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Chamber and committees

Question ref. S6W-08753
Asked by: Alexander Stewart, Mid Scotland and Fife, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party
Date lodged: 30 May 2022


To ask the Scottish Government whether it will provide an update on progress regarding the action point in Housing to 2040, which states that the Scottish Government will “establish an inclusive programme of retrofitting social homes”, and how the work in connection with this action point is being monitored.

Current status: Answered by Shona Robison on 14 June 2022


Housing to 2040 sets out Scotland’s first ever long-term national housing strategy with a vision for what we want housing to look like and how it will be provided to the people of Scotland. As such, it sets out how we will take housing policy forward over the long term and this means that not all actions are intended to be taken forward at the same time. This action point relates to wider work which is in progress towards the new tenure-neutral housing standard for Scotland; an Equalities Impact Assessment is being developed and initial engagement with stakeholders is underway. We aim to produce a draft standard in 2023 and to progress legislation in 2024-25 for phased introduction from 2025-30, in line with Action Point 18 in Housing to 2040. Monitoring occurs through regular reviews of the project workplan and discussions between myself and the Scottish Government officials responsible for developing this new housing standard. The specific action to establish an inclusive programme of retrofitting social homes, with a focus on accessibility, will be addressed in future years as this wider development of the new housing standard progresses.