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Social Justice and Social Security Committee

Inquiry into Child Poverty and Parental Employment


The Scottish Government has said that one of its key priorities is tackling child poverty. The Government says an important aspect of that is ensuring parents have suitable employment.

The Government has provided some detail of its plans in the Best Start, Bright Futures—Tackling Child Poverty Delivery Plan 2022-2026.

We will consider how the Government is working with local authorities, employers, and other partners locally.

Our inquiry will consider the broad range of policies required to support employment of parents, e.g. childcare and transport.

We want to look at what support is available for groups who are at higher risk of poverty:

  • mothers aged under 25
  • minority ethnic families
  • lone parents
  • parents whose youngest child is under one
  • parents with three, or more, children
  • disabled family members


Autumn 2022

Gathering information from Local Employability Partnerships

Winter 2022

Visiting employment projects

Early 2023

Hold a national call for views

Post-Spring 2023

hold evidence sessions

Autumn 2023

Report findings


On Tuesday 23 August 2022 we visited Rutherglen to hear some initial views on this issue. What we heard is summarised in the following note: 


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