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Chamber and committees

Question ref. S6W-09139
Asked by: Foysol Choudhury, Lothian, Scottish Labour
Date lodged: 9 June 2022


To ask the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body what support it has made available to ensure that the Scottish Parliament is a migraine-friendly workplace.

Current status: Answered by Claire Baker (on behalf of the SPCB) on 23 June 2022


The SPCB provides support to staff who suffer from recurrent illnesses, including migraine.  The SPCB recognises that most people with migraine can manage their condition and work effectively, with the right information and support in place.  Managers and MSPs, in their capacity as employers, are encouraged to create a positive workplace culture, including holding regular conversations with team members about wellbeing so that additional support needs can be identified.  

Members, their staff, and SPS staff also have access to a range of health and wellbeing related policies, advice and services including the Parliament’s Occupational Health Service, which can provide workplace assessments or referral to medical specialists.  The SPCB is also committed to providing a Safe place of work and fully complies with workplace health, safety and welfare requirements including ensuring the availability of water, good lighting, good ventilation and a reasonable working temperature. 

The SPCB also provides support to individuals including:

  • Reasonable adjustments including the provision of assistive equipment;
  • Localised adjustments to reduce brightness in individual work areas;
  • Health and wellbeing training, including stress awareness and managing your physical working from home arrangements;
  • Free eye tests;
  • Adjustable DSE workstation equipment;
  • stress risk assessments, as required;
  • Quiet working space in the Holyrood building;
  • A good mix of natural and electric lighting and an environment which is free of excessive noise and odours.

Staff can also access flexible working arrangements, including flexible working hours and time off for medical appointments. 

When compared to the Migraine Trust’s definition of a migraine-friendly employer the Parliament is well placed.  However, the SPCB continues to review the support it provides to staff.