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MSP-sponsored exhibitions

MSP-sponsored exhibitions are exhibitions which are "sponsored" (or supported) by an Member of the Scottish Parliament. These exhibitions give organisations the opportunity to raise awareness of their work with MSPs.

Organisations will be considered for one exhibition in a two-year period.  Please be aware that exhibitions for MSPs are not publicly accessible.

Requesting your exhibition

You should start by contacting an MSP and asking them to consider sponsoring your exhibition. You might consider asking your local MSP, or an MSP with a particular interest in your organisation or the work that it does.  For example, they might sit on a parliamentary committee or a Cross-Party Group that is relevant to the subject of your exhibition. Once an MSP has agreed to sponsor your exhibition you should update them throughout the planning process as necessary.

Please be aware that your exhibition must aim to engage all MSPs regardless of party.  Exhibitors must be respectful of all MSPs and Parliament staff.

If you'd like to request an MSP-sponsored exhibition, please download and fill out the Microsoft Word document and send it to [email protected].

Exhibition Request Form (77KB Word Document)

Exhibitions are considered and allocated on a 12-month rolling basis. If no space is available your exhibition will be placed on a reserve list or considered in the next set of allocations.

Planning your exhibition

Four months prior to exhibition: security clearance

Once your exhibition has been confirmed, the security clearance process can begin. A security questionnaire will be sent to the main exhibition contact and one other nominated person.

Security forms for all exhibitors must be completed and returned at least 3 months prior to your exhibition. Security clearance is essential to enable access to the exhibition area.

You should also get in touch with the Events and Exhibitions Team to arrange a site visit.

Two weeks prior to exhibition

Your contact in the Events and Exhibitions team will send you an Exhibition Plan which you need to submit.  The plan allows you to provide staffing and delivery details.

Display equipment

Let us know what your final requirements are. We can provide:

  • display panels (4.9 metres long and 1.97 metres high).  These can be used to help promote your work. For example creating a display of posters or artwork
  • two tables for any leaflets/information about your work
  • two chairs
  • a TV monitor which you can use to play presentations (no audio)
  • a hanging system should you wish to display any small to medium framed artworks
  • Velcro fixings to attach pictures, posters or other lightweight materials

Any electrical equipment brought in by exhibitors may require you to provide PAT certification.

Exhibitions should be developed or tailored to suit the spaces, which are in busy working areas of the Scottish Parliament building. Your exhibition and the items in your exhibition are displayed at your own risk.

Risk Assessment and Method Statement

For more involved set-ups, you may need to provide a Risk Assessment and Method Statement. If you are unsure whether you need to, please discuss with your contact in the Events and Exhibitions Team.

Where exhibitions are held

MSP-sponsored exhibitions take place in two dedicated spaces in the Scottish Parliament building at Holyrood. The exhibition spaces are in the passholder (non-public) side of the building. This is because they are directly aimed at engaging MSPs.

Exhibition space is modest in size and exhibitions must fit the space available.

When exhibitions can take place

MSP-sponsored exhibitions take place during business periods of the Scottish Parliament only, from Tuesday to Thursday, with set-up on the Tuesday morning and take-down on the Thursday afternoon.

Delivering your exhibition

If you have too much equipment to carry in through the public entrance you can drop items off in the delivery area at the Scottish Parliament or arrange for a courier to deliver your items. If couriered, please mark items with the name of your exhibition.

Staffing your exhibition

A maximum of two persons may staff the exhibition at any one time. You do not need to staff your exhibition if you do not wish to.

At all times respect the business of the Scottish Parliament. It is a working building.

Do not approach MSPs, let them approach you.

Photography is allowed but please avoid flash photography. You must get permission if you wish to photograph any MSP.

Arriving at the Scottish Parliament

You will enter the Scottish Parliament via the public entrance. Let the Visitor Services Desk know that you have arrived. They will contact the Events and Exhibitions Team and someone will meet you. In order to receive your Exhibitor Pass you will need to bring photo ID.

If you have security clearance you can use the coffee bar and staff restaurant. A member of the Events and Exhibitions Team will show you where they are.

Other requirements

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP)

If you have any special access requirements and require support, please let the Events and Exhibitions Team know.

Covid-19 Guidance

The following guidance is designed to keep you and others safe while working in the Scottish Parliament building:

  • all exhibitors working at an exhibition are reminded not to travel if they have tested positive for Covid-19, or are displaying Covid-19 symptoms
  • hand sanitiser is available at the exhibition spaces

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

We handle any personal information you give us when making an enquiry or requesting a booking in line with the Data Protection Act 2018 and UK GDPR. Please read the privacy notice on recording event and exhibition organiser information. Other privacy notices may apply.  Please contact us if you would like more information.

Lobbying (Scotland) Act 2016

The Events and Exhibitions Team will provide you with information on the Lobbying Register. If you have any queries about lobbying, please contact [email protected] or 0131 348 5408.

Further information

If you have any questions, please contact the Events and Exhibitions Team. We are always happy to help.


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