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Research prepared for Parliament

Sustainable Development Scrutiny

Sustainable development means the development of societies which can survive and prosper in the long term.  The concept emerged when people began to realise that some types of economic activity were harming societies and the environment. 

For a number of years the Scottish Parliament has been working towards using sustainable development as a lens for parliamentary scrutiny.  Our aim is to support more holistic consideration of public policy, draft legislation and budget proposals, so as to increase policy coherence. 

Sustainable Development Impact Assessment Tool

One of the ways we are doing this is through our sustainable development impact assessment (SDIA) tool.  This is a discursive tool, designed to help users engage with a subject and unpack it through group discussion, leading to a deeper and broader analysis. 

As well as supporting more rigorous scrutiny, the tool can help with other types of decision-making processes, such as developing procurement contracts, or managing facilities. 

In keeping with the Scottish Parliament’s founding principles of accessibility, openness and participation, we are making the latest published version of the tool, and the associated explanatory notes, available online.

SDIA Tool for Scottish Parliamentary Staff with a focus on operations

This version of the SDIA tool gives equal weight to the various aspects of sustainable development.  This is the recommended version for Scottish Parliamentary Service (SPS) staff working on corporate/operational matters. 

SDIA Tool for Scrutiny Parliamentary Staff with a focus on scrutiny

A bespoke version has been developed for Scottish Parliament scrutiny and will be available soon.  This is the recommended version for SPS staff working to support scrutiny.  

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