium fluoride and calcium fluoride to NHS boards and other bodies as appropriate

PE01359: make representations to mobile phone companies to improve mobile phone coverage in rural areas in the interest of economic development and community safety

PE01360: examine whether section 32 of the Guidelines for Initial Teacher Education (ITE) and sections 111, 113 and 211 of the Standards for ITE place a legal obligation on the General Teaching Council for Scotland and…

PE01361: review the involvement of the Scottish judiciary in the legislative process

PE01362: clearly demonstrate how the Family Law (Scotland) Act 2006 is compliant with the European Convention on Human Rights, the Children (Scotland) Act 1995 and the key tenets of Scots Law and to publish the documents and…

PE01363: formally and publicly apologise for the ill treatment by governments and public bodies of the Scottish Gypsy traveller community, with evidence clearly showing it to be one of the most marginalised and discriminated community…

PE01364: clarifying guidelines on Gypsy Traveller encampments

PE01365: attend a meeting with kinship carers, hosted by the Scottish Human Rights Commission and the Poverty Truth Commission, to work on providing adequate financial and other support for kinship carer children giving them an equal chance to foster care…

PE01366: remove the seats reserved for the Church of Scotland and the Roman Catholic Church from the General Teaching Council for Scotland

PE01367: Ban Mosquito devices now

PE01368: ensure that political education is provided to all school pupils and is given prominence within the framework of the new Curriculum for Excellence

PE01369: Having regard to young people when considering changes to leisure and cultural facilities

PE1370 is available under View Petitions

PE01371: intervene in the deadlock between the parties that govern Scottish football to compel them to: (1) form one truly representative governing body, fit to deliver competent and accountable decision-making processes, and (2) carry…

PE01372: Access to justice in environmental matters

PE01373: instruct Historic Scotland to ensure that great patriot of Scotland, Bishop Robert Wishart, has the Scottish saltire hanging above or beside his effigy in Glasgow Cathedral and that he is recognised by an…

PE01374: ensure that sufficient resources are provided to local authorities to ensure that jobs are available for teachers who have successfully completed their induction year

PE01375: ban the import to, transit through, or export from, Scotland of rooroo meat, skin and other associated products to protect the welfare of baby kangaroos

PE01376: Ban the presence of free methanol in all manufactured products in our diets

PE01377: increase the accountability of community councils while empowering and supporting their role and of community councillors thereby creating parity with local authorities and the Scottish Parliament

PE01378: Silicone Breast Implants - Rupture Awareness

PE01379: (a) immediately ban the construction of new waste incinerators and large biomass burners, and shut all existing plants within 5 years; (b) improve the monitoring…

PE01380: introduce legislation prohibiting the resale of football tickets for Scottish domestic and international fixtures, in line with similar legislation currently in force in England and Wales as well as the Netherlands

PE01381: Education provision for children and young people absent from school due to illness

PE01382: conduct a review, with the following objectives: (1) provide a right of appeal by stakeholders regarding breaches of the Schools Consultation (Scotland) Act 2010; (2) provide a clear protocol over the mechanism to change…

PE01383: Better protection for wild land

PE01384: Giving Voice - speech and language therapy transforms lives

PE01385: Improving the lives of children with asthma across Scotland

PE01386: Establishment of further static gear only inshore fisheries

PE01387: provide financial support for the creation of a permanent interpretation and education centre close to the site of the Battle of Prestonpans

PE01388: repeal the Solicitors (Scotland) Act 1980, end self-regulation, and remove the independence of the legal profession, bringing it onside with true democracy

PE01389: Adverse impact of Coastguard station closures

PE01390: The governance of essential ferry services

PE01391: Protecting the right of children to be taught by qualified teachers for 25 hours a week

PE01392: City status by right of Ancient Prescriptive Usage

PE01393: Cut them free: Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation in Scotland

PE01394: Reintroduce Lochboisdale to Mallaig ferry service

PE01395: targeted funding for lesser taught languages and cultures at universities

PE01396: investigate and prevent the overbreeding of Staffordshire bull terrier dogs

PE01396: The over breeding and abandonment of Staffordshire bull terriers

PE01397: Future support of and funding for In Care Survivors Service Scotland

PE01398: Access to therapy for orphan diseases

PE01399: Equitable access to therapy for Pompe disease

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Petitions 1400 to 1499

PE01400: Ban on the use of wild animals in circuses

PE01401: Access to therapy for paroxysmal nocturnal haemoglobinuria

PE01402: A strategy and policy for diagnosing and treating adult ADHD in Scotland

PE01403: To improve support and assistance to victims of crime and their families

PE01404: Access to Insulin Pump Therapy

PE01405: Review of the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman

PE01406: Suspension of overseas aid and donations until the economy fully recovers

PE01407: Scottish Cancer Drug Fund

PE01408: Updating of Pernicious Anaemia-VitaminB12 Deficiency understanding & treatment

PE01409: Bridging the Training Gap - Training for education staff on learning disabilities and autistic spectrum disorders

PE01410: Developing a fruitful future for all young Scots (and some older ones)

PE01411: Reforming Uniform Policy in all Scottish local authority schools by producing mandatory guidelines that they have to follow in their uniform codes

PE01412: Bond of Caution

PE01413: Preserving marriage

PE01414: Funding for Further Education

PE01415: Update Burial Grounds (Scotland) Act 1855

PE01416: Review of health issues and planning guidance in respect of telecommunications masts

PE01417: Educating our future generations: Councils should listen to parents

PE01418: Safeguarding vulnerable people

PE01419: Scottish Minister for Older People

PE01420: To recognise the real value of kinship carers and give them parity with foster carers across Scotland

PE01421: Fair Ferry Fares

PE01422: Inequality of Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003

PE01423: Harnessing the undoubted talent of public sector staff

PE01424: Improving transport provision for older people in remote and rural areas

PE01425: Adverse impact of DVLA local office closures

PE01426: National Donor Milk Bank Service

PE01427: Access to justice for non-corporate multi-party groups

PE01428: Improvements for the A83

PE01429: Making Scottish international education more accessible

PE01430: Regulation of childminding businesses

PE01431: Marine Protected Area for Fair Isle

PE01432: Improving emergency ambulance provision in remote and rural areas

PE01433: Productive land for landless Scots to grow their own food

PE01434: Additional funding for sport facilities and a minimum level of sports facilities

PE01435: Scottish-Pakistan Youth Council

PE01436: Abolition of the requirement for corroboration

PE01437: Recycling in Schools

PE01438: Improving services for people with mental illness

PE01439: Betting and loan shops in deprived communities

PE01440: Plans for new Children and Young People Bill

PE01441: Flood insurance problems.

PE01442: The body upon death becomes part of the estate

PE01443: Investigating the cause of miscarriage

PE01444: Mutual repairs incentive scheme

PE01445: Stop the wind farm at Nathro

PE01446: Scottish Standards for the Care of Adult Congenital Heart Patients

PE01447: Protection for Landlords

PE01448: Improving awareness of the cancer risks in organ transplantation

PE01449: Maintenance of a Scottish Council for Administrative Justice

PE01450: Environmental and genetic impact on natural stocks of Sea and Brown Trout by stocking rivers with farmed Brown Trout and hatchery reared Atlantic Salmon

PE01451: Review of smoking ban

PE01452: People's Charter

PE01453: Opt for Life

PE01454: Hyperemesis specialist nurses

PE01455: Public access to court records

PE01456: Introduction of an individual licence to purchase tobacco products

PE01457: Scotland's National Tree

PE01458 is available under View Petitions 

PE01459: Total review of Coastal Erosion protocols and responsibilities

PE01460: Improvement of services and resources to tackle chronic pain

PE01461: Protection for third parties in the planning process

PE01462: New Treatment For Cystic Fibrosis

PE01463: Effective thyroid and adrenal testing, diagnosis and treatment

PE01464: Postponement of the 2015 Non-domestic Rates Revaluation

PE01465: Maintenance of vacant land in private ownership

PE01466: Local Authority Charges for Non-residential Services

PE01467: Scottish Living Wage Recognition Scheme

PE01468: Evictions due to under occupation deductions

PE01469: Neighbour notification distances for wind turbine applications

PE01470: Young Carer's Grant

PE01471: Young People's Hospital Wards

PE01472: Inter-island air services

PE01473: Wi-Fi on CalMac ferries

PE01474: Governance and propriety during the Menie Development

PE01475: Bus fares and services

PE01477: Gender neutral Human Papillomavirus vaccination

PE01478: A90 Balmedie to Tipperty Dualling Project

PE01479: Complaints about solicitors

PE01480: Alzheimer's and dementia awareness

PE01481: End to blacklisting in Scotland

PE01482: Isolation in single room hospitals

PE01483: Dreach da-chananach de cheist an refreinn air neo-eisimeileachd Bilingual version of the independence referendum question

PE01484: An independent regulator for national examinations set by the Scottish Qualifications Authority

PE01485: Airgun licensing in Scotland

PE01486: Primary one class sizes and sibling placing requests

PE01487: Religious observance in schools

PE01488: Whistleblowing in local government

PE01489: Realignment of Parliamentary Governance on Scottish Public Services Ombudsman

PE01491: Secret society membership declaration by decision makers

PE01492: Co-location of GP Practices and Community Pharmacies

PE01493: A Sunshine Act for Scotland

PE01494: Mental Health Legislation

PE01495: The use of 'gagging clauses' in agreements with NHS staff in Scotland

PE01496: Bedroom Tax Mitigation

PE01497: Supermarket expansion on local high streets

PE01498: Religious Representatives on Local Authority Education Committees

PE01499: Creating suitable respite services for younger disabled adults with life-limiting conditions

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Petitions 1500 to 1599

PE01500: Golden Eagle as the National Bird of Scotland

PE01501: Public inquiries into self-inflicted and accidental deaths following suspicious death investigations

PE01502: Save Ecurie Ecosse cars

PE01503: Review of A9 speed camera proposals

PE01504: Party litigants - Civil Appeals to the Supreme Court

PE01505: Awareness of Strep B in Pregnancy and Infants

PE01506: Rename Glasgow Prestwick Airport to 'Robert Burns International Airport'

PE01507: Funding for Additional Support for Learning in Scotland

PE01508: ATOS as a sponsor of the 2014 Commonwealth Games

PE01509: Aberdeen to Inverness Rail Travel Improvement

PE01510: Emergency Service and Non Emergency Service Call Centres

PE01511: Inverness Fire Service Control Room

PE01512: Amendments to the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002

PE01513: Equal Rights for Unmarried Fathers

PE01514: Making Time for Reflection representative of all beliefs

PE01515: Asylum in Scotland to Glasgow University Rector Edward Snowden

PE01516: Referenda for Orkney, Shetland and the Western Isles

PE01517 is available under View Petitions

PE01518: Meaningful Public Consultation within the Scottish Planning System

PE01519: Save Scotland's Seals

PE01520: Unrestricted freedom to build on plots of up to 1 acre

PE01521: No More Page 3 in the Scottish Sun and Scottish Parliament

PE01522: Improving bulk fuel storage safety

PE01523: Give the Tinkers' Heart of Argyll back to the Travelling People

PE01524: Free Wi-Fi in Scottish public buildings

PE01525: Access to justice

PE01526: Making Sex and Relationship Education in Scotland Statutory for all Schools

PE01527: Bank deposit protection

PE01528: Child court reform

PE01529: Enforcement of child court orders

PE01530: Guidance on how creationism is presented in schools

PE01531: Remove Charitable Status from Private Schools

PE01532: Stop Public Bearing of Arms by Police

PE01533: Abolition of non-residential social care charges for older and disabled people

PE01534: Equal rights of appeal in the planning system

PE01535: Teach sustainability and ban disposable plastic bags

PE01536: Definition of adultery

PE01537: Proposed Energy Park at Cockenzie

PE01538: Transparency in SPSO investigations

PE01539: Housing Associations to come under the Freedom of Information Act (Scotland) 2002

PE01540: Permanent Solution for A83

PE01541: 'Flower of Scotland' to be officially recognised as Scotland's national anthem

PE01542: Human Rights for Dairy Farmers

PE01543: To Investigate Parental Alienation and Review Civil Legal Aid

PE01544: Increasing the maximum sentence for convictions under the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006

PE01545: Residential care provision for the severely learning disabled

PE01546: Collect Poll Tax Arrears

PE01547: Conserving Scottish wild salmon

PE01548 is available under View Petitions

PE01549: Concessionary Travel Passes for War Veterans

PE01550: Mental Health Act inquiry

PE01551: Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse

PE01552: Choice of treatment for cancer patients

PE01553: Rendering Industry Regulations

PE01554: Improve the provision of disabled-friendly housing

PE01555: Electric Shock and Vibration Collars for Animals

PE01556: A National Parks Strategy for Scotland

PE01557: No Scottish Government funding for Whitesands flood scheme

PE01558: American Signal Crayfish

PE01559: Disabled parking on private property

PE01560: Local authority planning appeals procedure

PE01561: Pet Rabbit Welfare

PE01562: Perverse Acquittal

PE01563: Sewage sludge spreading

PE01564: Save Loch Ness and the Great Glen

PE01565: Whole of life sentences for violent re-offenders

PE01566: A National Service Delivery Model for Warfarin Patients

PE01567: Investigating unascertained deaths, suicides and fatal accidents

PE01568: Funding, access and promotion of the NHS Centre for Integrative Care

PE01569: Re-introduction of the Scottish Red Ensign

PE01570: Parental Rights To Child Contact

PE01571: Food Bank Funding

PE01572: Occupational Disclosure in Trials and Sentencing

PE01573: Statutory teaching of LGBTI+ issues

PE01574: HPV Vaccine Safety

PE01575: Accessible Rail Travel

PE01576: Blue Badges for children with Autism and Down's Syndrome

PE01577: Adult Cerebral Palsy Services

PE01578: Forth Circle Rail Link

PE01579: Funding for the New Barrhead High School

PE01580: Guidance for Parliament staff on international health treaty standards

PE01581: Save Scotland's School Libraries

PE01582: Compulsory Pet Insurance

PE01583: Primary School Playground Supervision

PE01584: New Scottish Vaccine and Immunisation Advisory Committee

PE01585: Scottish Jamaican Relations

PE01586: Statutory control measures for Invasive Non-Native Species

PE01587: Scottish Civic Forum

PE01588: Scan All Pets Found On Scottish Roads

PE01589: Independent review of child contact and financial provision post-separation

PE01590: Licences for Acupuncturists

PE01591: Major redesign of healthcare services in Skye, Lochalsh and South West Ross

PE01592: Group B Strep Information and Testing

PE01593: A full review of the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012

PE01594: Specification of 'lying' as an example of public maladministration

PE01595: Moratorium on shared space schemes

PE01596: In Care Survivors Service Scotland

PE01597: Mycoplasma Fermentans in Regressive Autism.

PE01598: Protecting wild salmonids from sea lice from Scottish salmon farms

PE01599: Adult Consensual Incest (ACI)

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Petitions 1600 to 1699

PE01600: Speed awareness courses

PE01601: European Beavers in Scotland

PE01602: ECGs and heart echo tests within antenatal care

PE01603: Ensuring greater scrutiny, guidance and consultation on armed forces visits to schools in Scotland

PE01604: Inquests for all deaths by suicide in Scotland

PE01605: Whistleblowing in the NHS - a safer way to report mismanagement and bullying

PE01606: Forcing Scottish councils to collaborate regionally on schools and roads

PE01607: Congestion charging in major Scottish cities

PE01608: Wholly Owned National Private Pharmaceuticals

PE01609: NHS Scotland Treatments

PE01610 is available under View Petitions 

PE01611: Mental Health Services in Scotland

PE01612: Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme - Change to the "same roof rule"

PE01613: Taking account of sound sensitivity in regulating antisocial behaviour and environmental health

PE01614: Adult Consensual Incest (ACI)

PE01615: State regulated licensing system for gamebird hunting in Scotland

PE01616: Parking Legislation

PE01617: Proposed Health Study - Vaccinated vs Non-Vaccinated

PE01618: Combatting Motorcycle Theft

PE01619: Access to Continuous Glucose Monitoring

PE01620: Museum of Fire

PE01621: Sepsis Awareness, Diagnosis and Treatment

PE01622: Make failure to recycle a criminal offence

PE01623: Unelected church appointees on Local Authority Education Committees

PE01624: Definition of adultery

PE01625: Wider awareness, acceptance and recognition of Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome

PE01626: Regulation of Bus Services

PE01627: Consent for mental health treatment for people under 18 years of age

PE01628: Consultation on service delivery for the elderly or vulnerable

PE01629: MRI scans for Ocular Melanoma sufferers in Scotland

PE01630: Nursery funding for 3 year olds

PE01631: Child Welfare Hearings

PE01632: Concessionary transport for carers

PE01633: Private Criminal Prosecution in Scotland

PE01634: Equality in council tax payment options

PE01635: Review of section 11 of the Children (Scotland) Act 1995

PE01636: Require that all single use drinks cups are 100% biodegradable

PE01637: Ship-to-ship oil transfers and trust port accountability

PE01638: Local Housing Allowance (Bedroom tax 2)

PE01639: Enterprise Agency Boards

PE01640: Action against irresponsible dog breeding

PE01641: Future Independence Referendum

PE01642: Sale and marketing of energy drinks to under sixteens

PE01643: Introduce individual risk-based blood donation in Scotland

PE01644: Country sports tourism funding

PE01645: Review of legal aid in Scotland

PE01646: Drinking water supplies in Scotland

PE01647: Protection for all employees in NHS Scotland

PE01648: Nursery business rates

PE01649: Council tax bands

PE01650: Student Awards Agency for Scotland's post-graduate eligibility criteria

PE01651: Prescribed drug dependence and withdrawal

PE01652: Abusive and threatening communication

PE01653: Active travel infrastructure

PE01654: Forestry regulation

PE01655: Scotland's National Scenic Areas

PE01656: Threats or assaults on sitting members of parliament, their staff and families

PE01657 is available under View Petitions

PE01658: Compensation for those who suffered a neurological disability following administration of the Pluserix vaccine between 1988 and 1992

PE01659: Local authority complaints body

PE01660: Scottish Legal Complaints Commission review

PE01661: Reform of regulation of the legal profession in Scotland

PE01662 is available under View Petitions

PE01663: Driven grouse shooting study

PE01664: Greater protection for mountain hares

PE01665: Common law of blasphemy

PE01666: Scottish Parliament electoral cycle

PE01667: Review of mental health and incapacity legislation

PE01668 is available under View Petitions

PE01669: Independent vaccine safety commission

PE01670: Reform the Scottish electoral system to make it democratic and accountable

PE01671: Sale and use of glue traps

PE01672: Scottish Law Commission Report on Prescription

PE01673: Operation and running of child protection services in Scotland

PE01674: Managing the Cat Population in Scotland

PE01675: Attendance at Children's Hearings

PE01676 is available under View Petitions

PE01677: Make more money available to mitigate welfare cuts

PE01678: National strategic framework for Countryside Ranger Services in Scotland

PE01679: Cycle helmets in Scotland

PE01680: Private Water Supplies in Scotland

PE01681: Adult Consensual Incestuous Relationships and Marriage

PE01682: Access to specialist support for hidradenitis suppurativa sufferers in Scotland

PE01683: Support for families with multiple births

PE01684: Composition of local authority executive committees

PE01685: Log burner stoves in Smoke Control Areas

PE01686: Homelessness crisis in Scotland

PE01687: Regulation of fireworks displays in Scotland

PE01688: Permitted development rights in conservation areas

PE01689: Hepatitis C Treatment Targets in Scotland

PE01690: Review treatment of people with ME in Scotland

PE01691: Review of the Title Conditions (Scotland) Act 2003

PE01692 is available under View Petitions

PE01693: Independent Water Ombudsman

PE01694: Free Instrumental Music Services

PE01695: Access to justice in Scotland

PE01696: Preserving Scottish Battlefields

PE01697: Child Funeral Fund

PE01698: Medical care in rural areas

PE01699: Release of murder victim bodies for funeral arrangements

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Petitions 1700 to 1799

PE01700: Progression of process for Section 30 order to hold Scottish Referendum on Independence from the United Kingdom

PE01701: Change the law to allow adoption for people over the age of 18

PE01702: Counselling provision in all Schools

PE01703: Access to broadband in rural Scotland

PE01704: Improve targets and outcomes for autistic people in Scotland

PE01705: Wildlife crime - penalties and investigation

PE01706: Introduce a law to allow pets in rented and supported accommodation

PE01707: Public Access Defibrillators

PE01708: Catering for vegans on all public sector menus

PE01709: Install CCTV cameras and provide full time social work support in all additional support needs schools

PE01710: Community hospital and council care home services in Scotland

PE01711: First Aid Training for All Primary School Children in Scotland

PE01712: Soul and conscience letters

PE01713: Ban the use of 'Mosquito Devices' in Scotland

PE01714: Interstitial Lung Disease and Home Management

PE01715: Closed-Containment for Salmon Farms in Scotland

PE01716: Full review of mental health service provision across the NHS in Scotland

PE01717: Inquiry into the abuse of children in Scottish state schools

PE01718: Body cameras for the NHS

PE01719: Review of fire safety stay-put policy

PE01720: Natural Flood Alleviation Strategy for Scotland

PE01721: National tourism strategy for Scotland and the role of the National Trust for Scotland

PE01722: Parking charges at island lifeline ferry ports

PE01723 is available under View Petitions

PE01724: Equal rights for Commercial Attorneys and Party Litigants in the legal system

PE01725: Suicide awareness and support for young people

PE01726: Primary Hyperparathyroidism

PE01727: Reporting crime in Scotland

PE01728: Make false allegations a hate crime

PE01729: Legal protection of crofts from local authority care charges

PE01730: Registration of home educated children in Scotland

PE01731: Permit audio recording of local government public meetings

PE01732: A toolkit for working with the Pathological Demand Avoidance profile of ASD

PE01733: Human right to adequate food

PE01734: Lower the age of hysterectomies

PE01735: Include Pelvic Floor education in the Baby Box scheme

PE01736: Vehicle collisions involving cats to be made a reportable offence

PE01737: Review of hate crime legislation and security funding in Scotland

PE01738: Student teacher bursaries for full-time placement students

PE01739: Improve access to weight loss surgery

PE01740: Improving the handling of complaints about public services

PE01741: Human rights, citizenship and legal protection for people with lifelong learning disabilities

PE01742: Amend anti-social behaviour legislation to tackle neighbouring household odours

PE01733 is available under View Petitions

PE01744: Psychiatric service dogs in Scotland

PE01745: Statutory Right for Families to Request a Fatal Accident Inquiry

PE01746: Creation of a Scottish space non-departmental public body

PE01747 is available under View Petitions

PE01748: Provide protection for small communities in Scottish planning policy

PE01749: Financial viability of listed buildings

PE01750 is available under View Petitions

PE01751: Create no wild camp zones in Scotland

PE01752: Workforce management and time recording systems in the Scottish Government

PE01753: Moratorium on the roll out of 5G technology

PE01754: Ensure any referendum on constitutional change has a two thirds majority for it to succeed

PE01755: Ban all single use plastics across Scotland

PE01756: Review current housing legislation to protect people experiencing domestic or elder abuse

PE01757: Reduce actuarial reductions to the Scottish Local Government Pension Scheme

PE01758 is available under View Petitions

PE01759: Equal school hours for all children in Scotland

PE01760: Clear Pricing for Train Fares

PE01761: New housing regulations

PE01762: End the killing of wildlife on grouse moors and elsewhere in Scotland

PE01763: Make the Scottish Police Federation comply with FOI legislation

PE01764: Include evolutionary studies within the primary school curriculum

PE01765: Make those in Scottish public office accountable

PE01766: Legal aid for private criminal prosecutions for unwaged and, or, learning-disabled victims of abuse

PE01767: Scottish fire and rescue legislation and human rights

PE01768: Children Hearing proceedings should be minuted and or recorded

PE01769: Higher Education in Scotland

PE01770: Improving Water Safety

PE01771: Potential abuse within Scottish local authorities

PE01772: Ban Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender teaching and sexual pictures from the school curriculum

PE01773: Reform rape law

PE01774: Formally Record Vaping-Related Illnesses and Deaths

PE01775: Introduce statutory allergy care legislation in nurseries and schools

PE01776: Dogs are not inanimate objects

PE01777: To introduce British Sign Language (BSL) into the Curriculum for Excellence

PE01778 is available under View Petitions

PE01779: Reducing the risk of ovarian cancer

PE01780: Consultation on the closure of large shops on New Year's Day

PE01781: Written constitution for Scotland

PE01782: Full consultation on stocking of salmon rivers

PE01783: Public Awareness and funding for childhood cancers with low survival rates

PE01784: Review of the Sheriff Court Fees Order 2018

PE01785: Review and reduce social work powers

PE01786: Prosecutions under the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003

PE01777 is available under View Petitions

PE01788: CMV Screening for Pregnant Women

PE01789: Learning difficulties and disability qualifications

PE01790: Parental and familial alienation

PE01791: Referendums (Scotland) Act 2020

PE01792: Access to Scottish piers and harbours

PE01793: Alleviation of Water Poverty

PE01794: New eligibility criteria for the Small Business Bonus Scheme

PE01795: Maoineachadh do Spòrs Gàidhlig - Funding for Spòrs Gàidhlig

PE01796: Equality, Inclusion and the Gaelic language

PE01797: End live chick culling

PE01798: Review Additional Dwelling Supplement eligibility and relief criteria

PE01799: Make it illegal to publish a defendant's address in the press

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Petitions 1800 to 1864

PE01800: Expand the remit of the Lands Tribunal for Scotland

PE01801: Retain powers of economic and industrial intervention

PE01802: Improved safety for cyclists

PE01803: Right to Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS)

PE01804 is available under View Petitions

PE01805: Provision of NHS Hospitals in Scotland

PE01806: Improving survival from pancreatic cancer

PE01807: Compensation for paying university students

PE01808: Remuneration of vital public service employees

PE01809: Reinstate continuing professional development allowance for general dental practitioners

PE01810: Replace the European Union Flag with the Commonwealth Flag

PE01811: Independent sport ombudsman

PE01812 is available under View Petitions

PE01813: Reform the national curriculum to include all African Scottish history

PE01814: Compulsory education of Black, Asian, and minority ethnic history in Scottish schools

PE01815 is available under View Petitions

PE01816: Reform of local authority financial powers

PE01817 is available under View Petitions

PE01818: Introduce regulations on residential use of trampolines

PE01819: NHS bursary for Scottish paramedic students

PE01820: Compulsory bereavement education in schools

PE01821: Renovate unused buildings to create homes for homeless people

PE01822: More NHS money for hospital beds

PE01823: Full body scans to all neonates in Scotland

PE01824: 30 day supply chain payment for government work

PE01825: Dedicated facilities for women with unexpected pregnancy complications

PE01826: Introduce a new national emblem of Scotland

PE01827: Support for first time buyers in areas with higher house inflation

PE01828: Improve opportunities for employment

PE01829: Allow a designated visitor into intensive care wards

PE01830: Protect Scotland's war memorials

PE01831: End the ban on background music

PE01832: PE01832: Repeal the Public Information Disclosure Act 1998 (PIDA)

PE01833: Raise awareness for dyscalculia

PE01834: Urgent funding for Citizens Advice Bureaux

PE01835: Criminalise the submission of misleading or false information in child protection cases

PE01836: Expand the remit of the Care Inspectorate to investigate individual child protection complaints

PE01837 is available under View Petitions

PE01838 is available under View Petitions

PE01839: Review maternity models in remote and rural areas

PE01840: Addressing racism in Scottish education

PE01841: Allow a designated visitor into care homes

PE01842: Regulate the professional dog walking industry

PE01843: Review the Commissioner for Ethical Standards in Public Life in Scotland

PE01844: Introduce an external regulatory complaints body for NHS boards

PE01845 is available under View Petitions

PE01846: Upgrade the A82

PE01847: Raise the age of criminal responsibility

PE01848: Allow snooker and pool venues to open in more tiers

PE01849: Independent review of non-forensic detentions within high and medium secure psychiatric hospitals

PE01850 is available under View Petitions

PE01851 is available under View Petitions

PE01852 is available under View Petitions

PE01853 is available under View Petitions

PE01854 is available under View Petitions

PE01855 is available under View Petitions

PE01856 is available under View Petitions

PE01857 is available under View Petitions

PE01858 is available under View Petitions

PE01859 is available under View Petitions

PE01860 is available under View Petitions

PE01861 is available under View Petitions

PE01862 is available under View Petitions

PE01863 is available under View Petitions

PE01864 is available under View Petitions

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