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Chamber and committees

Question ref. S6W-07745
Asked by: Fiona Hyslop, Linlithgow, Scottish National Party
Date lodged: 31 March 2022


To ask the Scottish Government how it is supporting the bids from Glasgow and Edinburgh to be part of the European Union's 100 Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities mission and NetZeroCities project, and how any lessons learned will be shared among all of Scotland's cities.

Current status: Answered by Kate Forbes on 19 April 2022


The Scottish Government welcomes the EU Mission to deliver 100 climate-neutral and smart cities by 2030, and in ensuring that these cities act as hubs to enable all European cities to follow suit by 2050. We recognise that involvement in such a Mission presents a real opportunity to better mobilise delivery partners to create an effective network for sharing valuable learning on the transition cities will make to net zero. Should Edinburgh or Glasgow participate in this Mission, the Scottish Government will work with key stakeholders - particularly the European Commission, local authorities, and our partners in the Scottish Cities Alliance - to enable all of our seven cities to benefit from Scotland’s involvement in this hugely important Mission.

71% of people in Scotland live in urban areas, many of which live and work in cities or surrounding areas. Like other parts of Europe, remote rural areas in Scotland are facing depopulation while larger city populations are increasing. This trend is expected to continue for some time, creating the risk that our cities produce emissions at rapidly exponential rates. In response, many cities in Scotland have set ambitious net zero targets and are developing robust plans to deliver them. Nonetheless, it is still vital that the Scottish Government works in partnership with cities and plays an enabling role in making the most of opportunities for net zero, and supports cities in developing investment propositions which unlock private capital for net zero. The EU’s Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities Mission seeks to support just that, and so we look forward to learning which cities have been selected to join the Mission.