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Chamber and committees

Criminal Justice Committee [Draft]

Meeting date: Wednesday, January 11, 2023


Public Order Bill

The Convener

The next agenda item is consideration of legislative consent issues with regard to the United Kingdom Government’s Public Order Bill. I refer members to paper 3. You will see that the relevant provision in the bill is to extend powers similar to those currently held by Police Scotland to British Transport Police in Scotland for the policing of protests on railway land. The Scottish Government recommends that legislative consent be given to that provision.

I am happy to open the discussion to members now, and we will then consider what recommendation we want to make to Parliament on legislative consent. Do members have any queries or questions?

As there are none, the question is whether the committee agrees with the Scottish Government that the Scottish Parliament should consent to the relevant provisions in the bill as set out in the Scottish Government’s draft motion. Are members happy with that?

Members indicated agreement.

The Convener

Are members content to delegate to me the publication of a short report that summarises the outcome of our deliberations on the legislative consent memorandum?

Members indicated agreement.

The matter will now be dealt with in the chamber. All members will decide on the question, based on our report.