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Chamber and committees

Withdrawal of Student Day Tickets by McGill’s Buses

  • Submitted by: Ross Greer, West Scotland, Scottish Green Party.
  • Date lodged: Monday, 22 January 2018
  • Motion reference: S5M-10017

That the Parliament notes with concern the withdrawal by McGill’s buses of student day tickets as part of a number of changes to fares brought in on 22 January 2018; understands that this means that many students who use day tickets will have to pay 50% more for a full adult price; believes that good and affordable bus services are a key lifeline to many students, particularly in communities such as Renfrew, which have no rail links; understands that high transport costs are often a major contributing factor to students being unable to continue their studies; endorses the reported campaign by the area's Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament to reverse these changes, and calls on McGill’s to reinstate the student day ticket.

Supported by: Tom Arthur, Neil Bibby, Mary Fee, Neil Findlay, John Finnie, Iain Gray, Monica Lennon, Mark Ruskell