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Chamber and committees

Official Report: what was said in Parliament

The Official Report is a written record of public meetings of the Parliament and committees.  

The Official Report section of the new website is still going through final testing.  The full authoritative text remains available on our old website.

Read the Official Report on the old website

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Displaying 40 debates

Meeting date: 25 November 2021

Public Audit Committee 25 November 2021 [Draft]

“Community empowerment: Covid-19 update”

Featuring: Richard Leonard, Sharon Dowey, Colin Beattie, Craig Hoy, Willie Coffey

Meeting date: 16 November 2021

Meeting of the Parliament (Hybrid) 16 November 2021 [Draft] Business until 17:30

Scottish National Investment Bank

Featuring: Liam McArthur, Kate Forbes, Murdo Fraser, Daniel Johnson, Liz Smith, Paul Sweeney, Michelle Thomson, Jamie Halcro Johnston, Paul McLennan, Richard Leonard, Maggie Chapman, Clare Adamson, Douglas Lumsden, Annabelle Ewing, Colin Smyth

Meeting date: 10 November 2021

Meeting of the Parliament (Hybrid) 10 November 2021 [Draft] Business until 15:15

Portfolio Question Time

Featuring: Annabelle Ewing, Emma Harper, Ash Regan, Colin Beattie, Keith Brown, Jamie Greene, Beatrice Wishart, Michelle Thomson, Evelyn Tweed, Jackie Dunbar, Neil Gray, Craig Hoy, Willie Rennie, Russell Findlay, Audrey Nicoll, Foysol Choudhury, Kate Forbes, Richard Leonard, Gillian Martin, Richard Lochhead, Tess White, Martin Whitfield, Maggie Chapman, Willie Coffey, Jamie Halcro Johnston

Meeting date: 2 November 2021

Meeting of the Parliament (Hybrid) 02 November 2021 [Draft] Business until 17:10

Sustainable Procurement and Fair Work Practices

Featuring: Annabelle Ewing, Richard Lochhead, Stephen Kerr, Willie Rennie, Tess White, David Torrance, Paul Sweeney, Maggie Chapman, Jamie Halcro Johnston, Michelle Thomson, Paul McLennan, Richard Leonard, Stephanie Callaghan, Liam McArthur, John Mason, Liz Smith, Katy Clark, Bob Doris, Colin Smyth, Jim Fairlie

Meeting date: 28 October 2021

Public Audit Committee 28 October 2021 [Draft]

“Covid-19 vaccination programme”

Featuring: Richard Leonard, Sharon Dowey, Craig Hoy, Willie Coffey, Colin Beattie