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25 Years of the SURF Awards, "The Oscars of Regeneration"

  • Submitted by: Ben Macpherson, Edinburgh Northern and Leith, Scottish National Party.
  • Date lodged: Tuesday, 13 June 2023
  • Motion reference: S6M-09431

That the Parliament congratulates Scotland’s Regeneration Forum on the launch of the SURF Awards 2023; notes that 2023 marks the 25th Anniversary of the SURF Awards programme, reportedly described by one past winner as “the Oscars of Regeneration”, with 1,069 entries submitted since 2005; notes what it sees as the importance of the awards in spotlighting and celebrating best practice examples of community regeneration projects across Scotland; commends all past nominees and winners for what it sees as the exceptional work that they do to empower, enrich and affect positive change for individuals and communities, despite the recent challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and cost of living crisis; recognises the breadth of regeneration initiatives undertaken by organisations and community volunteers to address social and economic problems, from providing employment and training opportunities for people of all ages, to supporting wellbeing via arts, culture and creative activities; notes that the five award categories in 2023 reflect regeneration activity at all levels, and are Community Led Regeneration, Creative Regeneration, Housing and Regeneration, Improving Scotland’s Places and Removing Barriers to Employability; understands that applications must be submitted by 5.00 pm on 4 September 2023; believes that there are many examples of best practice, community-led regeneration initiatives in Edinburgh Northern and Leith, and encourages them, and others based across Scotland, to enter the SURF Awards 2023. 

Supported by: Jeremy Balfour, Miles Briggs, Alexander Burnett, Stephanie Callaghan, Maggie Chapman, Jackie Dunbar, Pam Duncan-Glancy, Annabelle Ewing, Pam Gosal, Emma Harper, Clare Haughey, Bill Kidd, Liam McArthur, Stuart McMillan, Marie McNair, Audrey Nicoll, Kevin Stewart, Paul Sweeney, David Torrance, Brian Whittle