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Chamber and committees

Question reference: S6W-23325

  • Asked by: Maurice Golden, MSP for North East Scotland, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party
  • Date lodged: 29 November 2023
  • Current status: Answered by Mairi McAllan on 21 December 2023


To ask the Scottish Government whether it will provide a list of all active funding streams within the (a) Energy and Climate Change and (b) Environment and Forestry directorate, broken down by the (i) purpose of, (ii) launch and end dates of, (iii) total value of and (iv) total amount awarded to date through each funding stream.


The Funding Streams are:

Funding Stream


Launch Date

Scheduled End Date

Total Value (Lifetime of Fund (1)

Amount Awarded to Date

Directorate for Energy and Climate Change


SME Loan Scheme

SME Loan and Cashback Scheme.




£55m to end October 2023.

District Heating Loan Fund (DHLF)

Provides capital loans for zero direct emission heat networks in order to overcome a range of infrastructural issues and help towards implementation costs of heat network projects.





Area Based Schemes

Targets areas to improve energy efficiency of `hard to treat’ properties and remove this as a driver of fuel poverty whilst also reducing CO2 emissions.

April 2013





To provide loan funding for households to help with the costs of any customer contributions needed under grant funded WHS and ABS programmes.

April 2026



£820,298 to end October 2023.

Private Rented Sector Landlord Loan Scheme

To provide funding to registered private landlords in Scotland for energy efficiency and clean heating measures.

April 2020



As of August 2023, £1.3mn of funding has been awarded.

Energy Transition Fund (ETF)

Supporting the North East of Scotland in transitioning away from Oil and Gas to Renewables.

June 2020

April 2025

Up to £75m

£64.6m over 4 projects

Social Housing Net Zero Heat Fund

To support Registered Landlords install zero emission/clean heating and energy efficiency measures in their existing housing stock.

August 2020

March 2026

£200m (2)


Emerging Energy Technologies Fund (EETF)

The £180m Emerging Energy Technologies Fund (EETF) aims to support the development of the Hydrogen sector and Carbon Capture, Utilisation, and Storage (CCUS), including Negative Emissions Technologies (NETs) in Scotland.


The Hydrogen Action Plan, published on 14 December 2022, confirmed that up to £100m would be made available to support renewable hydrogen production.


To support the development and accelerate projects within the Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) sector in Scotland, £80m of EETF funding was directed to projects supporting the development of a CCUS transport and storage network, that will also further enable NETs projects to develop in Scotland.

December 2020


Up to £180m


Hydrogen Innovation Scheme (HIS): £7m funding allocated to 32 projects in May 2023.


CCUS: No awards have been made to date as, due to the UK Government failing to award Track 1 status to Acorn. We are also awaiting confirmation that Acorn will receive Track 2 funding. Subsequently it has not been possible to deploy this support at present.

Scottish Industrial Energy Transformation Fund (SIETF)

Match-funding grant programme for industrial manufacturing sites to invest in energy efficiency or decarbonisation.

December 2020

March 2026

Up to £34m


CARES (current contract/active funding stream 2021 – 2025)

CARES aims to help communities engage in and benefit from the energy transition to net zero.
‎ The current CARES contract, with LES, commenced on 1 April 2021 and will run until 31 March 2025.

1 April 2021

31 March 2025

21/22 to 23/34: £27,050,000

(includes resource costs for administration and management of the scheme).


Total: £11,264,840 (includes funding approved by panel for 23/24 but which is still going through due diligence).


Green Public Sector Estate Decarbonisation Scheme

To support public sector organisations to complete retrofit heat decarbonisation and energy efficiency projects across their estates.

June 2021

March 2026

£200m (2)


Scotland’s Heat Network Fund (SHNF)

SHNF- aims to accelerate deployment of zero emission heat networks. SHNF replaces LCITP below.

February 2022

March 2026



CO2 Utilisation Challenge Fund

To support the development and demonstration of technologies that can utilise carbon dioxide and transform into products that have market and commercial value.

11 April 2022

Scheduled end date is April 2024.


No awards have been made to date.


(We are working with Scottish Enterprise to administer this fund which is currently open for expressions of interest.)

Just Transition Fund Capacity Building

The Bute House Agreement commits to a Just Transition Fund that will "support and accelerate the transition of the region [North East and Moray] and support the role of Aberdeen and the wider north east as one of Scotland’s centres of excellence for the transition to a net zero economy".

31 May 2022


‎ (for 23/24)


North East and Moray Just Transition Fund

The Bute House Agreement commits to a Just Transition Fund that will "support and accelerate the transition of the region [North East and Moray] and support the role of Aberdeen and the wider north east as one of Scotland’s centres of excellence for the transition to a net zero economy".

31 May 2022




Heat Network Support Unit

The HNSU supports the development of new low or zero emission heat network projects through expert advice and/or grant funding for the costs associated with the conduction of a detailed feasibility study or detailed project development (i.e. Outline Business Case) a heat network opportunity.

September 2022


Not set


Global Renewables Centre (GRC)

To fund the Global Renewables Centre.

27 October 2022

26 October 2025

£86,566 (for 2023/24)


National Framework on L&D (ICCCAD)

Funding to generate and share innovative thinking and research on addressing loss and damage at different institutional levels through a series of case studies in Malawi, Rwanda and Zambia.

October 2022

December 2023



Home Energy Scotland Grant and Loan Scheme

To provide funding to homeowners in Scotland for energy efficiency and clean heating measures.

December 2022



As of October 2023, £64mn of funding has been awarded. Please note, this will include applications approved under the previous scheme iteration, but funding was paid since the launch of the new scheme.

Energy Saving Trust grant-funded activities 2023-24


April 2023

March 2024




(Remaining budget will be allocated out over remainder of this financial year.)

Climate Action Hubs

Climate Action Hubs raise awareness of the climate crisis and support communities to work together and develop actions that can help them adapt to and tackle the impacts of climate change.

1 April 2023




Human Rights Defenders Fellowship

Gender - allows human rights defenders from the Global South to spend several months in Scotland to rest, develop their work, skills and extend their networks in a safe place.

June 2023

31 March 2024



Climate Engagement Fund

The fund aims to build understanding of the climate emergency across communities, by offering support for climate engagement activities.

27 July 2023

Yet to be determined



Additional Human Rights Defenders

Gender - Human Rights Defender Fellowships - allows human rights defenders from other countries to spend several months in Scotland to rest, develop their work, skills and extend their networks in a safe place. We are currently supporting two woman from the Global South, this is for an additional fellowship.

July 2023

31 March 2024



Climate Just Communities

Climate Justice - Delivering interventions that build resilient and inclusive communities in Malawi, Rwanda & Zambia. Achieved via participatory actions to identify local priorities linked to the material and social impacts of climate change. Empowering the most marginalised within communities (including but not limited, gender, age, disability, status).

August 2023




SCIAF - Storm Freddy

National frameworks research to identify opportunities for integrating ways to address losses and damages within national policies, and finance and planning frameworks and loss and damage Conference in Oct 2022.

September 2023

31 March 2024



Non Economic Loss and Damage - Climate Justice Resilience Fund

Loss and Damage - co-designed programme that is gender-responsive in addressing non-economic loss and damage impacts (NELD) caused by climate change. Multi country.

September 2023




Warmer Homes Scotland

Scotland’s national fuel poverty scheme, designed to help those living in fuel poverty or at risk of fuel poverty through installing insulation and heating measures in to individual properties.

October 2023

‎ (with the option to extend by 2 years – 02/10/2030)

Maximum contract value of £728m (ex. VAT) if contract runs for 7 years and all additional scale up options are used.



This represents funding allocated from the launch of phase 2 of the scheme in October 2023. Phase 1 ended on 29 November 2023.

C40 urban migration programme

Loss and Damage - to demonstrate how through inclusive climate action, cities can deliver climate justice for the most vulnerable residents - by building their resilience to climate impacts and addressing loss and damages they may face, promoting a just and fair transition.

October 2023

31 March 2024




Loss and Damage - to fund a partnership with GiveDirectly for social protection programmes in Malawi.

October 2023

31 March 2024



Humanitarian Emergency Fund

Loss and Damage - to fund loss and damage projects in Pakistan, Zambia, Kenya and Ethiopia through Scotland’s Humanitarian Emergency Fund, that are gender responsive.

December 2023

31 March 2024



Directorate for Environment and Forestry


Local air quality management 2023/24


Supports local authorities in undertaking the air quality monitoring and associated activities.


1999 (3)


£8.5 million

£7.7 million

Recycling Improvement Fund


Recycling Improvement Fund - capital funding grants for local authorities administered through ZWS to improve recycling infrastructure and services across Scotland.


April 2021

31 March 2026

£70 million




Circular Textiles Fund


Delivery of Circular Textiles Fund - to help reduce the environmental impact of textiles. The fund aims to support the development of circular supply chains in Scotland.


June 2022


March 2024




No funding was awarded financial year 22/23;
‎ Zero Waste Scotland are actively working with businesses to develop their proposals for FY 23/24

Nature Restoration Fund:


Supporting multi-year, multi-partner larger scale projects that will restore nature, safeguard wildlife and tackle the causes of biodiversity loss and climate change.

July 2021

Funding will be provided until end of FY 2025-26 under the current scheme, pending any decision to renew

£65 Million over the course of this Parliament (plus an additional £5 Million in 2023-24 to help develop Nature Networks)

£34 Million (plus £5 Million for Nature Networks)

General operating costs and delivery of clean air day 2023 in Scotland

General operating costs and delivery of clean air day 2023 in Scotland.





Vehicle Emissions Testing Grant

Supports local authorities to undertake roadside emissions testing (to assess whether vehicles are meeting legal emissions standards) and enforce anti vehicle idling legislation to reduce air pollution, prioritising action at local hot spots.

2003 (3)


£10.5 million

£10.5 million

Air Quality Action Grant

Support for implementing local authority air quality action plan measures.

2008 (3)


£13.8 million

£12.48 million

Scottish Government Programmes of Research 2022-2027: Offer of Grant for Research Activity 2023-2024

Delivery of Research Projects within the Strategic Research Programme 2022-2027, Underpinning National Capacity, Knowledge Exchange and Management.

April 2023

March 2023

£38.1 million

£38.1 million

Scottish Government Programmes of Research: Responsive Research Fund

2023 BES Policy Fellowship Scheme & Support for the Multifunctional Landscapes Project in Scotland.

April 2023




Scottish Forum on Natural Capital 2023-24

To support the planned deliverables of the Forum.

April 2023

March 2024


2023/24 - £30,500

Development and delivery of Central Scotland Green Network (CSGN)

Delivery of Central Scotland Green Network (CSGN).





£0.995m in 23/24


FIRNS (Facility for Investment Ready Nature in Scotlan


To help create a pipeline of market-ready projects to help attract responsible private investment in Scotland’s nature.


Announced February 2023, First Funding awards committed September 2023


March 2026


£1.8m SG/NatureScot

£1.8m National Lottery Heritage Fund

£1.8m SG/NatureScot

We do not hold NLHF data


(1)Figures provided are based on agreed Budgets. Future funding will be awarded to ongoing programmes on an annual basis.

(2)Funds are in the process of awarding further grants to applications that were received in the October application checkpoint.

(3)Figures provided from 2013 onwards.