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Chamber and committees

Official Report: search what was said in Parliament

The Official Report is a written record of public meetings of the Parliament and committees.  

The Official Report section of the new website is still going through final testing.  The full authoritative text remains available on our old website.

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Dates of parliamentary sessions
  1. Session 1: 12 May 1999 to 31 March 2003
  2. Session 2: 7 May 2003 to 2 April 2007
  3. Session 3: 9 May 2007 to 22 March 2011
  4. Session 4: 11 May 2011 to 23 March 2016
  5. Session 5: 12 May 2016 to 5 May 2021
  6. Current session: 12 May 2021 to 31 May 2023
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Meeting date: 25 April 2023

Meeting of the Parliament [Draft]

Illegal Migration Bill

Featuring: Alison Johnstone, Shirley-Anne Somerville, Alex Cole-Hamilton, Pam Duncan-Glancy, Paul O'Kane, Donald Cameron, Fulton MacGregor, Alasdair Allan, Maggie Chapman, Stephanie Callaghan, Kaukab Stewart, Paul Sweeney, Liam McArthur, Pauline McNeill, Bob Doris, Clare Adamson, Karen Adam, Fergus Ewing, Foysol Choudhury, Brian Whittle, Emma Roddick

Meeting date: 19 April 2023

Meeting of the Parliament [Draft]

Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill: Section 35 Order

Featuring: Liam McArthur, Shirley-Anne Somerville, Donald Cameron, Paul O'Kane, Alex Cole-Hamilton, Clare Adamson, Rachael Hamilton, Fulton MacGregor, Katy Clark, Christine Grahame, Maggie Chapman, John Mason, Russell Findlay, James Dornan

Meeting date: 18 April 2023

Meeting of the Parliament [Draft]

Cost of Living and Child Poverty

Featuring: Liam McArthur, Shirley-Anne Somerville, Jeremy Balfour, Stephen Kerr, Alex Cole-Hamilton, Miles Briggs, Christina McKelvie, Paul O'Kane, Ben Macpherson, Daniel Johnson, Bob Doris, Ruth Maguire, Claire Baker, Fulton MacGregor, Annabelle Ewing, Maggie Chapman, James Dornan, Pauline McNeill, Meghan Gallacher

Meeting date: 30 March 2023

Meeting of the Parliament

First Minister’s Question Time

Featuring: Alison Johnstone, Douglas Ross, Humza Yousaf, Stuart McMillan, Anas Sarwar, Liz Smith, Kenneth Gibson, Ross Greer, Jackie Dunbar, Pam Duncan-Glancy, Jeremy Balfour, Ariane Burgess, Colin Smyth, Kaukab Stewart, Pam Gosal, Mercedes Villalba, Fulton MacGregor, Rachael Hamilton, Martin Whitfield

Meeting date: 16 March 2023

Meeting of the Parliament

Bail and Release from Custody (Scotland) Bill: Stage 1

Featuring: Annabelle Ewing, Keith Brown, Daniel Johnson, Audrey Nicoll, Jamie Greene, Liam McArthur, Katy Clark, Fulton MacGregor, Donald Cameron, Collette Stevenson, Carol Mochan, Rona Mackay, Alison Johnstone, Maggie Chapman, Jeremy Balfour, Jackie Dunbar, Emma Harper, Pauline McNeill, Russell Findlay

Meeting date: 16 March 2023

Meeting of the Parliament

First Minister’s Question Time

Featuring: Nicola Sturgeon, Douglas Ross, Alison Johnstone, Anas Sarwar, Ariane Burgess, Liam Kerr, Monica Lennon, Kenneth Gibson, Meghan Gallacher, Murdo Fraser, Craig Hoy, Paul O'Kane, Pauline McNeill, Graham Simpson, Fulton MacGregor, Mark Griffin, Kaukab Stewart, Jamie Greene

Meeting date: 16 March 2023

Meeting of the Parliament

Portfolio Question Time

Featuring: Liam McArthur, Fulton MacGregor, Ben Macpherson, Jeremy Balfour, Pam Duncan-Glancy, Ariane Burgess, Shona Robison, Jenni Minto, Willie Rennie, Paul O'Kane, Christina McKelvie, Beatrice Wishart, Katy Clark, Mark Griffin, Monica Lennon, Emma Roddick, Siobhian Brown, Foysol Choudhury, Tess White, John Mason

Meeting date: 14 March 2023

Meeting of the Parliament

International Long Covid Day

Featuring: Annabelle Ewing, Jackie Baillie, Alex Cole-Hamilton, Martin Whitfield, Murdo Fraser, John Mason, Dr. Sandesh Gulhane, Mark Griffin, Gillian Mackay, Stuart McMillan, Alexander Stewart, Foysol Choudhury, Emma Harper, Brian Whittle, Carol Mochan, Fulton MacGregor, Maree Todd

Meeting date: 7 March 2023

Meeting of the Parliament

Women’s and Girls’ Safety (Public Transport)

Featuring: Alison Johnstone, Jenny Gilruth, Katy Clark, Graham Simpson, Fiona Hyslop, Joe FitzPatrick, Neil Bibby, Beatrice Wishart, Annabelle Ewing, Jackie Dunbar, Sharon Dowey, Karen Adam, Carol Mochan, Fulton MacGregor, Maggie Chapman, Christine Grahame, Roz McCall, Jim Fairlie, Liam McArthur, Siobhian Brown, Pam Duncan-Glancy, Russell Findlay

Meeting date: 2 March 2023

Meeting of the Parliament


Featuring: Liam McArthur, Keith Brown, Jamie Greene, Katy Clark, Audrey Nicoll, Russell Findlay, Rona Mackay, Rhoda Grant, Fulton MacGregor, Beatrice Wishart, Stuart McMillan, Maggie Chapman, Collette Stevenson, Murdo Fraser