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Chamber and committees

Question ref. S5W-36019

Date lodged: 11 March 2021


To ask the Scottish Government whether it will provide an update on publication of the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Oversight Board final report and the Case Note Review overview report.

Current status: Answered by Jeane Freeman on 22 March 2021


The Queen Elizabeth University Hospital (QEUH) Oversight Board is being published today [ ]. The final report covers the operation of the Board’s Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) and the governance and risk management of IPC within the NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde (NHS GG&C). The report sets out the recommendations for the Health Board – and for NHS Scotland more generally – to address the issues that led to escalation to Stage 4. The clear view is that the Board should remain at Stage 4 and I agree with that. Efforts have been made to improve IPC within the Board and to adopt the culture of transparency, openness and clinical leadership I expect, these need to be demonstrably embedded. We will continue to work with NHS GG&C to consolidate further the progress already made.

The Case Note Review overview report is also being published today [ ]. The report examined the individual cases of the children and young people who experienced infections in this part of the QEUH and the Royal Hospital for Children. It sets out a series of findings and recommendations for the Health Board. Importantly, the publication of the report will be followed by a period of engagement with the families of those patients affected by the infections at the QEUH, which will include the production of individuals reports and the opportunities for the patient families to meet with a member of the Expert Panel to discuss further.

The publications of these reports today are the next important step in our commitment to identifying improvement actions for IPC, not just for NHS GG&C, but more widely across NHSScotland, in our aim to provide a safe healthcare environment for all who need it.

Ensuring that affected families are supported and fully engaged is of paramount importance. It is very welcome that the Public Inquiry has appointed a Family Liaison Officer who will play an important role in ensuring full engagement and communication with families as the Inquiry progresses. The Scottish Government as a core participant is committed to assisting the Inquiry and respond to its findings and recommendations.